The Happyness Project – Aug 14th

Preface :

A few days back, during lunch time; I was listening to a wonderful TEDx talk about how we as humans have the natural tendency to look at the negatives and getting stuck in them. It was quite true and the speaker Miss Alison offered a simple technique on training to focus our mind on the positives in life – a gratitude journal or thinking of what made us happy that day !

Life is indeed cyclical and so are our days. During a day, we experience several highs and lows. I have tried to start a project for myself, where in I list down at least 5 things/ people/ incidents which made my day a “Happy” day and I’ve decided to call it “The Happyness Project (THP)”. Starting August 2nd, each day I will post a short synopsis of what made me happy that day and let the people behind that moment know that I treasure that moment. So, essentially; it is happyness, gratitude & thankfulness all practiced together. These posts will not be pinned to my blog home page but will be published under the menu “The Happyness Project”.

Today was a happy day, because :

  • Got a lift in morning, from the place my bus drops me (5 min walk) to my office. One of my favorite songs was playing on the radio, the moment I stepped into the car and thanks to the diversion on our way, I could enjoy quite a bit of the song. Thank you, Prasad Sir 🙂

  • One of my colleague going on vacation called me after leaving from office, because he forgot to wish me in advance for my upcoming holidays ! That gesture was really sweet 🙂

  • Completing my pending blogs – THP 2 posts & the post on Forgiveness ! Seemed like a blogging marathon today

  • Shoppinggggg 😀

  • Evening laughter sessions with brother over ACDT 😛 #OurJokes 😉

  • 11K #hopefully (since it is 8 PM & writing today’s post a bit earlier than usual) DONE

  • Chocolates for dessert ❤

  • Finally choosing to distance myself from the person who didn’t value me. I think, self respect is so essential. Letting go of your ego is essential but one should never sacrifice our self respect in any relationship. Never make someone your priority, when to them you are a mere option ! #HardTruths

Love n priority

22 thoughts on “The Happyness Project – Aug 14th

  1. The song part reminded me of when my best friend picked me up from work once. She was actually the one who’d gotten me the job. She timed it so that our favorite part of our favorite song was playing as she pulled up, and she greeted me with the words, “hop in.” I love those little things in friendships and relationships.

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