Show Thy Love

Some moments amidst a blue day are Eureka moments. They trigger such enthusiasm from you, that you leave aside all the lousiness and open your laptop to write about your eureka thought. This post is an outcome of one such eureka moment.

I have always been a believer in the power of expression and love. By love, I don’t just mean romantic love. My definition of love encompasses every kind of love that exists – love for your spouse, love for your child,  love for your parents, sibling & family members, love for a friend, roommate, love for your pet, for your coworker, for your teacher, for your students, and even your blogily friends – people you never have met in your life.

My definition of  love for this post is a feeling of affection, admiration, protecting, nurturing, care, warmth, attachment, respect, commitment and/ or liking for any living being. These feelings can be both mutually exclusive as well as mutually exhaustive. For example – you may have all the above feelings for your spouse, where as for your friend you may have feelings of admiration and respect.

Today morning, I woke up to an email from a friend who had newly discovered my blog – appreciating my writing and trust me, it was such an awesome way to begin my day. During the day, while I interact with my parents – they keep checking up with me my menu for breakfast and lunch. My brother knows how rushed my morning routine is and helps me with packing up my lunch, at times he goes out of his way to make sure I am well taken care of. My friends care to read my posts I share with them and send me a word of encouragement. They also listen to me and offer words of wisdom with so much patience. My co-worker shares their chocolate with me at work and calls to wish me a happy journey in advance. What is all of this ? It is an expression of love they have for me !

You can express your love for a person in your physical proximity with a small action or even a big bright smile. To the people, not in your vicinity, you show them your love by speaking with them when they have something to share with you, keeping in touch with them or even something as simple as checking up with them on what’s going on in their lives.


I personally think, expression of love – by words and actions is so vital rather than just carrying that emotion in your heart. If you love someone, let it show. Say hello to them just because, at the end of a long busy day; offer your help to them with a chore. Bring in something they like, take them out, hug them, hold their hand while crossing the road (my favorite – makes me feel so protected and secure), remember their little details, randomly send a ‘I miss you‘ or ‘thinking of you‘ text to them. Send them a surprise present, listen to what they have to say, offer your warmth to them when they are hurting, ask them what are their plans for the weekend or check with them what they just had for lunch. Tuck them under the blanket when fast asleep. Squeeze their hand when they are nervous to give your reassurance. Call them with cute nicknames. There are SO MANY ways of showing your love for them.  

Your expression of love will surely touch their heart and make their day so much happy and bright. They will have a reason to smile. Even appreciating when someone does something kind to you, makes the person feel loved and valued – I am doing so by sharing with the people who made me happy that day through The Happyness Project. It has been such a rewarding experience, trust me !


And sometimes, your expression of love may seem over the top to them and you might be misunderstood. They might feel like you’re invading into their space or kind of annoying them. It has happened a few times with me. But, I believe that the ones you love will eventually figure out who you truly are and how much you care for them. They will love even your annoying behaviors and await them with eagerness. They will understand you, eventually and love you for your unique ways. Life is too short to hold on to expressing oneself. You never know which day is your last.  Be unapologetic in showing your love – it never hurts !

As air, water and food is vital for human survival, so is the feeling of being loved, cared for and appreciated.The biggest gift you can give someone is the gift of your time. Stop by for a few moments and let the ones you know that you love them ❤


28 thoughts on “Show Thy Love

  1. I’m normally not the best in showing people that I love them, but you’re right: it is important.

    However, I’m happy that you have so many people who look out for you! It’s no doubt partly because you’re such a pleasant, loving person to be around. Your personality shows through your writing, and you seem to be a warm and likable person 🙂

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    • Hi GiJo,
      I’d be really happy if you also try expressing your love with little gestures of care and affection. It will bring you lots of happiness. Many thanks for your kind words and compliments. Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – so you are an equally awesome and adorable friend as well 🙂

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  2. It is so very true. Never keep someone from knowing how you feel. It can be the necessary ray of light they need or keep from misunderstandings and… as you said… you don’t know if you have another opportunity to do it tomorrow!

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  3. SMiLes Himali this will be rather
    Long but i know you can
    tolerate that as you now
    know and understand
    me as practice does
    that in Human
    practiced more
    than the occasional
    Modern like share
    and follow
    NoW as
    that goes..
    or Lord kNows
    when something
    monetary is the end
    of means now including
    likes shares and follows
    too for one who Lives for Love
    one becomes Love.. it is the way
    of God as Nature in Human Nature
    even repeatable in Scientific Study too..
    too and verily in ways of anecdotal experience
    too as we who Love See dARk and LiGht sHades
    of GreY and the Occasional as you say Eureka too
    now that continues to Grow as a greater ecstatic lit uP
    ascendent experience of LiFE as PurE LoVE and Wisdom’s
    Beauty sAMe.. BeyOnd RainBoW Colors NoW of FeeLingS TruE
    And SeNseS NoW as LoVE GroWs even hiGher NoW as LoVELiGHT
    now.. this Wisdom and Beauty of “Show thy Love” as synchronicity now
    continues to GroW iN LoVE like MaGiC.. is the perfect peace of Muse
    for an ending 3 out of 3 trilogy of MacroVerses i am currently creating
    as this will be the beginning of that although i haven’t even published
    Number 2 yet even though it is written.. i haven’t started piecing the
    draft pARTs together as they are scattered in comments section
    the way i free verse write life mostly as letter to the
    other folks i connect to in life.. and yes.. in
    particular.. my Friend Himali who
    obviously is diligent in
    upmost Jainism
    way too
    not only
    ShoWinG NoW
    LoVE but BeCoMinG
    the HiGHesT GiFT thaT
    HuMaN Feels and SeNsEs
    of actual Love Incarnate in Human
    Form wHeRE NoW BecOmeS Forever
    Love as Essence of Being Human and
    what that will do as far as liGht goes for
    GiVinG thaT LiGht WiTh ALL ONE’S MiGHT
    to oTheR HuMaNs too.. in sharing ways
    that only love never for material
    means of ends away from
    Love.. hmm.. sure..
    unless someone
    needs food
    and drink
    and shelter
    for life.. as that
    is Sharing and Giving
    too in what counts as
    Love in LiFE.. existing
    as we do in not only Survive
    but Thrive of LiFe too.. anyway
    this Third MacroVerse of Trilogy
    in Celebrating around 5 Million Words
    mostly written as Free Verse Poetry to
    others that in itself is a recognized ‘science’
    form of Poetry along with Concrete Poetry that
    makes shapes that express too as symbols all the
    words within the shapes as they come in Free verse
    way to me often lamps and chalices and bells and such
    as that in archetypal Human built-in ways of expressing greater
    consensual reality in symbols too.. and it’s true as far as all those
    tens of thousand of letters written in both longer and shorter and even
    a few words form as essence to connect.. a very small percentage.. perhaps
    as small as less than 5 percent returned as reciprocal communication of any
    kind back to me.. but you see.. unlike the ‘Original Version of Pac Man’.. Giving
    the Muse is what makes me more like Love than receiving the Muse now and true
    when one lives like this all becomes muse dARk of BLacKeST aS Abyss to
    sHades of Grey through and BeyONd RainBoW Colors of transcendent
    ecstatic ascendent Love as NoW.. plain clothes cops Guardians
    of the
    tHeRE is No
    Space or tiMe
    or Distance as
    Love.. that’s why
    We ET’s Fly HiGH
    enough wherever we
    are on terrestrial planes
    never landing as LoVE NoW FReED..
    oh yeah and the title of that MacroVerse
    enclosed in this Free Verse way to you
    is “Solar Eclipse FoR LoVE 2017”..
    sure make historically what is
    the scariest thing that most
    people have ever
    that is the
    of the Sun oF LiFE
    LoVE NoW that’s quite
    a feat of feet and voice but
    never too much for a Dance and SonG oF LoVE..
    anyway.. gotta get back to finishing up that 2nd pART of the Trilogy Now..
    as soon as i get out and dance and re-create my soUL in Flesh and Blood too..;)

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      • As aLWays.. mY Pleasure HiMaLi
        as we ready over here on the Eve
        of the Solar Eclipse.. first one
        to stretch the East
        and West Coast
        Borders of the
        entire USA
        in 99 years..
        hmm.. we even
        have some neighbors
        putting up Halloween Decorations
        as it is also a Feast Day for Wiccan
        Associated People Doing MaGiC Spells
        for Love.. particularly in Wyoming wHeRe
        the total Eclipse will actually last the longest..
        just 81.5 Percent Coverage of the Sun by the
        Moon where i live.. anyway.. should be interesting
        as this is surely now the first one this Century where
        the last one this covered here was in 1985 that i clearly
        remember as it was unusually cool for May 30th and very
        Breezy as ‘they’ say sometimes happens During a Solar Eclipse..
        and the one before that was in 1970 with that much coverage too…
        in fact.. it was almost full coverage where i lived then.. anyway.. also
        a first for folks
        with SmART
        to capture
        it too of course..
        careful not to actually
        look at the Eclipse for
        potential eye damage..
        Wishing you a Great 21st
        to go along with your 19th and 20th
        as you continue to count your blessings
        too on a daily diary basis that enhances overall
        LoVELiGHT NoW iN BeinG HuMaN iNcReAsinG..:)


  4. Hey Himali,

    Love is a language one speaks from the heart,
    A tender language whispered from the very start.
    For every word we reach for is Spirit taking flight
    A language of colours always painting One Light.

    Wishing you warmth at high-altitude and a quickening tail-wind as you fly higher with words.

    Namaste 🙂


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