Dear Me



Dear Me,

As humans, we love to chase. Well, looking closely – it is all about the chase rather than the actual thing. The process or the path over the destination or the end result. The journey over the goal. I still know the numerous plans you made waiting for the summer holidays while grade 6 exams were knocking your door. That was so exciting, wasn’t it ? And those things you always wanted to spoil yourself with. Did the actual accomplishment give as much joy as the anticipation and the excitement during the waiting time ?

I know that now you’ve realized that it was all about the chase which fueled you with the excitement, pumped your  nerves with the adrenaline rush & filled your tummy with butterflies. The joy in the actual achievement was merely a fraction of the initial euphoria.

You now fully know – that as humans, we are attracted to what seems hard and distant. The conquest which seems unbelievably in-achievable is what captures our heart and soul and we love the chase, UNTIL one fine day the chase ends.

Living for dreams and goals is what makes life exciting, amazing and worth every bit. The journey and the chase to accomplish them is so much more important than the actual accomplishment itself.

But, I want you to also know that the same does NOT hold true for people. Like a moth drawn towards the flame, we are captivated by people who are an enigma to us. Who seem like a difficult puzzle to decode. Winning whom seems like a big challenge. We are drawn towards the distant, savage and ruthless. The tough nuts to crack. They fuel the adrenaline in our veins as we go chasing them. 

It becomes all about the chase as you try to win over those distant people whose even a cent of affection is so hard to get. You have chased people, and you know how it ends. It is the story of the moth and the flame. You end up hurting your own self when you get to realize that the mystery that surrounded them – making them so attractive was plain heartlessness.  You give so much of yourself to them and in the end get nothing but a heartache in return. They are mean, distant and cold to you. The ones who hardly value you and all what you do for them. The ones who take you and your love so easily for granted. The ones who you can die for, don’t even bother a bit about you. They lack empathy towards you and take for granted everything you do for them.


In the process you take for granted the ones who truly care about you. You become distant to them and take their love for granted.

Until one summer evening, you are burned by the flame and let all alone to weep over the stings. This is when the people who love you, will come and help you heal. They will whiff gently over your bruises and help your heart to heal with their love.


What I want you to learn is to know the difference between the savage and the compassionate. The heartless and the ones who love you for all of yourself. I want you to stop chasing the distant and the ruthless. They aren’t worth your time, energy, focus or attention. Even if you give them everything within you, they still would never care a bit for you. And no, it’s got nothing to do with you. It is who they are. “Each gives what he has to give.”

Resolve to yourself to never chase love or affection. Promise yourself to not take for granted the ones who love you. Vow to make them feel special who have been there for you when the going got tough.

It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Learn from your failures and make sure that you do not take for granted the ones who truly care about you.


– TheOneWhoLovesYou



43 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. Good morning my Lady Himali, Namaste 🙂

    A Poet falls in Love with the subject of his desire,
    Every moment his Moth dances in your Fire.
    Each flight of his gaze burns fragile wings,
    It is with this ecstatic pain, your Poet sweetly sings.
    His is not a Love born from savagery, nor a Love centred in Lust,
    But Love Divinely gifted by God, sprinkled with Gold Dust
    And Trust, a Love without conditions, without limits or demands,
    A Love never ending, but always a Love that commands,
    Respect and highest regard, praise, gratitude and honour,
    A Love that grows Heaven scent forever flourishing stronger.
    What more could your Poet ever ask for in return?
    There is nothing more than to gaze forever upon his Love,
    Hold her cherished, treasured, adored: God’s Muse from Above,
    The one he shares his heart beat with, the one who flows in his blood.
    Your Poet does not chase, and yet his eye chases you,
    Contours your every curve, penetrates through and through,
    His eye knows every aspect of your face, his heart yields to your Eternal Grace,
    It is with his purest Love your Poet knows Lady Rosewood’s Dove.
    Does your Poet witness only illusion, or might his sentiment be real?
    Is your Red Knight’s quest without gallantness, or does his Love serve to heal?
    Might your Wizard who sits upon his Bryn, conjure up magic, a little spell-casting,
    Nuggets of Happiness to his raven-haired Dove, from a distant heart who knows Himali as his Love.

    Have a wonderful day My Lady Rosewood Himali.

    God Bless. Namaste :<3

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    • Hello DN,


      The chase which is true from the heart and has love scented within is so rare. Thank you dear poetic wizard for the beautiful words. I am spellbound yet again.

      Wish you a joyous day ahead 🙂

      Cheers 😇


  2. This is such a wonderful post, Himali! How are you? 🙂

    “The journey and the chase to accomplish them is so much more important than the actual accomplishment itself.” – I am reading this and assuring myself through this. Thanks a lot!


  3. Chasing dreams is more fulfilling but more frightening because it’s leads tangible, while chasing people is more tangible and less frightening but rarely fulfilling… it’s the catch 22. I agree, why do we hurt the one we love, the most? It sad, and disrespectful to those who would move mountains for us… great post!


  4. Done that and been through this whole emotion. I dunno, there is a magic behind the people whom we chase but at the end of the day, most are not worth except a tiny of them. True, we need to treasure our relationships and be with the self-matters most than chasing souls with whom we have hardly a chance.

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    • Hi Vishal,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I swear the magic in the chase is so addictive. But, the chase is such a waste in the end. I also resonate your thoughts and words. Thank you again for the understanding 🙂

      Peace and smiles you way


  5. God Never Lived God Lives
    HiMaLi Never Lived HiMaLi Lives
    So WHeRe is God thAt’s a rhetorical question
    that no Child
    with the Love
    of Family and
    Friends Naked
    on an Island without
    Books has to ask what
    God is for God is the Experience
    of Moving Connecting Creating Love
    in other
    is a Verb
    when we are young we
    learn what feels and senses
    Good in life unless we are punished
    for doing so and told no.. and of course
    that is what Humans do in larger than 150 to 200
    sets of eyes and hips naked as we are simply not evolved
    in social capacity to
    deal with more
    humans than
    this one
    on one
    in flesh and blood connection STiLLNoW
    and that’s why ‘they’ invented Facebook
    hehe.. so we could pretend to do 5000 if
    we are really good about collecting Faces..
    i only
    do that
    now on
    if i dance in
    connection with
    the person.. hehe..
    of course unless someone
    asks to collect my face online
    on Facebook too as it doesn’t hurt me
    unless they wanna try to talk me into buying
    waste my
    Life is God (good)
    clock time.. hAha.. smiles
    my friEnd.. Culture says we have to
    Do a lot in life and God says within know
    and feel and sense yourself and do Happy NoW after
    the Natural Flowing Spiraling Forage for subsistence
    is done for the day.. Homework is Happy.. and also
    in other words..
    sure.. life is work too
    but life and all creation is
    Based on the Force of Life/
    aLL CreaTioN iN Harmony and Peace after the
    fight and the flight of the moment is done for now
    is Good..
    it’s easy to See
    An animal other than hUman
    in life is good mode for they are not
    going anywhere but now in be in just be
    at peace
    and the fAct
    that we do not do
    that everyday when we
    are not foraging for subsistence
    Quite Frankly means we are not rational animals
    for we never were and even science shows this now..
    we are feeling and sensing human animals saddled with a Neo-Cortical
    Brain that can be used as a tool to remember what didn’t work and what works
    or remember
    what doesn’t
    work and
    do it again for that
    is what an insane Culture does too..
    in effect as that is the natural response
    for a species out of balance in over-population my friend..
    yes.. ‘perversions’ out of Balance do happen when we are not playing
    with ourselves and others in a Life that is not only work but fun too.. in as Love..
    in other
    have fun now
    and when one has
    fun and truly loves the
    experience of life like a little
    child spiraling freely like the UniVerse
    and Galaxies Free in and as a Joyous Positive Dancing
    Flow of Energy also known as Love it is almost impossible
    not to spread that love with those who are receptive to it and
    A Life God is Good
    Song too of Free.. NoW..
    they never taught me this
    in school/church but God did/does in me then now
    LooKinG aCross the River at age 3 before i lEarned
    to say some words at age 4.. it’s true.. i am so blessed
    i did not
    to speak
    Before age four
    for i had the opportunity
    to find God somewhere else instead of a book my friend…
    same as all the original indigenous Naked Peoples as Nature Named Indians
    in all lands my friend For a God of Love is the God of all in peace and harmony
    that wHo connects in positive energy also known as this Love is real the Love we Feel
    as a metaphor
    oF LiGht out of the
    dArkness other than a
    Grace of Peace and Harmony
    of Hugs of Hugs and eyes that say
    your soul
    and not just
    a nut shell.. hehe..
    funny little synchronicities
    and funny little life lessons that prolific
    sit-com writers who are really concerned about the
    Real Human Condition of Love insert into moving pictures..
    two of my favorite pictures my friend.. Young Sheldon Cooper
    off of the original “Big Bang Theory” most popular Sit-com show
    for almost a decade now in the USA.. yes.. in an actual new show
    where he is actually young in the 80’s then knows FEELS SENSES who
    God is the
    Love of his
    Mother while he
    rests his head on her shoulder..
    meanwhile the rest of the Church is
    Singing onward Christian Soldiers.. true
    my Mother
    me this
    Lesson before
    i could speak too..
    she was looking for her keys
    one morning before i could speak
    and i tugged on her dress and took her to
    them underneath her bed for my friend i couldn’t
    speak but i then WiLL look and listen and feel her sense of distress
    all i wanted
    to do was
    her pain
    for that my friend
    is what real humans
    do when Love becomes the real
    Force of God who and that lives within
    the AgApe Love that we are born with for all
    of Nature as Love that sadly is as Metaphor of Modern
    IS that
    that away from
    uS NoW and replaces LoVE with
    data download and makes us tools.. So..
    You look within Himali as you find your answers
    but again as you say your parents are Angels and
    not controllers NoW
    as any Modern
    of Control
    whether Family or and Culture
    and or Religion tends to do now
    away from the free and living
    force within that just says
    love and love some
    play with
    a best friend
    within named now
    as Love (Life is Good) sure ‘you’
    Can call IT God or even Jesus too..
    but just remember and of course not you
    as you already know feel and sense this God
    is real and was is always here moreover alWays
    before now aLways NoW as LiVinG Force within
    inside outside above so below and all around NoW
    beyond the written word and or oral speak…SMiLes
    too.. other than that i hope you find a nice guy who
    sees your soul..if God exists they must too.. Now.. hmm..
    AdditionAlly.. Yeah.. i realize NoW thaT’s a whole lot of
    Fred talk head words but i do tend to go in tSUnaMi
    LoVE Mode after a long night of moving connecting
    and creating
    a real
    of Life my friEnd
    for that is how Love
    spReads Best through Dance
    without even any words at all now..
    FeeLing SeNSinG LoVE isReaLNoW
    And sure too when there’s rest there is
    A Burning Midnight Campfire Song now that
    never ends.. too.. as Moonlight STiLL NoW
    Feels so right as Love.. NoW gRowS NoW
    OcEaN WhoLe sMiLes bRinGs to MiNd
    aNoTHeR AlbuM Cover oF YouTube
    yEars gONE Past alWays sTiLL
    LiVinG NoW as yeah there are
    a few good things about Modern
    Cultures.. too..Songs that never
    go aWay aBout LovELiVinG Records
    Love..Oh yeah.. beForE NoW aGaiN
    iGo.. Helloooove.. Himali aGaiN..
    As alWays.. be bacK
    to see ya soon..
    jUSt consider if you WiLL..
    This a Dance iN LiVinG Love Record mY friEnd
    JusT for you and of course some other folks too..;)

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  6. My Dear, This is absolutely off the chart Wonderful! Such a fantastic post with so much wisdom and insight!! I loved it, loved it!! Been there, done that too and ended up in the flame! No fun crashing and burning!

    Love the truth about human nature – our love for the chase! I think that is why I can play anything that involves chasing a ball but walking or doing the treadmill – never! Ha!

    I think you might enjoy the post on my blog – “Storm Chasing”. Similar idea but not as wonderful as your post! More the kernel of the idea. I am looking forward to sharing this! with my followers and to following you as well!!

    Oh yes, just a disclosure from me. I keep a Word Bank for words and phrase that hit me and seeds of inspiration I find laying around in the works of others. I will be gleaning tiny seeds you left in this work – too many to count. So, I will be making deposits in your name that hopefully will end up as a beautiful blossom of a poem – soon.

    I will give you a head start on – “the waiting time!” if you feel so moved to use that as a new title and poem.

    Also, loved all of your quotes and embeds. They were super!

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    • Hello Chuck,
      Thank you for visiting Decoding happyness and reading this post so closely. I am glad you could connect with this.

      I so agree that it is no fun crashing into the fire and getting yourself burnt. Alas ! Human nature 🙂 I love the way you said you’d love to play anything that involves a chase over walking and treadmill. Such a vivid metaphor.

      I am enjoying exploring your site. And I’d be very glad to be of any inspiration for your posts.

      Thank you for the suggestions to read. I will chase them and I will read them 🙂


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  7. Sometimes we chase and chase and get lost in the process, and as you alluded to, we get burnt. Sometimes we all got to slow down and enjoy the journey and learn the lessons we need to learn. Very enlightening post ❤ 🙂

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  8. So beautifully written, and so true. I swear it’s an empath thing, too. Lots of other factors to it though. Guess why it’s also so complicated. Plus, when you’re obsessed with that person you’re obsessed. No help to be had.


  9. Thats a deep post gurl! Loved every word. I have stopped chasing people. If they want to be here, the door is open. If not, well no love is lost. I am better off…or so I tell myself haha


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