The Happyness Project – April 19, 2018

Little moments in our mundane days make our day a happy day. When my life was engulfed with a lot of chaos a couple of months back, I practiced gratitude, a habit of seeking ‘happyness’ in the little things in life and acknowledging the people behind the happy moments. It got solace to my restless soul and happyness to my heart. Once again, I continue on THP, wherein I list down at least 5 things/ people/ incidents which made my day a “Happy” day which I call “The Happyness Project (THP)”


Today was a happy day, because :

    • My dad sent me a beautiful video of a spiritual song on WhatsApp, and generally; I am not a fan of downloading videos but I am so glad I did, as it was such a perfect song to bring peace to my heart. God is the only constant companion we have in our lives who never fails us and who’d never leave our side. The lyrics of the song were soothing to listen to. I think God found me at the right time to comfort me and take me in his embrace when I needed it the most

    • My friend Luca, from sunny Poland, sent me a generous appreciation over an email I sent to him. It reminded me that friendships are not confined by barriers of language, borders and time.

    • As always, work days before the weekend are super busy. I had so much on my plate to do in the afternoon, that it felt overwhelming. Amidst the busy day, I went to collect some documents a block away from my office and Jazz and I struck a conversation and found ourselves laughing at a very silly thing till our tummy hurt and my eyes watered. Little moments of laughter amidst days so blue are a manna from heaven ❤

    • I finally got the hiking bag I wanted to buy since years – not just that, it was a gift to me on a very special day and we could order it just the right time when it was on a sale. A big big thank you to my dearest friend for this amazing long due birthday gift.

    • Jala, thank you so much for sharing your life stories with me, listening to my grief and making me smile again. You are my rock!



14 thoughts on “The Happyness Project – April 19, 2018

  1. We Human Beings Are Surely A Special Breed
    For We have the Ability to Co-Create our reaLiTY
    And of course this comes with the Caveat that we may
    Also Co-Create a Reality ranging from dARk to LiGHT too
    so Yes to Establish an Art of maKing all Details and Bigger Picture
    Views of Life Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning
    And Purpose is a Light of Life
    We make and plus
    when we tolerate
    and accept
    of others
    and things
    and places we
    might otherwise see DArK
    they too light up and become
    More Holy and Sacred too with
    LiGHT More than DArK Purpose oF LiFENoW
    As Keys are Our iMaGiNaTioN and CREaTiViTY
    as We Move and Connect and co-Create with others
    too.. for this is a Muscle now not unlike Biceps that may
    be Exercised from First to Last BLink of Life to Become
    Stronger and Stronger in Love without Fear as Virtual
    Angel Wings Spring.. but of course this is ‘Decoding
    Happyness’ and this is A ‘Happyness Project’ too for those
    of Us who now have stayed our Days in the DarK Months and
    thE LiGHT Days Find a Way of LiFE that Works for Us and Practice
    It As A Way of Life that continues to work For A Sacred Unconditional
    Fearless Love That becomes Incarnate Us As A Work of Art.. WeLL.. anYWay
    Helloove Himali.. i am Surely Glad to See YouR Life LiGHT Shine today.. For what
    i’ve noticed is those who Practice this Way of LiFE Smile they Just SMiLE at LiFE
    And Say
    It’s Fabulous
    to: JusT Exist..:)

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