Jode Rehjo Raaj – With English Translation

This post is a special dedication to Gujarati’s all across the globe and one of my favorite Gujarati singer, Falguni Pathak. Thank you Falguni Mam for your beautiful compositions and garba’s over all these years. I have been your fan ever since.

I officially declare I am in love with this song running on repeat mode on my phone – Jode Rehjo Raaj by Falguni Pathak.

For my readers who do not understand Gujarati language, I will translate a few lines from the song below :

ગુજરાતી  Lyrics

જોડે  રેહજો  રાજ . . .
હું  તો  જન્મ  જન્મની  તારી  પ્રેમ  દિવાની  ,
જગથી  સાવ  જુદી  છે ,  મારી  પ્રેમ  કહાની  ..
ઓ  મારા  સાજન  રે  …
મારા  મનડામાં  રેજો  , તનડામાં  રેજો  , દુનિયામાં  રેજો  રે …
જોડે  રેહજો  રાજ . . .
કેવા  ચાંદા  સૂરજ  સાથે  ભવો  ભવ,
જોડે  રેહજો  રાજ . . .

Gujarti Lyrics :

Jode rehjo raaj
Hu to janam janam ni tari prem deevani
Jag thi saav judi che, mari prem kahani..
O mara sajan re…
Mara manda ma rejo, tanda ma rejo, duniya ma rejo re
Jode rehjo raaj..
Keva chanda suraj sathe bhavo bhav,
Jode rehjo raaj..

English Translated Lyrics :

O beloved mine, be with me always
I am madly in love with you, since and for many births to come..
My love story is unique, from rest of the world,
O dear beloved mine,
Reside in my heart, reside in my soul and reside in my world,
O beloved mine, be with me always..
As the sun and the stars are together since and for eternity,
O beloved mine, be with me always..

What touched me the most about this song was the beautiful video. It begins with a newly wedded bride settling with her husband. Majority of Indian marriages follow the arranged marriage suite – where you haven’t really dated the person you are to be married to. A unique and a beautiful concept that has always fascinated me. 

Jode Rejo Raaj 3.JPG
Still taken from the YouTube Video

She wakes up quite late while her husband is already ready for office having his breakfast and welcomes her warmly to the breakfast table with a smile. During the day, she flips though her old photo album and cherishes her past achievements which she though she would have to forget as she was now ‘married’ ! She makes space in her room re-arranging the furniture and practices her dance which she thoroughly enjoys and her husband watches her dance. Glancing him, she shies away and the next  day her husband gifts her a pair of anklets for her dance practice.

Jode Rejo Raaj
Still taken from the YouTube Video

He clicks a video of his wife while she does a small performance for him and uploads it to YouTube creating her channel.  Her video goes viral, she gets really famous and they both celebrate her or their success.

Jode Rejo Raaj2
Still taken from the YouTube Video

I think this little video has so much to teach and while every one would be wondering how lucky the girl is to have such a loving and supportive husband, I wish I do things like what the husband did for his wife, for my future spouse and fill his life with love and light ❤

All of us deserve love that loves us for our goodness, is proud of us, makes us a better version of our own selves and is happy for our success.


P.S.: This is the first post in which I am posting something in Gujarati, my mother tongue. I hope I have done justice in translating the lyrics. Suggestions are welcome 🙂

39 thoughts on “Jode Rehjo Raaj – With English Translation

  1. I think it is such a beautiful miracle when an arranged wedding turns out in so much love. What an example of thoughtfulness and support. Yes, this is love to give the other person reason and freedom to dance. A touching story behind that song. Thank you for sharing!!

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  2. તમે ભારતીય સંસ્કૃતિ નો સારો પ્રચાર કરો છો. 👍
    Hey.Himali indian culture becomes so popular by your post.
    proud of you!
    keep writing.📝

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  3. SMiLes.. my FriEnd Himali.. for
    where Free Dance
    there is
    no real need
    for spoken Language
    to get a Message across
    of Free
    what it even means
    to live in emotional
    and sensory LiGHT..
    sadly.. since humans started
    wearing clothes and that is no promotion
    alone for the benefits of being one with Nature
    without the constraints
    of the cultures
    we wear
    but truly
    this fully dressed
    woman in beautiful
    Indian attire expresses
    her heART and SpiRiT
    and SoUL Naked with her
    dance no matter how many or how few
    or how colorful or bland her wear of life is..
    and we see ‘the man’ in common rigid upright
    posture stoic pose and she wonders if that posture
    will bend
    to the
    of heR
    heART’s’ SpiRit
    ExpreSsinG greater
    LiGht of EmotioNal
    and Sensory miNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG
    SoUL through the art of her
    Dance SpiRit aLIve so Free and the
    Young Man is not so rigid and trapped in
    patriarchal ideals not to allow his wife to flower free
    this way even sharing that beauty of free with the World..
    as you often see me doing with Flower Katrina with no shame
    too.. as Flower is not something to be hidden under the rug of God
    that is
    mY FriEnd
    Free as Love
    anyway.. the inability
    for men to express emotion
    is rooted deep in tribal nature
    of warring cultures fighting for subsistence
    against other tribes raising men without empathy
    to overcome the natural aversion to kill another human
    being.. these trappings are clearly still and easily seen in the
    swords of modern Abrahamic Religions/Cultures that originate in areas
    of deserts with scarcities for even the basic requirement for life that is
    water so ‘we’ turn
    the men into
    to kill
    and protect
    and acquire the
    basic water and food
    of life without thriving with
    the Love that is all pro-social emotions
    experienced.. including even crying on the shoulders
    of other men.. it happens in more primitive cultures MUCH
    MORE advanced in Emotional intelligences among the genders
    equally where men don’t die nearly as young from CardioVascular Disease
    as the heART is actually the seat of an emotional intelligence as complex as
    the brain
    we think
    in more patriarchal
    cultures to free dance like
    this is to come to the state of Nirvana
    and Bliss without just sitting still and emptying
    oneself of negative emotions for elixir of EmoTioNal/SenSoRY Light iN true
    Nirvana and Heaven in now is the heART that escapes greater through
    the Dance of Love as liGht surely does when free in being human…
    most men where i live have
    never seen what emotional
    release can bring
    in terms
    of actual
    will and
    in a man..
    enough to leg press
    1020 Lbs in my case at a Military
    Gym 33 times on a machine that is
    much more difficult than most men will
    even attempt to use as it doesn’t have a sled
    to carry the weight as one must use their own power
    of gravity and balance in grace to press the weight..
    one time a Marine who managed to press 1200 Lbs
    on the other machine could not
    budge it one inch..
    i tried to explain
    to him the
    i could some
    35 years older than
    him was the free style
    ballet mixed with martial
    arts that i use to heighten the
    Pro-Social Emotions than run through
    my body free that power every Quadrillion
    or so connection in every cell of my body from
    head to toe in the ‘Star Wars Force’ otherwise known
    and felt and sensed as CHI in Martial Arts.. it’s all gibberish
    to ‘them’ of course and on top of that they are deathly afraid someone
    might think they are GAY if a man were to express emotion though his body grace
    fully as free as this as meanwhile they get weaker as they grow older with premature
    heart disease and i grow stronger with literally Hundreds of Young Women in the
    Metro Area smiling at the side
    of a man
    who is
    to be Love
    Free in all the
    ways that comes..
    i win for i love every now
    i win for i love as God will in
    human man and women as
    HuWoMaN when truly Free iN As LiGht oF LoVE..
    the only thing missing in the video my friend is the
    Husband Dancing with his wife
    as her..
    when that
    happens the
    World will be a much better NICER place..
    but sure this a first step toward a World of Love
    such a simple solution a free dance of more than
    one togeTHeR is.. meanwhile there is ‘the solo’ with
    God ‘wHo’ is never alone allone
    say in the
    ‘you’ that is me..:)
    Oh yeah and on Saturday
    while Dancing at Winn Dixie
    when an African American Woman
    Cashier tells the other Cashier “he’s so bad”
    as i do an exhibition in front of all the Cashier
    Lines and by the way the usage of ‘bad’ per
    the Michael Jackson song per say.. hehe..
    the next day on Sunday
    a rather ‘scrawny’ ‘Red
    Neck’ young man
    sitting tall
    in a
    big truck
    with huge tires
    then stops to watch
    me dance for a minute
    on ‘the sidewalk to best buy’
    and considering i do weigh
    233Lbs and can handle my
    body in unusual ways he
    says ‘hell yeah that’s
    it” from a distance and
    i walk up to the
    truck and say
    hell yeah
    it’s THE
    baby.. and then
    he says i want some
    of what you are on and
    then i say have you ever heard of God..
    rhetorical question where i live where four
    wheel drives live as they all at least pay lips
    to the word Jesus.. and then he says hell yeah
    i know God and i say well to really know God you
    have to feel and sense
    God more
    still and of
    course he has
    no idea what i am
    saying as he’s never danced
    free with God.. anyway.. i don’t give up showing ‘them’ how..
    and also showing them what Heaven looks like on earth from the outside in..;)

    Anyway.. thanks so much
    Himali for sharing this video
    my friend for this
    and a
    Video will
    surely add
    to the inspiration oF ALL oF this that is… LovELiGHT

    P S

    Just picture this.. me
    Standing NoW iN front of
    A Regional Metro-Area population
    Gulf Coast of Hundreds of thousands
    of “Red State Bullies” as A Mountain of Love
    as they ‘melt’ in front of me away from
    any potential
    otherwise bring..
    it’s how i experience
    life now as opposed to the
    Bullies at the City Park and
    the Halls of Middle School who
    said in verbal and non-verbal language
    that if you even smile ‘Queer’ we will beat you
    down in a metaphorical Crucifixion of Hate.
    That really happened LITERALLY
    many times
    when i am
    Makes me into
    A Mountain oF A LOVERainBoWMaNoW..;)
    So in other
    words now
    you know
    why i
    SMiLEs so much now mY FriEnd online in words..
    it’s what ‘they’ did tHeir best to take away from me..
    for a while.. iN pART.. ’66 months’ and a few other years of my life..
    And a desert iN A Loss of Overall Creativity for 50 years from ages 13 to 53..
    ‘they’ were successful iN parT and NoW aLL i do is my best to bring a smile to ‘them’.
    with the
    Women at least..
    as empirically proven
    in all the photos online
    and now that’s why ‘they’
    STiLL are my ‘favored ones’..
    as it’s first come first serve still..
    And sure.. all the ‘other ones’ are
    missing is Heaven on eARTh and Much
    Greater Love and Strength
    and Grace..
    Having no idea
    just how much they
    have been lied to all tHeir LiFE.

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  4. The pseudo Gujju in me woke and felt so happy on reading this (Born and brought up in Ahmedabad)…. This is truly a wonderful story and great progress from the otherwise drab content that often comes out of the industry!

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    • Hello My Amdavadi reader,

      Kem cho ?

      What a beautiful coincidence ! I am also from Ahmedabad (Memnagar – Near Himalaya Mall) and so glad to find a fellow amdavadi via this post. I too loved the story in the music video. Bdw, I am visiting Ahmedabad for a couple of days and enjoying the sunny day today 🙂

      Maja ma reh jo


  5. great post himali, falguni pathak is a very talented singer, I have heard quite a few of her hindi songs, her voice is very sweet! though it has been more than a decade since I last heard her!

    navratra coming? gearing up?

    have fun!

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    • Hello Sharmistha,

      I too have been a big fan of Falguni Pathak’s hindi songs and Garba’s. Grew up listening and humming her melodies. Navratri coming a fortnight and geared up for the festive season. Do you also enjoy Navratri ?

      Hugs 🙂


  6. Thank you for sharing posting the amazing Music Gujarati song lyrics.
    જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત
    Anandoham : )
    Enjoyed listening and reading : )

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  7. Beautiful lyrics ..Though one of my closest friend is from Ahmedabad but I don’t understand Gujrati that much however Falguni pathak & Dandiya nights are quiet popular here in North India as well..besides , I try specially not to miss reading anything Indian on wordpress ..I too have recently written a funnny blog on Indian couples..Do spare some time to go through it..


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