You are a Flower…

gerbera in burnt car.jpg
Photo Courtesy: My lovely friend, Stacey ❤ Thank you, for this beautiful click. It signifies hope & love to me

You are a flower…
You will meet people,
Who will pluck you –
To enjoy your beauty;
And savor your fragrance..

Once fazed by you,
As their purpose is served,
They will tramp you –
Mercilessly, beneath their feet…

This is the hard truth,
You need to learn…

But, you also need to know –
You will meet people,
Who will treasure the,
Dried and faded you,
In their diaries – for years…

They will heal your hurt,
With their hearts…

They will bring back spring,
From the numb winters,
With their gentle touch,
Filled with love and warmth…

Life is about finding and,
Living for and with them !

Photo Courtesy : My Polish pal, Luke. Thank you, Luke for this beautiful present 🙂

45 thoughts on “You are a Flower…

  1. SMiLes my FriEnd HiMaLi.. A greaTesT
    thing now i believe about Human BeinG
    is that we have so many senses and
    feelings to enjoy and cope with life
    particularly if some of
    what we feel
    and sense
    as life becomes
    disorder despair more
    or otherwise dark of life
    while i can no longer smell
    the flowers as the beauty they
    once were and even if i lose my
    ability to effectively see them
    or even listen to the birds
    sing with so much
    numb and
    pain as
    before for
    66 months..
    there is the
    writing to transcend
    the dARk of LiFE even
    if i could not dance again..
    this Human potential for change
    for the crosses of life in adaptation
    IS A BriGHtesT FloWeR of LiFE that God gives
    me for LiGht i suReLy STiLL FeeL anD SenSE anD KNoW NoW..
    SMiLes my friend.. i was actually
    feeling a little burnt out on
    writing and feeling
    like slowing
    it down
    more altogether
    but i suppose God
    sends me a reminder
    oF A Cross in this way
    of smelling and tasting
    disorder to write on
    as Flowers
    to insist on a Color of Love
    as always thanks for the inspiration
    my friend as angels go and come more
    you seem to be there lately when i need
    an Angel Friend to carry on a little more a Hurricane of Words..
    and of course we all have crosses of challenge my friend it is noble
    to carry
    a cross
    no matter
    what the challenge
    is as i wish you continued
    success in your studies for your
    CPA and will always welcome you
    back in my life as you come and go my FriEnd..:)

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  2. So true about life.
    Certain people extract all that is juicy from us and then abandon us afterwards.
    It is up to us to remain relevant and productive, irrespective of circumstances. There is always so much warmth and love to exude, especially towards those that truly appreciate us.
    Lovely post, Himali. Good to have you back.

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  3. I am afraid I have to agree with Ms. Erika that you are touching my heart and I have fallen in love with your words!

    I hope you will treasure the dried and faded me in years to come (or more like now) as I treasure your words and the heart that brought them to life! Bellissimo, Himali, Bellissimo!!


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