Perks of Dating a Geek


On one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned about my Purpose in blogging” – To have a collection of my write ups. Some months back, I had written my first answer on Quora on the question – Perks of Dating a Geek. Adding the same here to have it on my blog :

Perks of dating me :

  1. I would write you poems and long long letters when I am elated, sad, upset, happy (basically ALL THE TIME)

  2. My gifts are thoughtful – handmade cards, paintings, ‘Open When Letters’

  3. I’d love to pamper you with surprise gifts that are on your wish list (remember you mentioned about changing you wallet a month back ?

  4. I don’t follow sports AT ALL, but if you tell me your favorite team or player; I am going to stalk them like crazy

  5. I am a big time low maintenance person. I don’t need those expensive perfumes or bags. You buy me an ice cream and I’d love you

  6. You can get busy with your work or studies even when I am free and want to talk to you. I don’t mind. What did I buy my kindle for ? Waiiittttt.. I got such a long “TO READ” and “TOO READ” list 😀


  7. My handwriting is neat and my writing is elegant. I write in beautiful calligraphy font  with fountain pens & kittos. I duN tyPe wiD th0se giRly typ0s 😛


  8. I love correct usage of grammar so you can surely get my help to proof read your resumes, your essays and even write them for you

  9. When we go out and some guy tries to hit on me, I am so clumsy; he’s sure to run away

  10. When you are upset, I will tell you about Johari window and Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation 😀 Sure they will be heavy to digest but will make you forget your worries for a while


  11. I am going to apply theories of Operations management like Objective function – Maximize “WE” time ; Subject to constraints x x x

  12. I can file your tax returns and also help you with savings and investments and tax planning $$

  13. You can google my name and find my pictures & interview in the newspaper when I had an All India Rank for my CA Finals. I can also be famous 🙂

  14. I don’t use either an eyeliner, mascara or a lipstick. Your white shirts will always be pristine

  15. We need not go to fancy restaurants for a date. I cook really well and when I get lazy, I know you love maggi too

  16. I would never complain to you how untidy your room is, because hey ! Mine is even worse 😉

  17. You can borrow my pens (I own blue, black, red); highlighters (yellow, orange, pink, blue, green). I never run out of stationary

  18. When we are bored, we can play cross and zero on my palm and I can beat you at it 😀

  19. I learn what you do – so you can cry about how your FE simulation of the automotive locking system is progressing too slow and I am going to google about it ALL NIGHT

  20. Movie ? I love watching them at home on laptop with popcorn and coke. Comfy, right ?

  21. I remember lyrics of songs really well. So anytime in midst of a conversation you can see me writing lines for you

  22. I do tons of RESEARCH. You will get to read some amusing, interesting and useful stuff I research on

  23. Shopping ? Entrust me with your wish list and I will find you the best deals across the globe and will even manage all the price alerts and international shipping arrangements for you

  24. I am super attentive when you talk to me about your interests. I do remember the exact tea spoons of sugar in your coffee, your favorite tee shirt and a lot more

  25. Our future kids have a name already thought of by me – 3 names okayyy ! So you have choices 😉

  26. We will read books together, cook together, and do so much more together. I am a fighter and don’t give up on people I love, too easily. We’ll be – Always 

  27. I will surprise you by sending you a random text amidst a busy day, a gift without any occasion, special lunch – just because and calls just to listen to your ‘hi’.

    I stop at 27 as that’s my lucky number (my b’day) 🙂

    BONUS : I may  WILL write a book someday SOON, so the world will know some of our stories


31 thoughts on “Perks of Dating a Geek

    • Hey, Prat 🙂 I was just waiting for your comment. Actually this list of mine is inspired by something similar on your blog. Some days back I did a crazy search on The Other Direction to find the piece which inspired this and checked so many old posts of yours, but couldn’t find that. (You can check your stats by country 😉 ) Is that taken off ?? It was something about reasons to date a writer or something. Can’t recollect exactly. Had read it may be 2 years ago :p Anyways, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  2. This is great stuff! It’s so inspiring to know that there are girls out there like you who ACTUALLY have something to offer instead of just a pretty face. I need to find a geek to date ASAP!


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