A Trembling Trail


My voice seldom trembles. But it did, last night. The lump in my throat was so hard to swallow that my voice trailed off for a few long seconds. “I need to go for the meeting, I will speak to you later” was all I could manage to whisper between the sobs I tried to hold back. Going back home, took an infinity. The cab driver took the longest route back home, and for the first time; I just didn’t mind. I listened to all of the saddest songs in my playlist on repeat mode. My heart was numb and my mind was filled with grief. Shock and disbelief were mere understatements. I found no appropriate adjectives to describe how I felt. Moments went in a blur.

It was hard to wake up, get dressed and continue the normal life. I managed, nonetheless. Engulfed in sadness, I tried to distract my mind. I chatted with my best friend and in moments we were discussing plans for her and she was so happy that we could discuss about her anxiety and dilemma with such ease. I gave her an update on my conversation last evening. In moments, she was comforting me and life felt okay NOT be okay.

Amidst all the chaos, I figured out that yes, life is unfair. Life is hard. Life is harsh. Life is cruel. Karma is real.

BUT, if you have someone to share your share of grief, you are lucky and blessed. If you got a friend who will hug you when you feel like your world has collapsed, you’ve got God’s angel to take care of you. If you have someone to remind you of your goals and purpose in life when you feel utterly hopelessly lost and broken; you are endowed.

Dear Life – you are unfair, unkind, brutal, vicious, savage and utterly beautiful.

Dear Best Friend – I love you.Β 



24 thoughts on “A Trembling Trail

  1. Life can be so hard and we all experience times when it brings us to our personal limits. But as you said, if we have someone by our side to share our feelings and who simply gives us the clear feeling that we are not alone, we can handle it a lot better! Sending you big hugs, Himali πŸ’–

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  2. SMiLes.. for i have a SonG
    iN my next MicroVerse
    Cued uP that is named
    “Why Can’t We
    Be Friends” by
    most ironically
    an Old Rock
    and Roll Band named
    War.. Well.. STiLL Short answer for
    that is Humans are Dogs and Cats
    and while it is a challenge for Dogs and
    Cats to get along and even give and share
    with other stuff like affection as even Mother
    Cats will do raising Ducklings as their own
    it’s true.. the closer we get to each other
    no matter what the differences are
    we tend to eventually break
    down the differences
    and just become
    far away
    and distant
    these days too..
    and some folks say the
    UniVerse doesn’t care not fully
    realizing we are the UniVerse and we
    as Human Beings when living Healthy now
    in Balance in a MoVinG CoNNecTinG CreATiViTy
    oF LiFE Naturally are driven to lift each other up simply
    ’cause it feels good to do so.. as how it healthily Naturally WiLL..
    but it’s true a Technological World distances us from flesh and blood
    but it’s true a Technological World makes no distance space or time
    two people
    who are strangers
    do meet now.. and this
    gives us the wax on and wax off
    practice we can and will muse to
    be better friends to the folks in the
    flesh and blood World Too.. hAha as long
    as we stop off long enough to See a Connecting Love SonG NoW..
    we Humans really are evolved to be friEnds unconditionally with Love..
    And truly
    it is who we are
    today with so many
    advantages given by all
    those Ancestor Friends too..
    too.. but
    just heAR
    Friends do too.
    And finAlly.. i say.. Hellooove Himali.. thanks for just
    the Muse i desire today for why we can and will
    be friEnds more..
    even now
    cats and
    ducklings too..:)

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    • Thanks for your empathy and your patient reading, Prajakta. I am so glad you could connect with this. I wish you also find such amazing friends in your journey. And hey, I am just an email away anytime you feel like speaking to me πŸ™‚ Hugs


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