Daily Kind Quote

Thank you for posting my words so beautifully, Erika ! I am humbled 🙂

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With Himali’s permission!

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In Love and Light

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24 thoughts on “Daily Kind Quote

  1. When Steps becoMe Dance
    When Words becoMe Song
    LiFE becoMes
    More than Cold..:)

    It’s True and Dance
    iN Free Verse style
    is aLLMost and is mysticAlly
    HeaLinG NoW as i have Moderate
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and sometimes
    i wake up after writing 10K words or so and
    my right Mouse hand.. hehe.. particularly..
    is sometimes totally numb but unlike
    the past before the practice of over
    47 months and 7700 miles of
    public free verse
    the will
    of mind so far
    beyond words i fuse
    a healing light that extends
    to my right hand and immediately
    it comes back to full feeling sensing life..
    and it’s true this is only a small microcosm
    of the
    of that HeaLinG ForcE
    LiGht that steps that make
    DancE and words that make SonG
    mY FriEnd..
    Science cannot
    explain it but God
    within as inherited and
    evolved has no problem
    @ALL aS
    LiVES aLiVE..:)


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