An Open Letter to Santa this Christmas Season . . .

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Dear Santa,

I know they might call me silly, but I know you exist. I have always believed in magic and hence I do STILL believe in you. I wrote this letter to you, 2 years back; but somehow just hid it in the rustiest corner of my closet. Today, I take the courage to write this letter to you openly, without any fear of being judged.

Dear Santa, I’m perfectly imperfect. I’m cranky at times. At times I’m sweeter than sugar. I fight sometimes. The other times I love everyone with all my heart. Thank you for blessing me with the most amazing friends and family I can ask for. They love me beyond words can describe. Yet, amidst all this love, I’m still incomplete. I feel this sense of incompleteness when I see beautiful lovely couples around me with love for one another in their eyes.

Dear Santa, this Christmas, I want someone. I want someone who would hold my hand while I cross the road. Who would give me his hankie to wipe my wet hands after lunch. Who would stay awake to watch me sleep. I want someone whose cheeks would be wet with tears when I cry on his shoulder. Who would think I look the most beautiful on days I look the worst. I want someone who can read my eyes. Who can see the sorrow and pain behind my masked smile. I want someone who would understand my craziest dreams and push me towards them. Someone whose hugs would sweep away my feet from the ground and make me feel in heaven. The one who watches me from the corner of his eyes when I read my favorite novel. Someone who would understand what “Always” signifies. I want someone who surprises me with his jits and wits. Someone who nurtures my creative soul and passion for art. Someone who finds solace In my words and peace in my lap.


Give me someone who understands the core of my soul. Someone who touches the strings of my heart and plays beautiful melodies with them. Someone who understands the lyrics behind the music and dedicates them to me. I want someone with whom I can talk endlessly for hours in spite of having no topic to talk upon. Someone who sees my family and friends as his own. Someone who takes me for movies only to hold my hand for 3 whole hours. Someone who would pretend to read my palm just to hold me and admire my curious face. I want someone who cares for me like his most valuable treasure. Someone who would not encroach upon my space yet would me sweetly jealous at times.  I want some one who not only just believes me, but someone who believes IN ME. The one who would share his deepest and wildest dreams, ambitions and bucket list in life. Someone who would help me when I cook and someone who would have turns to do the dishes. I want someone to indulge me with chocolates and evening strolls and bear with my temper tantrums when I PMS. Someone who would run to buy me medicines at 3 am when I’m sick. Someone who would write me lovely notes to let me know I’m loved. I want someone who loves to read and would watch chick flicks with me at times. Someone who would buy me candyfloss in a fair. Someone who would hold my hand and squeeze it tight to reassure me when I’m scared. Someone who’d take me for drives and eat with me my favorite snack by the roadside. Someone who respects me as a fellow human being, as a daughter and as a friend. Who would come close to smell my shampooed hair. Who recognizes me by my fragrance. Someone who’d walk bare footed on the wet beach holding my hands and build castles in the sand with me. I want someone who’d lie down beneath the sky and count stars with me. Someone who kisses both my dimple as well as my pimples when I get them.

Dear Santa, I know you’re reading this letter. Send him soon, okay ? Merry Christmas in advance 🙂


9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Santa this Christmas Season . . .

  1. Dear Himali,

    I appreciate your being honest and specific in your request. The devil is in the details, or so they say. I felt it necessary to say that, you didn’t leave me a whole lot of time to find this perfectly imperfect man for you. Are you aware of the date? It’s December 1st, dear… my elves will be working overtime for this gift…have you seen the material we have to work with these days? The overtime pay alone is going to be sky high…but, you have been a good girl and I do have rules to go by. Are you sure an arrogant, know it all imbecile won’t do? They’re a dime a dozen these days… Ok then, Himali. I’m going to do my best to get him there by Christmas but…twenty four days is not a lot of wiggle room. I’ll get my head elf, Luci, right on it. Make sure you leave me a poem and I’m thinking a nice special meal instead of milk and cookies…I can only eat so much of those in one night…

    – Santa Claus

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  2. A Christmas Story E-Specially DeSigned For Himali By Her USA FL FRiEnD Fred


    “The Farthest Star”

    ” I want someone who cares for me like his most valuable treasure”

    SMiLes.. if not mistaken
    this is about as much
    as most
    Receive in
    Marriage with Winks
    Off the Santa Claus List..
    And as i Joke with the Folks
    Who Wrap Presents in the Mall
    For Free Please
    Grant my
    As she
    just might
    want to send
    the Whole Package
    of me back to Santa Claus..
    But surely i’ve seen ‘This Guy’ and
    Before i forget the best thing of all is you
    Still Believe in Santa Claus and MaGiC for
    iT’s True Harry Potter is Real and Science Proves
    the Placebo Impact of Believing is much greater than
    the Reality of the Nocebo Impact of Real Human Voodo as
    Per Action
    and Consequence
    Simply that Believing with
    Positive Emotion attached to
    Words as Song Leads one to Positive Actions as Dance
    And Voila.. Karma.. Comes As Positive Consequence
    And the Perfect Mate Arrives at your Door Step uP all
    Wrapped Up in Beyond Rainbow Colorful Wrapping
    Paper that Spells
    All Love only
    is he’s a
    ‘Stepford Husband’
    With A Dark Side that
    would rather better be
    Exposed at the Beginning..
    but anyway.. he does exist.. now
    yes.. the other Guy.. i’ve seen him
    in Bollywood Movies and yes even
    the Actor.. his name doesn’t come
    to mind but yes.. even the Actor is
    A Very Kind and Open Hearted Man..
    In Fact.. He Supports LBQT Rights in India
    that as i understand may not always be the rule..
    i must say until i Reached about your age i never felt
    a day complete.. but it’s kinda strange soon after in my
    27th Year.. i felt complete.. i felt whole.. i felt i needed no one
    then but the Love i Felt within me ready with smiles open to give
    to everyone around me.. i quit looking and a few months later
    me telling
    me i was one in
    A Million and she
    just wanted some of
    my Happiness to Live in her..
    Sadly.. my Friend she was only 19
    And didn’t have the time yet to find
    Complete in herself.. and I’m not sure
    she’s ever fully had the opportunity to do so..
    As Truthfully she’s given her whole life to take
    care of me.. even in Hell for 66 months like any
    Wonder Woman of Love Will Do to Keep the Honor
    And Loyalty and Integrity of a Religious Vow.. smiles
    it’s a
    good thing
    she went to
    Church and Exercised
    A Religion of Love.. YeS iN
    the Hard times too.. Perhaps
    MaGiC WiLL come to you as you Wish uPon A BollyWood Star
    With More Winks But Perhaps Santa has other plans for you to Feel
    complete first.. might only take a few months and
    then ‘The Present’
    is you
    and the
    is the
    Icing on the
    Wedding Cake of you too..
    Of course i can’t tell you how to do it
    For that my Friend is the True Magic..
    As the Mysteries of Life continue to unfold..
    And oh..
    Oh Yeah..
    Hellooove Himali..
    Keep Believing in Santa
    For it’s True as even Science
    Shows if you Do.. it won’t matter
    if you ever meet Santa in the Flesh for Santa
    Will be the Letter that Makes your Dreams Come True..
    sure.. The
    might be
    a little
    than what the
    Letter asks for
    as sure.. they Might Be Much Better
    And that is the Best thing now Still
    About Real
    ‘He’ Often
    Surprises all of us and no matter if
    he is up on the North Pole or Visiting
    ‘The Farthest Star’ we can imagine He
    And Mrs. Santa live together within us
    As Real as ever now With Gifts we never
    Even imagined.. It’s True.. Santa Works in Mysterious ways..
    And A Best thing oF aLL is i thinK he enJoys His/Her Job the Most..;)


  3. Hey Himali, Namaste 🙂

    I hope you receive all that you want this Christmas time. May it be everything you desire, else everything you need to keep you always happy, deliriously dimply and perpetually pimply, always smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

    Sweet dreams for when you get to Zzzzz. Maybe see you in the dreamtime, or shall we book a flight at dawn? 😉

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


    ~ Dear Santa ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    Soft furry paws cease their pause turning to hasten with sway
    With swagger to wander an icy dicey path your way
    To where I sit beside you atop a windswept peak
    Gazing outwards upon humbling mystique:
    Dimples and pimples Himalayan chic:
    Polished as a precious jewel exquisite unique…
    High up here is where mere mortals fear to tread, and yet here
    Threads a Snow Leopard big cat instead: one elegant with a gentle soft purr.
    One sitting pretty without woe or care, whose loving eyes tenderly stare
    Upon snow and ice: never-ending paradise where Eagle majestically flies
    Crystal clean skies high above inspired dreams: our prayers given faith to rise.
    She sighs next to me: her purring perfect melody fits mine so fine I’m flying.
    Shifting drifting lazily lifting I ease to press tight against her side,
    Provide warmth and Love to hold and bind her, and in the darkness always find her
    To guide her back to the one she Loves: who loves black feathered Turtle Dove
    Who idolises and adores her aerated ways: on days she displays passion else muses a frown – her smile temporarily upside down.
    Tis only the way sweet Himali flows, the totality of her Himalayan rose: whilst writing ‘Dear Santa’ wishing for a Cat,
    Perhaps a loving Leopard with furry toes, to visit her highest peak where nobody else goes.
    So here we sit delightfully dreaming, melting in the vision warming: volcanos bubbling with inner fire.
    Flagrant pyre of pleasure, the vast open plane, the thumping beat of my heart again and again
    Loudly upon my heart’s chamber door much like it did once before, and every moment in-between
    When I sit with you here gazing on this dream: a vision so inspirationally perfect it can only be true,
    The Snow Leopard who warms who bonds like glue: he Loves you always as might a Red Knight.
    Or a loyal Red Kite: with Romance and Love everlasting: polarised by your Indomitable Fire.
    I am a Big Cat of the Ice and Snow:
    Seldom scene as I come and go
    Else tramping here and there. I am
    Shimmer in the diamond snow,
    Crystal vapour upon frigid air,
    I am the Leopard who sits by you now,
    In the perfume of raven hair,
    Who sits breathing in the night.
    Sharing in one Love, one so fair.
    As to bring Love into the lives of two,
    Should ever they ever dare 😉


    I hope you have a wonderful evening. Take care up there on the top of the world drunk on drafts of nature’s coolest reverie.

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂



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