May you have a heart that never hardens

My prayer for today inspired by the below quote by Charles Dickens:

“May you have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.”

May you be happy as a child,
Despite the curveballs,
Life throws your way…

May you never fail to notice,
Happiness, joy, and wonder,
In things ordinary and mundane…

May your faith never shiver or dwindle,
Although the world around you,
Crumples into an ugly field…

May you have a heart that never hardens,
Even if rejections and failures,
Engulf your dreams into a nightmare…

May you have a heart that loves,
Sans expectations with purity,
Irrespective of the outcome…

May you always be childlike,
Loving, trusting and innocent…

May you always know,
He has your back,
His plans are better than yours,
And that you are His child,
Always and forever…


Photo courtesy: PurpleTrail

After a long time, I could write a poem/prayer with just an inspired moment. When we come to this earth as a little child, our heart is happy, pure, innocent, soft and without a worry. It is the worldly events and negativity around us which brings us down and our natural state of happiness begins to decline as our hearts harden with bitterness and faith gets replaced by doubt.

I witnessed something similar happen to me over the last few days. Due to the past defeats, failures, and rejections, I had witnessed, my faith was wrecked. I self-doubted and my excitement was replaced by worry and anxiety. My fear of failure overpowered me to a large extent and I did not want to take certain actions just because I was too worried that I would fail. When I expressed my concerns, doubts and thoughts to a friend, I was just told one thing:

“The Himali I knew is always positive”

I can’t express the exact emotions that run through me when I read that and it took a couple of hours for me to let that thought sink through me fully. I am still quite unsure if I have been able to clear all my mental blocks and be that Himali once again, hence I pray to the Universe today that May I have a heart that never hardens.


28 thoughts on “May you have a heart that never hardens

  1. Don’t worry, Himali, all of us run into periods of self-doubt. You don’t need to instantly run from your negative feelings: but rather try to understand what they’re telling you. We’ve evolved to feel a wide range of emotions because they helped our ancestors survive, and they can do the same for us – as long as we don’t become prisoners to our feelings.

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  2. iN CoMiNG Conclusion Soon Enough
    Heloooove Himali three times now
    And as Katrina
    Instructs me
    i will be taking
    her to her Sister’s
    Farm in the Northern
    Part of the County so
    she will get to Pick Peas
    (i’ll be taking the photos)
    as True she would rather
    do the Labor in this intense
    Florida Heat for she says
    the Peas taste better
    when you actually
    Do the Work
    to Pick
    in over 100 Degrees
    or even more in record
    Heat Index these Days of
    Fiery Global Climate Change now
    True i’ll take the Bigger Hurricanes
    Over Bigger Fires in LA Area California
    VS.. LA Lower Alabama Panhandle of Florida
    Farms.. where it stays Moist enough in Heat
    to at least not literally burn up here my friEnd
    Anyway.. “Field of Dreams”.. if you haven’t seen the
    Movie with Kevin Costner who also played the Recent
    Superman Dad.. it truly is a must See and even Do for the
    LesSon that will coMe as Truly A Human Archetypal one in our
    DNA from all the Struggles of our Ancestors that it is up to us NoW
    to be our own Heroes for this Man’s Dream on a Distant Farm
    was to Build a Base Ball Park where all the Greats of HiStory
    would come to be but truly what he wanted was his Father
    to Be Proud of him as a Man as that is a common conflict
    of Men who are Father’s who never are nourished
    enough with Love to Express that Love to
    their Sons and Even Daughters.. so
    He Builds this Field of Dreams
    and the Lesson is Build
    it and ‘He’ will come
    as his
    Father was
    A Baseball Star
    who was never close
    to him as a Child and my
    friEnd the Father who came
    is the Son who Becomes the Father
    in Divine Masculine Will and Strength
    With a Born On Foundation of Divine Feminine
    Nurturing by all the Mothers who Play that Role
    for us in Modeling and Nurturing a Balancing Grace
    of Life that is Poise in Loving Nature more the Peace
    and Harmony out of Fear the Trust in all that is as God
    For Will
    and Strength
    to Rise enough
    where we become
    the Father and Mother
    and Brother and Sister
    and Friend and most
    importantly keep
    the eYes
    oF A Child
    born on in the
    Naked Freedom in Wonder
    And Amazement of all of what
    God Nature Brings to us within
    in innate instinct and intuition of
    Imagination’s Creativity Set Free in
    Us to Give and Share more with others
    Than Take Away and Hoard True before
    this man could Truly Be a Man he had to become
    the Archetype of the Father the Mother the Brother
    And Sister and Friend yes the Playful Child with eYes
    wHo Dream MaKinG the FruiTioN of Fields of Dreams ReaL as LiFE NoW..
    it’s True we cannot Truly expect someone else to come and save us from our
    Self for it is Better to Save our Selves First and Share an Art of Love then Free
    Without Fear to LiFT as many Folks and the Rest of Nature uP and Leave A MarK
    on this
    is the
    the Love
    the Seed
    And the Tree
    the Love that and
    who Branches out
    the Existence of LoVE ReaL
    LiVeS oN mY FriEnd HiMaLi LoVE LeaFS
    move connect co-create Fertilizing eARTh
    GoD LoVinG
    NaTuRE NoW..:)

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    • Peas plucking sounds like lots of hard work and I guess that’s why the self pluck peas taste so much better! Thank you for sharing your words of love and support and wisdom, I have so much to be grateful for; one of the reasons are friends like you and Katrina. Hugs to Florida 💟💖🌴🌴

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      • SMiLes Himali Peas Plucking also sounds like
        A Tongue Twister that if said three times very
        Fast might come out rather embarrassing too..
        hehe.. but i have an overly Active iMagination
        so not everyone
        will likely
        Forecast That
        Potential Like me
        hAha.. For HuMoR
        For LiGHT HeARTS
        FueLeD by LiGHT SPiRiTS
        Makes For A MiNd and BoDY
        BaLanCinG SouL Now That And
        wHo WiLL gleAM With Happiness NoW..
        So It’s True mY FriEnd i too am sTill Plucking
        Peas Decoding Happiness too.. buT i’LL onLY
        Say it Twice to keep my Halo on at least for now mY FriEnd
        And it is True i am also Very Grateful to Have You as a FriEnd
        too HiMaLi as i Will alSo SinG Twice Tonight Heloooove HiMaLi Again
        i For One


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