32 thoughts on “Ich Liebe Du

  1. SMiLeS AGAiN mY friEnd
    if you see the continuing
    SAGA in my wordS hehe..
    sure a story too
    and the one
    thing wHo
    to draw me in
    as i write about
    you too is the kindness
    and love it is obvious you give
    to all human beings as pArTS of God
    whole unconditionally in an effort and yes
    a directed one by the self that is you to continue
    to improve as and in love as a human being to brighten
    YouR light and thE LIGHT of OTHeRs too for what good IS A
    Lamp but dARk iF iT doesn’t Work to Love the most It can NOW And
    Spread that Love as Far and Faster than even A speed of LIGht nOW
    with no distance space or time for when Art is created Lke a Nautilus by as Shell
    does day in day out for all of life as now.. sure.. sometimes Shell ART literally lasts 300 or so
    million years for those who love most will love far after a dirt nap too hear.. hear.. hear.. here..
    eVeN MoRE NoW
    aS death becomes
    LiFE more as LoVinG
    LIGht Shines A Lamp
    More as BEinG HUMaN
    HolDinG HAnds toGetheR
    liGHt thE PlaneT uP noW as Love..MoRE
    funny it’s true some folks don’t understand
    the ‘German’ of mY Love too somEtimes love
    CaN WiLL eVen blind….

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  2. Haha, I love this! I actually took three years of German classes in high school, but now I’ve forgotten almost all of it! The only phrase I remember is “Ich schlage dich!”

    But since we’re telling one another that we love each other in different languages now, te quiero 🙂

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  3. I went to school in Germany long enough for it to become legitimately recognized as my native language. Want me to do a quick translation?

    Just to prove that German pedandicism (I know, I know) did stick to me, (and because I teach languages) the correct form is ich liebe dich. But I totally agree with the sentiment. Adding it in Hungarian, szeretlek.


    • Hey,

      By any chance are you a FRIENDS fan ? “I know, I know” reminded me of the phrase from FRIENDS “They don’t know that we know they know we know.” lol 😀

      And thank you for the correction !! I had some phrases taught to me by a friend in Germany who said we can use “Du” for informal conversations with friends. I wasn’t too sure though.

      Thank you for stopping by and bringing me smiles.

      Signing off in Hindi – Namaste 🙂

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      • I love Friends! Haven’t seen it in ages, but I have all ten seasons on DVD. And I loved that part, the secrecy and the confusion, and the knowing what they know they don’t know or know. 😃

        Du is fine for informal settings. But the problem is that German uses a lot of cases. So when it’s in the Akkusativ (when it’s the direct object), you have to change it. So then “du” becomes “dich.” If you know Latin this should make sense.

        Signing of in Hungarian, because I really like the expression – minden jót (all the best, which doesn’t sound so great in English).

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        • Wow, that’s such a fantastic coincidence. I am also a big fan of FRIENDS. I got so hooked while I was watching for the first time that I completed all 10 seasons in 15 days with regular office ongoing 😁

          Thank you again for the Herman lesson. I shall bear in mind.

          MINDEN JÓT (loved it!) 😊

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          • Ok, for that alone congratulations are in order. 10 seasons in 15 days and work.

            Have you seen The Class? I think they tried to recreate Friends with that. On its own it was ok. But as something hoping to replace Friends, just no. The only reason I know about The Class is we had an acquaintance who downloaded literally everything. Every show that came out, she’d download.



              • You know, I never got into How I Met Your Mother. Love Barney, and have a lot of respect for Neill Patrick Harris, so it’s great to see what he can do with the role. But for me it was a case of if it’s on and nothing else is, I’ll watch it. Couldn’t warm to the other characters for some reason. I like Big Bang Theory much better. Look out for guest appearance by Sheldon’s mom. Laurie Metcalfe is awesome. She was in some other show (couldn’t get into Roseanne either), where she played the mother in a Boston-Irish family (can’t remember the name), and totally carried it.

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