A whisper – to Her. . .

I love the way kohl, intensifies your deep brown eyes; whose looks pierces right through my eyes and searches into the deepest corners of my heart. They long. Long for answers, for a quest, for the love I’ve kept caged so far. Those silent eyes speak so much to me. They tell me how your heart skips a beat when our eyes meet. They tell me how you steal glances staring at me when you think I’m not watching, sometimes I just pretend. The way you look at me when I’m lost in my train of thoughts tells me how you wish to hold my cold and numb hand into your soft and warm hands and join me in my quest as my companion.

I wish I could allow you to step into my arena. Sometimes I wish to tell you my deepest scars and longings. My failures and vulnerabilities. About the thoughts I’ve kept confined to the dustiest corners of my heart. There is so much I wish I could tell you.

Somehow, words betray me. When you come near me, I stand at a distance. I see that distance as a symbolic boundary I’ve kept for everyone, from entering into my life. I tuck away my hands in my pockets when you walk besides me, because I know you want to hold them.

I don’t want to spend my evening by the seaside listening to crashing waves besides you, because you’d be so close to me that I’ll be able to listen to your heartbeats which scream of your love for me.

But, do you know something ? I’m afraid of all these. But what I am most afraid is that if you come close to me, you’ll be able to hear the soft whisper from my racing pulses which wants to murmur softly in your ears “I love you, too”.

Photo courtesy : Bijal & Viraj Barot

31 thoughts on “A whisper – to Her. . .

  1. Wow so beautifully expressed. A mini cooper version of a Mills and Boon novel 🙂
    Great going Himali and I really hope you find your dashing charming Prince very soon :-))

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  2. WeLL.. Helloove.. Himali.. although it’s
    been only a little over three weeks since
    you take this last study break or whatever
    need brings a break from online
    Social Media and A
    Blogger World
    i really missed
    my Lunch Break friend now
    who i often visit as she makes
    her Words Dance and Sing and it’s
    True the more we Dance and Sing
    Dreams the more likely they are to
    come iNto Fruition and besides
    i cannot imagine any of
    your male co-workers
    not stealing a
    your nonfiction
    Indian Dark eyes
    of pure human being
    oF LiGHt i for one feel
    and sense afar from you as FriEnd..
    what else.. well for now just Hellooove Himali..
    when ever i go into the Earth store there is this
    display of Himalayan Salt from Mountain EARTh
    and whenever i see this Mountain Salt i shorten it
    iN mY
    for Himali
    mY Nice Indian
    FriEnd who says Helloooove.. too..
    and when the Katrina and i go to the
    Interstate Fair this Sunday they have a
    Fair Ride Named the Himalayan Express
    and verily i say surely i will name that Fair Ride
    HiMaLi iN
    mY heART
    And share
    you with
    Katrina too..
    as we watch the
    Ride Happy from afar..:)

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    • Helloooove Fred,

      I am so happy that you dropped by and got me this big big smile. I hope you and Kat enjoy the Himalayan Express and miss me too 😀

      “i cannot imagine any of
      your male co-workers
      not stealing a
      your nonfiction
      Indian Dark eyes”

      Well, that’s a big big compliment; I so humbly accept. Thank you so much for the kind words and smiles from miles away.

      Hugs to you, Katrina & Yellow Boy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • SMiLes.. my FriEnd for every hUman BeinG NoW
        is a poTenTial FLoWeR Blooming.. so many
        of these potential Flowers Winter
        Grey through dARk Abyss
        through Beyond
        HuMaNs i meet
        in this particular
        MaGiC LiFE NoW
        Truly now Hundreds of
        Thousands of Flowers
        through Public and Military
        Customer Service through so
        many online nodes of Human Flowers
        too and HiMaLi in spiRit and SouL and heART
        through her Loving Words in kindness to all who still
        visit her at her online words surely attracted the FloWeRinG
        BeYoNd RainBoW CoLorS of LoVE iN me too and it’s true i am a
        of Indigenous
        DARk BroWn
        Honest Pure eYes
        of Shining LiGHT around
        the World too and you verily
        are some of those Most Beautiful eYes too..
        The Art of Human has no equal my friEnd in LiVinG SoUL..
        NoW UniQue
        eVery FLoWeR
        Worthy of thanks
        And Praise of the
        Morning Star Glory
        oF God LiViNG WiTHiN..
        HouSinG TruTH
        LiGHT aS VenUs too.. YeS.. LoVE..:)


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