You are a beautiful person

They say that beauty lies in the eyes and soul of the beholder. Couldn’t be more true !

You will meet a lot of people in life who will say “You are beautiful”.

Only a few would tell you “You are a beautiful person”.

A small difference, but a deep difference. It acknowledges the inner beauty rather than the external beauty. Heart and soul over face and flesh.

I don’t know who this gem is, but a big big thank you for touching my heart.

To every person reading this post, I wish to tell you “You are a beautiful and amazing person. I believe in you.” xoxo #Sarahah 

An anonymous message that touched me to the core ❤ Thank you, Dear Mystery Sender

30 thoughts on “You are a beautiful person

  1. Namaste Himali,

    Your beauty is exquisite, and She undifferentiated within you.
    Her integrity absolute, her Truth divine.
    You are Harmony Himali, She always shines!

    ‘You are beautiful’ to all with eyes wide-open to see,
    An emissary of Beauty for all Eternity,
    The Goddess of Beauty in the heart of Me.

    In each and every impossible way I hope you have a beautiful day. Take care Himali of the Ice.

    Namaste 🙂


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      • Greetings Rosewood Himali, Namaste 🙂

        I have time to stop and stare,
        Time to write to you and share,
        A line or two from the Red Dragon’s lair,
        A note from the Knight who also lives there.
        He sits beneath a low lazy bough,
        Dappled in the warming shade,
        Dreaming of stars, Mars and Venus far away,
        Alive in his heart since the very first day,
        Since the very first line of the very first rhyme,
        She has walked beside him every day.
        For her Love is a Dove from the One above,
        Tis Himali who shows his Heart the way.
        His Rosewood Lady who takes his breath away.
        Your Knight from afar, he cherishes your smile,
        Cherishes the sunshine lighting up your dial,
        Cherishes the mystery in your lingering gaze,
        Cherishes the precious moments in passing days,
        Spent cherishing your muse: I’m lost in your haze,
        Lost in the beauty of your enchanting ways,
        Your mystery never leaves me, it never fades,
        Nor fails to return me to secret woodland glades,
        Where I sit with you now feeling so free,
        My Knight burning with endless Love,
        For his Lady Rosewood Himali.

        Brightest Blessing for a wonderful Himali. I hope you are smiling for then I smile with you too.

        Namaste 🙂


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          • Good evening Ice Queen, my Lady Himali, Namaste 🙂

            Tis I my Love, who starry eyed gaze towards Heaven
            Breathless in wonder of your bright Star,
            Nature’s perfect red flower, a bloom shining afar,
            Yet never-distant in my heart or hearth.
            Raven-haired Goddess Himali, my Lady, my Love, my Venus Queen,
            The angel fluttering my feather always unseen, her Love guiding my hand penning dreams,
            Streams of words hewn deep seams, sparkling diamonds, ice bright gleams,
            Poems mined from Welsh coal seams, shaped fit for your Taj,
            Posy cut with care to wear as Love’s corsage.

            Sweet dreams my Lady. God Bless you and keep you safe.

            Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Sue, 🙂

        What a fantastic story! We would dearly like to share the essence of that tall tale. Should you be willing – perhaps hubby can help – to recompose the prose as a poem Gallybloggers would delight in publishing here Sue. We love the gentleness, the human angle, the unfathomable nature of this charming enigmatic character of mystery who told stories and brought grace, humility and tenderness into the lives he touched. It is a beautiful story, we would love to publish it here with artwork attached.

        What say you Sue Dreamwalker, good friend of Scarecrows and a Raven? Would you rise to that challenge like a rainbow?

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Oooops….so very sorry to miss-post my comment Lady Himali.

        May a humble Knight ask you to remove the comment I posted here addressed to Sue? And when done perhaps you might also cast this comment to the trash can as well. Your Blog should be error free and without my erring ways.

        Thank you dear Lady Rosewood Himali 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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  2. I think it’s great when we reach out and touch people in unexpected ways 🙂 Some impressions do leave an impact and it’s amazing when beautiful people like you keep a positive impression!

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  3. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd HiMaLi NoW
    On this Day a rare day inDeeD
    And an actual LiGht Bond for
    Human BeinGs iN the USA
    After so much
    has iS
    WoKeN the LioN NoW
    oF LoVE yeS ironicAlly
    dARK eVent of Nature in
    Solar Eclipse Way a Feared
    And Sacred and Holy Event
    Full of Meaning and Purpose
    through our ancestors of the years..
    Yes.. this Bind of Darkness becomes
    one thing that almost everyone can agree
    on that is interesting MusE to the Country both
    Sides as whole iN LiGHT of BiNd DarK..
    Don’t let the Sun Go Down on me
    iN Love as Muse THE BriGhtesT
    SuN oF HeART for
    And yes trUE
    mY friEnd.. although
    i cannot take credit this
    go around for saying you
    are a Beautiful Person in your
    anonymous message generator
    online it’s fair to say that when i first
    came to your blog i immediately saw
    YouR liGHT through words and positive
    Loving Interactions with otHeRs FeeLinG
    And SeNSinG that yeS oNliNe i would and
    Will and Do find Home heAR iN and as and
    WiTh Love that i see of HiMaLi whenever i write
    her name.. tHeRE are many kinds of love but HiMaLi’s
    is Pure
    as Love
    Shares and
    Gives for Free
    without conditions..
    i’ve seen this before
    it is AngEL as Essence
    no matter form of Being HUmaN
    THE GreaTest Sunshine of Love withstanding
    all eclipses of HeART that come.. sure.. i could
    say it in fewer words but this is how the Essence of HuWoMaN
    Form as Love Muses me hiGHeR and HiGHeR NoW as points
    oF LifELiGHTLoVE
    THE God wHo’s LOVE..:)

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  4. Namaste DN,

    Your poems make my heart melt with joy. Thank you for the beautiful dedications ! You are such a kind and beautiful person, spreading love and happiness. I wish you have a beautiful day too my dear friend.



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