From Mundane Evenings to Unplanned Adventures

Unplanned Trips

An unplanned visit to an Egyptian themed mall clubbed with a long drive in a convertible car when the weather is just so pleasant and the wind loves messing up your hair while you drive at 100+ speed, admiring the skyline of the city lit up with night lights – was the highlight of my last week. The interiors of the Wafi Mall were so well themed with pyramids and sculptures that it felt being transported to another era.

By a pure stroke of fate, as we ran into the food court to grab a bite, we got to witness the last of the day 9:30 PM light & sound show which was a spectacular treat. The unwinding of the visit was another story – Lost in the Lot 😛 We failed to locate our car in the parking lot – Our Car was LOST 😀 After walking 3 rounds back and forth trying to remember the entrance we first entered into, we located our car and drove back home, again with the open roof and the windy evening cajoling our laughter.

A lot of life is spontaneous than being meticulously planned. Being lost is also fun. What is life but ONE GRAND ADVENTURE! 🙂

A picture is worth a thousand words 


13 thoughts on “From Mundane Evenings to Unplanned Adventures

  1. Well.. what a Wonderful Surprise one not just one not just two
    but Three Pieces of Art in Writing and Photos by Himali
    in just two days.. it’s true i can Feel and Sense Himali’s
    FLoWeR Blooming again but i must
    Admit i looked ahead at
    Your Third Art Practice
    of Life as i can
    and will just
    See Himali
    Driving 100 MPH
    in her Car With Her
    Hair Following in the
    Wind oF LoVinG LiFE as is
    And of course the Beauty of
    Egyptian Art in a Mall is inspiring
    in itself as while Stress can and will
    be Cumulative as so can and will the Art
    of Life Be when it comes to Flourish in
    Eyes and Ears that and who Love Life
    as Truly A FLoWeRinG oF LiFE that
    Blooms after every stint of Wilt too
    my FriEnd for it’s True without
    the Wilt FLoWeRS are not
    Nearly as Beautiful
    as they Come
    to be
    NoW iN Struggle for
    Life in Appreciation
    as all of Life BRinGS
    More Color to God as
    ReaLiTY NoW mY FRiEnD
    As A Team from DaRK to LiGHT
    That Reaches Up to the Star Dust Plus
    Sentient Star Plus us iN aLL oF Existence that
    Moves As Electrons Around A Nucleus of LiFe
    Resurrecting as the Iron in our Blood and at Core
    oF EartH comes from Super Nova Explosions as
    Star Death Fire Crucible Birth at Core as we come
    Now to Life as Art and Science of Sunshine More SMiLES..:)

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