Not to FIND, But be FOUND

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June 2007 – It was my first day at a coaching institute when I walked down the stairs after writing a test. I was engrossed in my own world when I met a girl for the first time and started discussing with her some of the test questions. That day, I wasn’t ‘looking’ to make a friend, but in retrospect; I made a friend for life.

June 2009 – It was the 2nd day of our college orientation program and I was enjoying interactions with our guest faculty for the day as he quizzed the class on various questions. Two batchmates met me in the college parking lot to offer me notes and we became friends. Another batchmate and I struck a conversation the next day over something random and the rest is history.

March 2010 – I was getting bogged down with some differential calculus problems in the library lunch room and I randomly asked 2 guys I presumed from some conversation they were making to be from an engineering background to help me with maths and all of us studied over the next few months as a group, snacking and chatting from midnight to early morning and I passed one of the most difficult exams of my life.

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Then life happened. I started ‘looking’, chasing and pursuing people, jobs, things, goals. A lot of my effort was concentrated on the end result or the outcome. Rejections, failures, heartbreaks, and disappointments followed. Yet, I would never stop the pursuit. Like a hamster on a wheel, I followed. However, I would not truly FIND what EXACTLY I was looking for.

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Then at times, just randomly – when I had long forgotten about what I was chasing, IT WOULD BEAUTIFULLY FIND ITS WAY IN MY LIFE.

After a lot of contemplation, I could figure out that the most beautiful things and people who have been a part of my life have walked in just naturally into my life. I wasn’t desperate or anxiously looking for them. My desires found me – effortlessly.

While I would be restlessly waiting for a recruiter to call me back or a friend to text me, it JUST WOULD NOT HAPPEN. And then while I was absorbed and swamped into things that kept me happy and busy, out of the blue, I would get a text or a call.

I had always wanted to learn Reiki for years and then in 2015, one evening I was walking back home from my office and I saw a Reiki Instructers placard following which I completed training with her for 2 levels. I mentioned to her that I had been wanting to learn this for years and then suddenly I saw that placard which led me to her. I had been walking past that advertisement for over a year every single day but it never caught my attention until that day. And she told me that “You don’t find the master, the master finds you when you are ready”.

In my subconscious, I had always wanted to find a mentor. But that’s the thing about mentors, you don’t get to choose them. THEY CHOOSE YOU. So, I never really made any concrete efforts to find one. And then when I moved from Mumbai as a newbie to this city, I met two seniors in the same profession as I am and two years down the line, I can discuss issues with work, career goals and anything under the sun with them.

Since our early childhood, we are taught the quality of being resilient and tirelessly pursuing – because nothing comes easy and that struggle is an integral part of life. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been drawn to spirituality. And that too is another bizarre story. Normally, while commuting to work, I would be listening to some music on my earphones and would rarely speak to the person next to me (I am a big time introvert :p). That morning I saw a lady almost running to catch the bus I was in and she sat next to me. I took off my earphones for a sec and smiled at her and told her to catch her breath with peace. The next thing I know was that we chatted non stop on our hour-long commute, exchanged numbers and she introduced me to Meditation.

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Ever since that day, spirituality walked into my life. I happened to read ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein which again I found just accidentally and practicing Kirtan Kriya meditation by Snatam Kaur. And mind you, I am a person so restless that for me to sit still even for 5 minutes would be an achievement. My friend Jazz introduced me to the concept of the Law of Attraction and I began exploring the LOA through amazing youtube channels. Bit by bit, it deepened my inclination towards God/ Universe/ Faith/ Miracles/ The Supreme Power.

I would like to share the below a list of points I have collected for myself to reflect upon :

  1. Like attracts like.

  2. Your vibe attracts your tribe

  3. State of being v/s state of lack

  4. Things fall into place when we stop ‘looking’ and start ‘seeing’

  5. … That is the only way. NOT TO FIND, BUT BE FOUND

  6. There is looking and there is seeing. When we look for things, we see in them WHAT IS IN US – Reflection of us – lack, fear, doubt, anxiety. When we see things as they are, they find their way into our lives

  7. We do not have to look anymore. WHAT WE ARE SEEKING CAN FIND US.

  8. In every situation, we have two choices. To learn through the teacher of fear or to learn through the teacher of love.

  9. Miracles occur naturally. a) Attachment to the outcome b) Desire to control c) Focus on the lack d) Fear based projections – WE CREATE RESISTANCE TO MIRACLES

  10. When we are truly enjoying what we are doing – the POWER OF OUR PRESENCE, MIRACLES MANIFEST.

  11. The Universe has your back. Once you set a desire, let the Universe take it over and bring to you what is meant for the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL. Fretting and obsessing is the biggest barrier. Enjoy life, be committed to joy and be grateful. Things will find its way to you.

  12. Sometimes, not getting what you want is also a wonderful stroke of luck. Because the Universe has a plan for you, which you may not understand at the moment, but looking back, the dots will wonderfully connect, ALWAYS.

Feel free to share your experiences down in the comments and let me know if any of my points above resonate with you 🙂


26 thoughts on “Not to FIND, But be FOUND

  1. Hellooove Again Himali and
    i’m Glad i found You aGain
    A JeweL
    oF LiGht
    oNLinE NoW..
    SMiLes mY friEnd
    for we are more Essence
    oF UniVerse than the Forms
    We Create that sadly these days
    seem to more often lose our way
    to be
    to the
    of the Essence
    We Are aS UniVerse
    Whole Truly a Fractal
    And a MicroCosm as the
    MacroCosm Whole of all that is
    Namaste as you Dance And Sing
    too.. for the God in you Too that is
    the Whole of all that is.. never separate
    never divided always NoW Within alive inside
    outside above so below and all around the Breath
    oF LiFE
    STaRTinG NoW..
    SMiLes Culture in General
    Is A Mighty Heavy Garment to Shed
    to Go back to Love my FriEnd thE LoVE
    That is thE LigHT oF all that is We Within
    Come Reborn Again in Awareness More
    We Are NoW
    A Touch
    of Love
    is all that is
    sadly so far from
    Reach for Those who
    Have Lost tHeiR way from all that is..
    in other Words my FriEnd that Majority
    oF smART That is Art unleashed and released
    As Art in heART the eARTh we Inherit the Art oF LoVE
    For Love
    Wins as We
    Free LoVE WiTHIN
    Namaste is Love Never
    Needing Even A Word for
    eYes Who See Love without a Chalice..
    The World Will Benefit so much more now
    JusT From Silly Love SonGS Who See NoW As LoVE
    Doors to: oPen..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Helloooooooove Fred,
      I am so so thankful to you for always keeping me in your thoughts and prayers even though I have not been very consistent on my social media and blog. Your art and dance is your awareness that brings this is your source of light which illuminates the lives of all around you, including me. I have missed you, Kat & yellow boy! Hugs and prayers to all of you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • SMiLes Himali and Yes Hellooove And
        Chained in an Active Pay status
        to Work for 33 Years
        i will surely
        to Restrictions
        in Leisure Dates
        to do what one Really
        Loves to Do.. but it Does
        Seem you Take Great Pride
        in Your Accounting Leadership
        Career Always Working Toward
        Excellence in all of what You Do..
        and that reminds me of a Friend
        who just visited with us.. a Child
        Hood Friend who Truly has
        Risen to Highest Pay
        Grade Levels of
        And Humbly
        as his Retirement
        is coming within two
        years now he would really
        Love to Pursue his Love of
        Collecting Pottery more and
        Selling Some of it too and Traveling
        more too.. Truly my FriEnd how Fortunate now over A
        Decade i am to be Truly Re Tired With Never Ending Rubber
        NoW oN mY Wheels oF LoVE For Yes Art and Dance in
        Steps and Words and Photography and All That is
        CoMes iN Life More as Love and Hope in Joy
        Loves Company Now for Real but sTill mY
        FriEnd i WiLL never forget what it was
        like to do the seemingly
        Never ending Wash
        And Rinse
        And Dry
        Cycle of 9 to 5
        or so Life 5 days a Week
        with truly just enough space
        on the Weekends to get ready
        to do the Wash and Rinse and
        Dry Cycle that becomes Blurred
        as Work then too.. i’m so Very Happy
        You are actuAlly able to Use Your College
        Degree and Excel as you continue to do.. so
        Many People are without much Meaning and
        Purpose in Life so far away from an Art of LoVE
        That is Life that Makes all Holy and Sacred NoW.. A Place to Be..
        i am.. Yes A Place we Make LoVinG All of Life Holy and Sacred Worthy
        iN Namaste
        As God
        So yes
        See Later
        Himali aLWays
        A Pleasure it is
        to have a FriEnd Like You in LiFE..:)

        Liked by 1 person

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