A letter to my niece – Niva

Dear Niva,

Hello my little angel, how are you ? I know you can’t read as of yet, someday when you grow up; I wish you find and read this letter.


Little princess, your journey which began in Zambia; has already taken you to 3 countries and 2 continents even before you were born – Lusaka – Zambia, Dubai – United Arab Emirates and Ahmedabad – India. I know like your mommy and daddy you too will have a wanderlust for foreign lands and distant places. These countries are just the first few of the many you’re about to set your feet on in this journey of your life.

Do you know where we first met ? We met near the Dubai airport and we’ve been together to The Beach, JBR and The Dubai Mall watching the colorful fishes at The Dubai Aquarium and doing some super cool shopping for you. I know you loved The Beach and you did want to shop the entire Dubai Mall – just like your Mommy and I. When you grow up, we will go shopping the town – from Sephora to Hamleys.


You’ve arrived as Santa’s most precious gift to not just your mommy and daddy, but to the extended family at both ends and all of their friends. Your smile is like the sunshine bringing warmth in our lives. Every time I look at a picture of you, I am awed. You carry your mommy’s innocent cuteness and daddy adventurous spirit. You are their creation, their legacy, their child who they love more than anything else in this world. You’re the beautiful fruit of their tree of love.

Dear baby girl, I haven’t seen you in person yet and held you in my arms; but I know when that will happen, you will recognise me. I so wish that while you grow up, we are close to one another – just like your mommy and I, and I become your secret keeper aunt with whom you share all your naughty mischief.

Your mommy and I met nearly 11 years ago – in 2007 and she has been my best friend right from the minute I first saw her. Even before we talked, I knew that this girl is my friend for life and voila, that feeling was mutual. We have shared countless smiles, laughter, tears, happy and sad moments, nervousness, jitters, butterflies in our tummy moments, mischief and endless secrets. Every time we meet or talk over the phone, no matter how long we talk; time always seems to run out as we had so much to share with one another. Right from doing ball dance in office and being caught red handed to never completing our classwork as we’ve been so busy talking – we have been the trouble makers. I know you also carry that spirit in your soul. Your mommy and I will be your biggest supporters and secret keepers 😉

Your mommy is so so so beautiful and someone whose dressing and make up sense I so adore that it makes my jaw drop every time I see her. You are her reflection and I know that your beauty is not just external – you have her beautiful soul. You’re gorgeous – inside out ❤


Your daddy is a daredevil and adventure lover. He loves to travel and thrives for the adrenaline rush. When you learn to walk holding his finger, you’re going to explore the world with his adventures.

Your grand parents are the epitome of love, kindness, humbleness and simplicity. They are one of the warmest people I have known and they have always treated me the way they treat your mom – like their own daughter. You are to listen to so many bed time stories from them, spend summer vacations and play games with them.

Your uncle Mohil’s creative genes flow into you. You embody his creative passion and talent and will make your mark in this world with your creativity. I also know that you’re going to speak with that cute accent, just like your uncle Mohil.

Someday when I have kids, I wish with all my heart that you and her/him are also best friends just like your mom and I. I wish we go for family vacations together to places magical and marvelous. Then, when you come and curl up in my lap after a fun playful day, I will read Harry Potter and Panchtantra to you. I will tell you of the adventures your mommy and I survived. We 3 will sing karaokes and both of us will learn make up from your mommy – I am still her fan and student. I am so sure that you’re going to be the girl with the most beautiful wardrobe.

Each day is a marvel for you and you’re learning so much from everyone around you. Your parents are one the the most lovable couples I know. They share so much love for each other and a zeal for life beyond words can describe. Under their loving care, you will grow up to be the most loving, humble and kind human being.

I want you to be fearless and raise your voice against any injustice you encounter to you or to any living being. To be brave and strong and take up every challenge life throws at you and turn them into opportunities. To work hard and smart and use the gift of your education to change the world for the better. To learn to give and share, empathize and love unconditionally.

There is so much I wish to tell you and write to you. But above all, I wish to meet you and see your smile in person. At the first opportunity I find, I am sure to  spend my holidays with you.

Himali Masi ❤


7 thoughts on “A letter to my niece – Niva

  1. A Child’s Hope
    Our Hope Love..
    WitH A SMiLe
    BeYoNd iNFiNiTY
    aS UNConDiTioNaL LoVE
    Need To KNoW..
    For NoW aS ReaL..
    AnYWaY aS Usual
    Hellooove HiMaLi
    From Your Current
    Work Place
    in the
    Love Lives
    iN eYes oF
    A Child Born as LoVE..
    Or Reborn aS ofTen HaPPeNs
    Later iN Life iF A ‘World’ Takes tHat Love away….


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