The Happyness Project – April 20, 2018

Little moments in our mundane days make our day a happy day. When my life was engulfed with a lot of chaos a couple of months back, I practiced gratitude, a habit of seeking ‘happyness’ in the little things in life and acknowledging the people behind the happy moments. It got solace to my restless soul and happyness to my heart. Once again, I continue on THP, wherein I list down at least 5 things/ people/ incidents which made my day a “Happy” day which I call “The Happyness Project (THP)”


Today was a happy day, because :

    • I woke up at 7 AM on a weekend, which helped me have a productive day. Always a bliss to wake up early and make the best if the day rather than lazing in the bed.

    • The weekend morning began with a call to my parents which made their as well as my day brighter.

    • Seldom we thank ourselves for taking care of our own self. I want to thank myself for doing things that nurtured my soul – writing on my blog, sipping green tea, having proper breakfast and lunch, indulging myself with face and hair mask and a long shower. All love in the world begins with one’s own self ❤

    • An hour of evening stroll around my favorite seaside side spot followed by some quiet time at the temple.

    • Everyone who stopped by to read my blogs today and showered upon me love with feedback and comments – thank you for the big smile you’ve got over my face today 🙂




15 thoughts on “The Happyness Project – April 20, 2018

  1. Thank you for sharing your happy moments Himali. It lightens up my heart after hearing that it was my last day at my job yesterday. But still, I keep on keepin’ on. 😉 If one door closes, another one opens. I believe in that. Thanks again.


      • Hello Himali. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your thoughts. How sweet of you! Thank you so much.
        I haven’t been so much on WordPress. So much going on in life that I needed to attend to. Again, thank you so much. Hugs 🙂 – Niirmala


  2. I love reading your THP!

    Here’s my five then, if I may.

    Everyone I know and love at present is still alive, which is a huge deal.

    I helped one of my students gain confidence today.

    I’ll have a few extra hours in May, which was exactly what I wanted.

    An acquaintance I’d been neglecting is still talking to me.

    Bought healthy foods.


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