The Happyness Project – Aug 9th

Preface :

A few days back, during lunch time; I was listening to a wonderful TEDx talk about how we as humans have the natural tendency to look at the negatives and getting stuck in them. It was quite true and the speaker Miss Alison offered a simple technique on training to focus our mind on the positives in life – a gratitude journal or thinking of what made us happy that day !

Life is indeed cyclical and so are our days. During a day, we experience several highs and lows. I have tried to start a project for myself, where in I list down at least 5 things/ people/ incidents which made my day a “Happy” day and I’ve decided to call it “The Happyness Project (THP)”. Starting August 2nd, each day I will post a short synopsis of what made me happy that day and let the people behind that moment know that I treasure that moment. So, essentially; it is happyness, gratitude & thankfulness all practiced together. These posts will not be pinned to my blog home page but will be published under the menu “The Happyness Project”.

Today was a happyyy day, because :

  • My morning started very late, thanks to the alarm I forgot to wake up to ! Nonetheless, I managed to pack lunch and get to work on time. Whilst on my way to work, read TeeCee’s email, appreciating the common thoughts we share and it really made me smile 🙂

  • Since my morning stated a bit late than usual, I was slightly stressed and got upset with my brother who was trying to help me with my lunch. He forgave me as soon as soon as I apologized and I felt so much lighter !

  • Morning study session, studying first chapters of International Economics. I target to finish the Econ & Finance pending chapters by this Friday.

    This is how badly I scribble my notes 😛

  • Thank you Trupti, my beautiful friend cum mentor cum ex colleague for your motivation and time you spent with me today. You are so so special ❤

  • My very dear Madam Toastmaster Daisy, for helping me prep up for my Project 4 Speech with all your constructive ideas and giving me feedback post the speech. Your motivation means so much to me.

  • Today, in our Club Toastmasters meeting, me and my fellow MTM Diana were joint Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) and amongst the topics Diana had shortlisted, we chose the theme of the meeting as Forgiveness Therapy. Thanks a lot, Diana for the amazing topic and so much research done. I truly feel so connected with the topic and some of your research has been a real eye opener to me. May we all learn to forgive and forget ! 🙂

  • The very inspiring Presidential address by our club President – who spoke about always giving and sharing the better side of us with people as we give what we have.

  • Amazzzzing evening snacks at our club meeting – ranging from Samosas, Sandwiches, Brownie & Fresh Fruits. Loooooved binging on the snacks

  • Laughter session with Jazz & Trupti, over the kitten who was chasing me in evening and put my life in eternal threat ! Me and Jazz were running around like 6 year olds shouting 😀 Sometimes, a good laugh is all you need to forget all crappy stuff in life

  • Ride back home in metro, with Jazz & Trupti; talking, gossiping & mostly laughing

  • Listening to my  favorite voice on the phone

  • Dairy milk Fruit & Nut for dessert

Image result for dairy milk fruit and nut


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