The Happyness Project – Aug 13th

Preface :

A few days back, during lunch time; I was listening to a wonderful TEDx talk about how we as humans have the natural tendency to look at the negatives and getting stuck in them. It was quite true and the speaker Miss Alison offered a simple technique on training to focus our mind on the positives in life – a gratitude journal or thinking of what made us happy that day !

Life is indeed cyclical and so are our days. During a day, we experience several highs and lows. I have tried to start a project for myself, where in I list down at least 5 things/ people/ incidents which made my day a “Happy” day and I’ve decided to call it “The Happyness Project (THP)”. Starting August 2nd, each day I will post a short synopsis of what made me happy that day and let the people behind that moment know that I treasure that moment. So, essentially; it is happyness, gratitude & thankfulness all practiced together. These posts will not be pinned to my blog home page but will be published under the menu “The Happyness Project”.

Today was a happy busy day, because :

  • Courtesy to the afternoon nap, on Saturday; my sleep broke at around 2 AM. The time when the world is fast asleep and everything around is so calm. One of my friend would always tell me that legends don’t wake up at 4:00 AM. They sleep at that time. I had a similar moment 😀 Fortunately, I have friends living in various time zones so I have someone to talk to even if its late at night. Recollecting my memories, some of my best and most special conversations and thoughts have been the ones I have had past midnight in the calm, serene & unadulterated environment. I had a good talk with one of my friends with whom I shared my honest feedback on some areas of their life. The conversation, in many ways was a real eye opener to me. Although, I had to pay for this late nighter by being slightly drowsy all day & crashing into the bed really early in evening; I thoroughly enjoyed knowing I had changed so much as a person – in all good and mature ways 🙂


  • My morning drive to work in bus, was a rough one. Having conversations over the scrapes & wounds of the past is not the best way to begin your week and the mornings. By the time I got down from my bus and was on my way on the 5 minute walk to work, I was so lost in my thoughts. Just then, one of my colleague saw me walking towards office (now 2 minutes away), and stopped their car to give me a lift right up to my door step. It was a very simple act of kindness, but at that point in time; I felt the presence of God in my life. Every time the going gets tough, God sends his angels to take care of us.

  • Sometimes a few kind words stirs up deep emotions which makes your numbness melt away like ice melting away with warm sunshine, and you can finally experience that vulnerable side of you; you felt was lost forever. Thank you to my friends for leaving me the beautiful messages on Sarahah ! One message I read in morning. touched me so deeply, that it made me shed my unshed tears; I was unable to weep since long. I think I could recognize the sender and a big thank you to every person who left me a message. Your love & kindness has melted away that numbness. Leave me a message on my profile here 🙂

It’s okay to cry at times. It means that you are strong enough to let go of what held you back 🙂

  • Metro ride back home with Jazz sharing the other side of our lives with each other. Much love and hugs to you my sister ❤ My message to us is

Like a phoenix, we will rise from the ashes of despair and soar 🙂

  • Grocery shopping & a round walk with my brother. He is someone who makes every chore an absolute adventure !!


  • Keeping up the 10K streak 😀 😀

  • Early to bed and a well rested sleep ….zzzZZzz….

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