But you better believe


You could be a black bird
On a country street
Hiding from the world with a broken wing
But you better believe, you gonna fly . . .

Thank you – Colin & Ray for your prompt to post a smiling picture of mine. Couldn’t find a better one than this one taken on last Sunday at Lothal   – one of the most prominent cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization, located in the Bhāl region of the modern state of Gujarāt and dating from 3700 BCE.

I had been there on a short picnic with my friends and family and although I had an injured right foot, I absolutely couldn’t resist trying the jumping pose to get my picture clicked 😀 Too risky, but worth every bit 🙂

I have a lot of pictures clicked of my Lothal trip including beautiful pictures of the excavated site and the Museum of artifacts. Do let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see a photo blog (would be first one for me) on the same 🙂

P.S.: May you always FLY high ! Love and Hugs ❤

47 thoughts on “But you better believe

  1. Hi Himali – Always interested in antiquities, so please feel free to post pics. I love to stand in really ancient areas and visualize what it would have looked like when it was an active part of a culture! I used to visit old castles and churches in UK and look at the wear marks on the stone steps… and wonder who contributed to that wear. Even my grandmother’s house in Birmingham had a stone doorstep and my older sister and I used to stay with her for two weeks most Summers when we were very young. That step is still there, and my sister and I would have contributed to the wear pattern! 🙂

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    • Wow, the wear pattern is something unique I heard and now onwards, I’d also now notice it around me. A home with a stone doorstep sounds amazing. How lucky for you and your sister to spend your Summers with your grandmother in that picturesque home.

      I also love to see the ancient monuments and historical sites and see how the people in those civilizations lived.

      Thank you for the encouragement, I shall do a photo blog soon 🙂

      Woof Woof to Ray and Good morning to Colin in Canada 😀

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  2. Ha! never saw an action
    photo of Himali yet
    and i Do Love
    the Dance
    of Life
    you bring
    to this jumping
    for joy up up and
    away photo for fun..
    however.. hAha.. i don’t recommend
    flip flops for jumping makes ankle
    injuries more risky hehe.. but hey
    it’s worth this photo for sure as all
    the fun we bring to photos is
    Defeating Entropy
    for the Energy
    Force Synergy
    of our Emotions
    and Senses remains
    for other folks to enjoy
    for time immemorial
    always now
    my friend
    and a photo blog.. yes..
    sure.. bring it on as i am
    surely one to output words
    but a visual/auditory/touch/feel thinker i am first..
    And sure.. NoW.. i love to write to the emotions
    and the senses photos bRing and tRuly
    a photo like this my friEnd is worth a
    thoUsand Himali words too.. aLong
    HiMaLi Story
    WiTh even more SMiLes
    And Hugs of Generous Love..
    And true.. i am so enthralled with
    Happiness by Seeing the Joy
    of your Jump i almost missed
    your Words of Poetry my friEnd
    it’s true birds with broken wings often eventually
    fly highest for they more fully understand Fly Value
    my friend
    when liGht
    falls to dArk
    And Phoenix
    aRises and flies from
    Ashes of Broken Wings oF LiFE..:)
    Anyway.. you additionAlly break
    A Stereotype heAR Now too
    that Accountants don’t Dance..
    It’s true.. every Accountant
    Should Dance while they
    Eat tHeir Lunch Break too..
    For i too my Friend was surely an
    Accountant of epic proportions true
    still am
    in many
    ways too as sure.. life
    is a numbers gAMe too..
    While God’s Music is always
    playing in the Back Ground
    inviting us to DancE and SinG LiFE as Heaven Now Play..:)

    Nah.. it isn’t a thousand words.. just.. 337.. now including all
    the words on the other two comment responses but who’s a counting..;)

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    • Hellooooove,

      Wow.. you truly connect the dots, Fred; don’t you ? Yep, as a phoenix rises from its ashes and birds with broken wings soar the skies, I too shall rise and fly.

      I do agree flip flops aren’t the best for this but since my ankle was already injured, I couldn’t wear my regular sports shoes. Now almost healed, thanks to your prayers and good wishes 😇

      Smiles and hugs

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  3. Was thinking to ask where this was. Yes, please do a photo blog!!!! Personally, I love looking at pictures and working with them (well, you’ve seen my blog), so yes please. Pretty, pretty please. With strawberries and cherries on top (just to mangle a line from my all time favorite song, Summer Wine.

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  4. My Lady Himali, good evening My Queen, Namaste 🙂

    You Knight has missed you upon this day, now binds his words to a Loving note.
    As I sit beneath the Rising Moon, by a Castle’s dreaming moat.
    A line to say ‘sweet dreams Ice Queen’, my Muse, my dote.
    In poems written with a Poet’s Love, to you his Musing Himalayan mote.

    Swirling twirling, prancing and dancing, Himali is a frisky raven-haired Dark Doe!
    Dancing, fleeting as stars falling from above, fluttering like Himalayan Snow, My Ice Queen.
    Upon whose diamond-white Light my Snow Leopard quickly grows, pads
    Paces your ice laden Bryn searching for the fabled Grail Rose, My Rosewood Himali.
    Posed Lady Liberty, she reaches for Her Flame, Sunlight flashing oil-slick hair again and again!
    Flutter My Black Bird! Flutter thy coal-black wings! Sing sweetly Black Bird, so the world hears Himali sings!
    Whisper to me Black Bird your deepest darkest dreams, I shall keep them secret between us, beneath my Plutonic Wings,
    Deep down within my Deepest Keep with my most precious things, where your Black Bird can freely fly,
    Unfurl iridescent Raven Wings, whilst a Noble Knight gazes upon you, then a poem pens.

    Sweet dreams Ice Queen, My Diamond Sunflower Corsage, My Shiny Icy Pen Pal Pin, My scintillating Himalayan 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


    A record to lull you into a, Once upon a time in a Lullaby…

    Nos Da, Rosewood Himali.

    Namaste 🙂



    • P.S: My Lady, may I beg an indulgence from thee? You ask is readers would enjoy a Photo-Blog Post. Before you do so, might I dare ask that you choose with great care 12 photographs of you that best express the3 totality of Himali, and I will write poems for these images and publish them in our collaborative project, ‘The Diary of Rosewood Himali’, on Dewin Nefol. May I also ask one thing more – and that being you choose a 13th photograph, ideally a close up of your face expressing those qualities about your unfathomable Beauty, which you find most attractive about yourself? Pretty please? 🙂

      Sweet dreams Ice Queen.

      Namaste 🙂


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        • Good evening Lady Rosewood Himali, Namaste 🙂

          Was that a little knock I heard upon you chamber door?
          Do you think there’ll be a note from a Knight on your floor?
          Will you retrieve it, read it, keep it safe in a diary?
          Inside a little book of Love we’ll call Rosewood Himali.


          O compile away! Compile away!
          Dewin’s email is warm and waiting this day!
          Tis music to my ears, My Ice Lady Himali,
          To know soon I will be gazing fondly upon thee.
          I feel my Quill’s flitter, my feather’s feathered flutter,
          Dance about inside my tum eager to dash never stutter!
          It’s all I can do to contain my Fire:
          The burning yearning of an Artist’s desire!
          12 photographs to express the totality of you.
          Married to Loving words inspired deep within me.
          Yet even a million lines would be one million too few.
          One million too few for my Sweet Rosewood Himali


          From your Red Knight sat saddled upon his sturdy-stead in Romantic shining pose.
          This note a dote for his shining mote, a stanza or two in hip-fired prose

          Thank you My Lady for indulging my fancy with 12 photographs…I am nervous and excited and keen to gaze and weave a web of silky words for thee, my Spicy Rosewood Himali 🙂

          Sweet dreams Ice Queen.

          God Bless. Namaste 🙂



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