When you feel daunted by Life


When you feel daunted by life,
When your feet begin to tremble,
When your faith begins to doubt . . .

When you feel you are not enough,
When you do not get love in return for love,
When you feel exhausted by the toil,
When the climb uphill seems too hard,
When all you feel is emptiness and grief,
When all you wish for is magic . . .

Walk up to the mirror & breathe,
Look at the person looking back at you,
Make some silly faces & smile,
Blow a kiss & some winks . . .

Put your hand on your heart & whisper,

“I love you – infinity raised to infinity,
I will do everything in the world for your smile,
And I will do all it takes to make you proud”

Himali Shah

42 thoughts on “When you feel daunted by Life

  1. Wow.. just Wow.. i Love
    this and by the way Helloove
    Himali for as far as Decoding
    Happiness.. the Voice of God is no
    further than the Voice of Love within
    that and who literally means Loving the
    you that is me who is God in ALL Beyond Infinity
    for Infinity References Distance Space and Time
    wHeRe this Loving
    Self now within you
    eternAlly within the
    SPiRiT NoW..aLIVE…
    So.. Sadly lies spoon fed
    to many people from Birth
    Suggest this God as Love
    Living within is somehow
    separate from us
    be found
    after Death or
    in another Lover
    or another Entity so
    far away in a real illusion
    of infinity lost now in distance
    space and time so far away from
    me you all now who are free forever
    Loving God that is me and you now as
    Children of Parents and God the sAMe..
    this Loving Smile within as Beyond Infinity
    Eternally Now is thE Light i see uPon Himali’s
    Face as A Selfie of God becomes reality now hand
    Beyond infinity as Love over and Beyond Infinity as
    God heArt
    Voice WithiN
    No Words Required
    alWays OverFloWinG NoW
    With only Give and Share.. too..
    PS.. i Feel and Sense this is the
    GreaTest thing you ever wrote however
    NoW i WiLL never say it is the best thing you
    wrote forever now for that is only for you to decide within..
    Your WiLL
    am i
    to tell
    God what
    God’s Will is
    beyond my voice within..
    for it would be rather boring/lonely if God only sees with one set of eyes
    or one
    of dArk
    or liGht
    A next big bang
    Comes as Beyond Rainbow Colors more of God eYes to See even More..:)

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  2. Oh yeah2 and if the
    CPA and Accounting
    Gig doesn’t work
    out i really
    do suggest
    Indian Super Model
    next for now it seems
    you have the right stuff for
    that too
    and i’m
    one cannot
    even copyright
    thE LiGHT WitHiN..:)

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  3. You are amazing, Himali! Absolutely amazing. Yes, we need to remember that we are in charge of our happiness. No other person and no other circumstances but we ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves and your affirmation is most touching!


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