Thoughtfulness – It is the little things that matter

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In friendship and all relationships in life, I believe it is the little things that matter – paying attention to little details and treating people with the tenderness we would like to receive, is something which warms my heart.

The tiniest acts of kindness harbor a special place in my heart, and more often; to me the intention or the thoughts counts much more than the actual outcome.

Two days back in morning, I was having a conversation with a friend and I asked if he was free in evening and in town to speak over the call. Within a minute, I got two messages which read:

“I am on a flight headed to Accra. I can call you once I reach there”
“I hope all is well.”

It left me dumbstruck for a moment and I immediately replied that I am doing excellent and it wasn’t anything urgent and that we’ll speak once he’s back in town. Again, I get a prompt reply that it would be Thursday and that he would call me.

Now, many times I have had people whose first reaction would be to ask what the matter is or inform that they are not in town or that they are busy and if I had something important to talk.

So, this thoughtful text from my friend really melted my heart and reinforced into me that thoughtfulness is one of the most important qualities for any relationship to flourish. Compassion, empathy, and generosity occupy a special place in my heart.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-01 at 10.48.26
Source: Shared by a friend on WhatsApp after reading this post

To me, thoughtfulness is:

  • My dad asking what I’ve had for breakfast
  • My friend reminding me every Wednesday evening that it’s your “fasting Thursday” tomorrow so ensure you pack fruits and hope you don’t get boring work at office πŸ˜›
  • Getting as a gift, something I just mentioned in the passing that I wanted to get for myself
  • My brother doing my share of chores when I’m not feeling well
  • Someone who’s had a long, hard day at work stays awake just to listen to my rant
  • A friend waking me up at night to ensure I don’t hit the snooze and study for my exams
  • A friend accompanying me for grocery shopping just to lift my shopping bags and give me company πŸ˜€
  • My boss saying a thank you and appreciating my work
  • “In a meeting, will call back asap” text when my phone/text doesn’t get answered
  • Holding my hand while crossing the road
  • Offering me a handkerchief when I’ve just washed my hands and don’t have tissues around
  • Serving me the bigger piece of the chocolate
  • Sending me videos of stretching exercises when I complain of sore muscles after a run
  • Text/Call me once you reach home – instruction
  • “Good morning” text every morning
  • “You must be tired, sleep now. GN SD” when I start making typos while texting at night πŸ˜›

Thoughtfulness lies in small acts of care and concern. It is how affectionately we choose to treat someone.

I am so thankful for some of the most amazing, kind and loving people in my life. I want to tell you all today that:

Image result for thoughtfulness

As much as we would love to be the recipient of such unselfish thoughtfulness, let us strive to be thoughtful to those around us and bring a smile to their face πŸ™‚ Kindness costs nothing to the giver, but it means so much to the receiver.Β 

“You get more of what you appreciate in life.”



43 thoughts on “Thoughtfulness – It is the little things that matter

  1. hi..himali..
    it reminds me of my best friend who used to give me a miscall every morning just to remind me that she miss me…
    Keep sharing your thought…πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


  2. Hey Himali,

    In fact People who truely cares for you and truely loves you don’t need any appreciation words !!

    From my side ,
    β€œYou will get more and more and you don’t have to appreciate it to get more 😜😜”

    It’ unconditional !! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. SMiLes.. HiMaLi.. yes ya gotta Love all
    The Reciprocal Social Communication
    it’s what Humans Do when well Balanced
    in Flesh and Blood as just another Social
    Animal of God and just to think feel and sense
    Humans Used to Dance and Sing together Nearly
    Every Say in Small
    Villages to bond
    and bind
    in Flesh and Blood
    So much more than we
    commonly see but so nice
    it is that all your Friends and
    you make that Effort together still
    Whole and it seems that other Countries
    and Traditions are much more Traditional
    in the Sense and Feel of Flesh and Blood
    openness to Truly move each other connecting
    and Co-Creating more for even i notice that the
    Folks who have Immigrated here often stick together
    Better as a Village of Friends than Folks so busy away
    from each other and Work they nearly forget to be Human
    anyway my friEnd i cannot and will not even Control what other
    Folks will do in response
    to me but what i continue
    to do as of tonight is Dance
    9666 Miles in 59 Months.. 6 Million
    Words for a Love Letter and Bible now
    to the World in the Similar Span of Dates
    and hehe in addition to Celebrate what is coming
    to be a 1.6 Million Word ‘Facebook Profile Pic Bible 2018’
    all included in the Last 14 Months in the Description areas
    there as i just finished the 2666th Profile Pic in the Same Span
    of time total of 59 Months too.. yes 166K Photos and the Last
    MacroVerse with 29,666 Words as far as the 66th MacroVerse
    of “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” too okay you are an Accountant still
    are you seeing all these 6’s and 9’s and 2’s and 1’s coming together
    yet.. for it’s true the Last MacroVerse now of “Nether Land Bible 2017″
    was also the 169th MacroVerse of that Effort too with all the Blogging
    Effort since 3.10.13 at a total MacroVerse Count of 911 as of that last
    29,666 Word MacroVerse titled GoD sKeYes oF LoVE FReEED” and no
    as 911 might be considered an Emergency i just like Numbers and Patterns
    too.. as that just inspires me to give and share even more now too.. and it’s
    True with many Accolades Entertaining Folks in the Dance Halls each week
    the more Hometown Folks don’t warm up Nearly as much to me Entertaining
    them in Super Walmart as that is a Huge Piece of Pie of all the Mileage so far..
    but every once in a while
    God Sends me an
    Angel for
    a Thank You
    like You and Sohair
    and my Friend Shawna
    and actually a Few Angels
    in Flesh and Blood who are so
    nice to me in the Dance Halls of Life
    but true after making all these Sixes in one Week
    i suppose God said Fred i am gonna send you another
    Special Message by just another one of God’s Angels tonight
    too as a New Woman to the area stopped in the Aisle in what seemed
    a Long Talk on her Smart Phone as i continued to do my NUT Cracker Fred
    Sweet Suite as any 240LB Dude Standing somewhat better yet put dancing
    6 Feet or so plus with Nike Shoe Shoes on in the Wide Middle Aisle of Super Walmart
    as those floors are excellent slick shined for Dance moves every where i move.. anyway
    the Woman Caught up with me before we left and said “i Made her Year” with the Dance
    i did freely for her and everyone else.. she said it lifted her up like nothing else she had
    experienced all year long.. it’s true my friend sometimes the most thoughtful stuff we
    is from
    who both
    Dance and Sing
    Words of Kindness to
    others just for free.. there is
    no act of kindness too small
    no thank you of inconsequence
    and no sMiLE that will not change the
    course of the whole Human Race now
    From Fear and Hate to Hope and Love..
    Keep doing what you are Doing HiMaLi Light the World up..
    true there are some folks who do their best to make me feel
    like a Big Foot Sasquatch outcast down here in Lower Alabama
    LA State of Florida Panhandle too.. but true a Wookiee or a Big Foot i’ll
    do freely
    and happy
    no matter
    if anyone
    joins in now
    on my Big Foot Dance or not..
    Smiles Katrina bought me a Dance
    Shirt with a Big Foot Sasquatch on it
    over the Weekend that says watch out for the
    Locals and then the Imagine Dragons Music
    Group had a Song about a Sasquatch on YouTube Trending that will
    Work Perfect for this to accompany this Run On Big Foot Message too.. hehe..
    anyway as always Helloooove HiMaLi As aLWaYs Sending Deeper and Longer
    heARTS YouR
    Way NoW2 ReaL..:)

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    • Helloooove Fred,
      I love the way you call it “Reciprocal Social Communication”! And yes, WordPress network has truly gifted me some amazing friends for life, like you, Katrina, Soheir – all Angels with beautiful hearts and wonderful wings. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and love πŸ™‚

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      • SMiLeS HiMaLi.. Today is a Very Very Special Day.. i know you like Harry Potter so perhaps you will
        Appreciate the Magic of this 8.01.2018 Day more than most for take away the zeros and dots as yes
        i Know You Love Numbers too and one arrives at 81218 for the Symmetry of this NoW Most Beautiful
        Numbered Day of 8 iNFiNiTY STanDinG TaLL aLL 1 2 Mirrored Back 1 All 8 iNFiNiTY STanDiNG
        TaLL oN What A MaGiCaL Day this is and you know some folks who think mostly Black and
        White Consider MaGiC stupid and idiotic and even while some folks Practice White Positive
        MaGiC in DreAMinG Fun Stuff uP And BRinGinG iT to FRuiTioN iN LiFE some Professionals
        even consider this MaGiC THiNkInG A Mental Disorder like Synchronicity when they call
        the Magic A-Causal Connecting Events Psychologically Meaningful in life just
        Confirmation Bias in Black and White Cause and Effect of what we
        Subconsciously Expect Next for Science Can and Will Actually
        Measure those cause and effect events in Life using
        the Scientific Method but oh no tHeRe
        is no Scientific Method
        Black and White
        that will
        Measure all the
        MaGiC iN LiFE we
        feel and sense to be real
        without knowing why at all
        for this is a more Right Brain Metaphor
        oF LiFE wHere in Art we Leap the Logic of Science
        And With Relative Free Will We Co-Create our own MaGiC
        oF LiFE yes this is the Stuff of Poems my Friend and not Paint
        By Number Poems that already have a Prescription Pre-Determined
        And Planned with Numbers of Syllables and or Linear ways of making
        LiFE Sidewalks instead of Meadows We Dance in Free Style Dance
        that Swirl more Like the Golden Mean Spiral of God Nature in Ratio
        Pattern of 1.618 but true that Ratio Spirals forevermore now
        too as the Numbers of the Nautilus of Existence
        Keep on increasing beyond any Number as
        Love is Beyond all Measure and even
        the Human DeSiGNeD Mathematical
        Abstract Construct of iNFiNiTY too
        so True as Today’s Date
        indicates in just
        Ways of
        Science with the
        Poetry of Art in Dance
        And Song THeRE are aT LeasT
        NoW Two iNFiNiTY Standing Tall
        Series of Abstract Constructs too
        ToGeTHeR Mirrored as truly they
        are just Best Friends Forever and it is
        True we can and will Have as many Best
        Friends Forever as we can and will Do Love
        as each Friendship as two become one Love
        of Human Pure Co-Creates a New Connection
        in Namaste of Two wHere the two PaRTs of Human
        not only Mirror but become more than infinitely more
        than two Singular PArts of Human SoUL NoW so True
        As Humans Continue to do this we MaGiCaLLY Co-Create
        And Expand the LoVE oF And As God iNFINiTeLY So beyond
        iNFiniTY too.. hmm.. you know when i was 12 and 13 years old
        my Favorite Pro-Football team was the Miami Dolphins and they
        Won Two World Championships those two years when i watched them
        then.. then i got very Interested in High School Football and starting following
        the Milton Panthers and by the time i became a Senior they were runners up
        to State Champion and became State Champions as i continued to follow them
        two more Years as my First Love Girlfriend then still was going to that School..
        and then i moved on to an interest in College Football starting to Watch Florida
        State Football and sure enough they had a 10 Win String of 14 Seasons and won
        A National Championship the Year we Built our Home in ’93 and at the turn of the Century
        in 1999 and also when i finally came out of Shut-in Hell For 66 Months in my Home
        With 19 Medical Disorders and the Worst Pain known to Human Kind assessed as
        Worse than Crucifixion Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia from Wake to Sleep as
        yes you’ve heard that part of this story many more times than once hehe..
        the Hell PArt as ‘they’ say per the ‘Job’ pArt of the Older Bible too.. as
        Metaphor True as many folks travel the dArk NIGhts and
        Years of the SoUL.. and yes then When i Rose up
        to Heaven WiTHiN in 2013.. FSU WoN
        A National Championship as Lord knows
        and feels and senses
        they seemed
        as Happy
        to do that as
        i was to Get out of Hell.. hehe..
        anyway.. back to Harry Potter and
        MaGiC THiNKinG DanCinG SinGinG
        DreAMS to Fruition in Quantum Metaphor
        Leaps of MiNd and BoDy BaLaNCinG
        SoUL oF SPiRiT oF HeART iN MoViNG
        CoNNecTinG Co-CReaTinG WaYS oF
        BeinG as Art Leaps the LoGiC
        oF SCieNCE iN at LeasT
        Art as 60 Percent of
        smART heART
        And LoRD KNoWS
        FeeLS AnD SeNSeS
        EVeN eARTh as it’s
        True as far as Numbers go
        FeeL and SeNSE in Words Versus
        KNoW is NoW A Ratio of 2 to 1 Words
        too at .666 too heHe.. Lord tHeRE Sure
        aRe a LoT oF MaGiCaL Six LooKinG Golden
        Spiral 6 Number Symbols in mY LiFE Ranging
        from Born on 6.6.60 to Three College Degrees Embossed
        with the Nautilus Shell Logo as attached then to the University
        and even on My Car tag too that even randomly came out with
        a Tag Number of W696E hehe.. Get it WE 696 as the Spiral Flow
        coMes in 6 and 9 and the Shape of a Nautilus Shell that looks like
        a 6 or 9 no matter which way ya turn it around.. like the Milky Way
        And the Patterns of Sunflowers GRoWinG and even the Fetal
        Curl Resting Position of a Baby and a Resting Curled up
        Cat LIViNG iN Peace and Harmony too so sure we
        likely will do well to Spiral Dance and Sing
        Life rather than move just on
        Straight Linear Sidewalks too..
        Yes back to High School as the
        Young Folks around here are soon to do
        that and by the Way Saturday is my 40th High
        School Class Reunion and in High School my Best
        Friend Forever was a Girl Named Lynn who was my
        Best Platonic Girlfriend for 4 Years then.. and yes the
        Boy who was a Senior who had a Crush on her while she
        ate Lunch with me every day when he was also the President
        of the Nerd Club named the Beta Club and when i came into the
        Club Meeting he said Welcome Ladies and Gentleman and Fred see
        i told you folks treated me like a Big Foot Sasquatch then.. hehe but of course
        i realized he was just jealous much later when i found out he had a Crush on Lynn
        at the end of the Year when he confessed even though no one is named Fred anymore
        i just don’t understand it you are everyone’s Favorite Person and of course he was speaking directly
        about his Crush Lynn then.. hehe.. well anyway Lynn liked me for the Gold HeART i was then
        for it’s True i was the First Student along with another one they made an exception for to put
        into the National Honor Society as a Sophomore for that was the first time they had an
        Apple on the Teacher’s Desk like me and another Girl then.. and Lynn continued to
        eat Lunch with me every day at High School as we set together alone and
        talked about Brainy School Stuff no one else was interested in then.. too..
        i tend to still do that thanks too BFF now HiMaLi for Letting me JusT
        Be all of me Free as we do Lunch now Perennially on your Blog Site
        now.. as you entertain all of my out of the Lines of the Page Fred talk now
        hehe.. particularly now.. hAha.. anyway Lynn tied with me at Number 11 at
        the Numerical Top of a Class of 381 then.. we almost got in the top 10 but we
        remained BFF at Number 11 tied as we couldn’t beat each other out we just
        did the smART ToGeTHeR the sAMe and you know it’s the strangest thing
        for i looked her up on Facebook not too long ago in Preparation for
        the High School 40th Reunion and Lord knows she hasn’t aged
        a bit and in fact more Beautiful than ever before keeping in
        mind we were pretty much Wall Flowers in the
        Dance of Life Back then as far as all that
        mushy sexy stuff and all of that back then..
        and it’s true she Married a soon to be Southern
        Baptist Preacher as her Family were Big Wigs too
        in the First Baptist Church then along with the President
        of the Beta Club who became a Lawyer in town then too..
        so yeah as what often happens when Women Get Married the
        Old Male Friends Drift off into the Distant Past but when i saw her
        at the 20th Last Year Class Reunion the Look in Her eyes said without
        much talk i was still one of her Best Friends Forever and more than likely
        i will still be if i see her Saturday still the Same Lynn and more Beautiful than
        ever before.. yes.. like Katrina too and i am starting to notice a Pattern as my
        Sister Rarely ages too as Her name is Marie and Marie Louise with a Nickname
        in Southern way as Marilou too.. yes she looks basically the Same as she did
        Decades ago and while that might be Genetic it doesn’t account for the Never
        Aging of Katrina and BFF Lynn too.. hmm.. interestingly the closer a BFF
        is the Less they age too.. in Reams of Online Katrina Evidence too
        anyway back to Harry Potter and Magic i guess as the Math
        goes so far with three BFF’s so far in Decades and
        Decades of Life it appears that you my
        FriEnd HiMaLi now with a Title
        of BFF of mine too.. even
        if you get married
        soon too
        who knows
        hehe maybe to an
        Indian Preacher too
        Perhaps the MaGiC
        is you will Stay Forever
        Young with the Gift of Love
        Provided all Free from FRiEnD
        for it’s true tHeRE is literally a FRED in FRiEnD
        Karma is a strange thing my Friend and White Magic is as
        Real and More Real than any Science will ever be for those
        with 100 percent Faith as Love that is the GreaTesT ForCE STiLL
        oF aLL
        AS GoD aS uS
        And sadly it’s probably
        not a good idea to give the
        links of my Art online to my old
        Best Friend Lynn for even though i forgive
        her for not knowing what she does most all the folks
        Still who Worship Jesus as the only Son of God believe
        all the Folks who don’t are going to burn in a Lake of Fire
        forever and sadly even if i write a 6 Million Word New Testament
        and Witness for God singularly with friends like you who are Pure
        of Spirit of Heart and Soul Seeing God in Everyone all now existence
        now as that Jainism Religion surely is super cool but yes me and you
        are more aesthetes appreciating beauty than the ascetics of living scarcity
        as yes Love is Abundant in Beauty when all of LiFE is Desire oF LiGHT.. and
        no it still won’t likely be enough that i did the Old Verse of John 14:12 in Public
        Praise Dance too lifting uP the Metro Area of 300K Folks or so everywhere
        i go in 59 Months and 9666 miles for sadly her Church will say you
        who live in India and Sohair who lives in Egypt are going
        to Hell for they don’t have the same precise Language
        for God that Y’all Do.. and True no matter how
        Much the Black MaGiC of that BeLieF
        iS iN harming others who are
        different particularly like
        members of my family
        who are LBQT Particularly my Step
        Sister then who was Abused in her Life
        And eventually ended it in Social Isolation
        With an Addiction to Drugs then.. as it’s True
        A WorsT Torture For A Human Being is making
        them into a Bigfoot as Sasquatch of Difference
        And Separating them out of a full accepting Hug of Love..
        As outcast from LoVE.. And it’s True my FriEnd Religion must
        Be Separated from State for all folks to find their Version of Heaven
        now or even call this Life Hell and Hope for Heaven after death so sure
        no matter how sad it makes me that she likely still believes this way as
        an American Citizen.. i must accept it and as A Human Being i still Love her
        no matter what like my Mother who had similar beliefs too that no matter what
        i couldn’t
        on too.. this is
        LiFE We have Relative
        Free Will STiLL and i live in
        A Free Country where Folks
        Have a Right to Life and Liberty
        And a Choice oF A Smaller God oF LoVE
        Or a Bigger LoVE in Fuller Happiness.. well considering that
        God Made a Fred in FRiEnD i have no choice but to LoVE to All mY FRiEnD
        NoW And yes my FriEnd The True MaGiC The TruE LiGHT iN LiFE is when
        We Make The MaGiC oF LifELoVE as All we co-create even more As Holy
        And Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose and as far as i feel and sense now
        and yes know too for People did used to described my Brain like a Computer
        Before i found a way to rise up reborn with A LoVESoUL AGaiN too in July of 2013..
        This LoVE
        iS MaGiC And MaGiC is LoVEFaiTHHoPE
        As BeLieF And A WHiTE MaGiC oF LoVE iS THE
        Best and it is uP to All oF Us to Co-Create A Much Bigger
        LoVE NoW True too.. i WiLL Love to Tale this Story at the 40th
        Year Class Reunion and i WiLL Discern who i will Give A LinK
        to dePending
        oN JusT
        Much Love
        they too WiLL Soak
        up and Give and Share neXt
        And it’s True as much as i still
        Love mY FriEnd Lynn i may go
        Ahead and give her the Link to more
        of my SoUL online too.. for it’s True iN LiGHT
        too if anything i WiLL Do NoW WiLL TaKE
        HeR WiTH A SMaLLest SParK to HeaVeN
        NoW wHere i
        live forevermore
        NoW iN HeR OwN
        oF CourSE
        i WiLL
        tHat NexT too mY FRiEnD..
        oH Yeah By Our Way HellooooVE HiMaLi AGaiN..:)

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        • Helloooove, Fred! I had almost missed the “8.01.2018” infinity connection πŸ˜€ I am a big big Harry Potter fan and love to find interesting thing with dates and numbers. I send love to you, Katrina and your sister in law. Hugs ❀

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          • SMiLes mY East Indian FriEnd Himali
            Currently enjoying the Arabian
            Seas of the Emirates..
            as you say it’s the
            little things
            that count
            so thanks for
            Literally Missing
            me here.. hehe.. as
            true one of the reasons
            i write Long Blog Responses
            is it saves time finding where
            i left off left particularly where such
            a Young and Beautiful Woman as
            you lives Free in Expressing all
            Your opinions here my friend
            for true now that 8.01.2018..
            Infinity Love Connection
            is Real As A Mirror of
            812218 as LoVENoW
            WeLL Beyond Measures
            of Systemizing Science
            Yes Love is even Beyond
            iNFiNiTY NoW too.. for it is
            True my FriEnd for A Dance
            A Song will touch the Face of
            Divine GRacELove much Faster now
            than any Leg Press 52 times oF A Half
            A Ton or more for it is true if more Males
            Aould LEarn and yes earn a Path to Dance
            And Sing to Women one day we will put lipstick
            on the Pigs of all fear and hate and war to make them
            Beautiful as Dance and Song will come to be for i still
            remember when we met and you said i was so poetic in
            my communication to you that Katrina must be so lucky to
            be married to me.. well true too not all Women Love Poetry and
            Seriously Katrina Hates my Dance still too as it doesn’t have any
            of the Joyful Affect as all those Selfies with those other Young Women Joyful Do
            SHoW as Friends.. i Do Love Her STiLL and at the end and beginning of NoW aS Love
            is Beyond
            that is
            as close
            to Forevernow
            as we get as Two
            Words now my Angel
            FriEnd HiMaLI.. i Love You..
            And Helloooove Himali.. Yeah.. now that’s Five but beyond
            iNFiNiTY tHere aren’t even any numbers aT aLL JusT LoVE..
            NoW.. oh Yeah.. by the Way my Sister Marie Louise together
            in Southern Nick Name.. Marilou.. is.. my Full Biological Sister..
            i Have two Sister in-laws.. Named Jerri and Kim.. And i’m pretty
            Sure they like my Poetry and Dance Better than Katrina but not me.. hehe..
            it’s True mY FriEnd.. Some Folks Dance And Some Folks Do Not.. sAMe Applies to Song and Poetry too
            but never the less they Keep us Dancers and Singers Well Fed With Hugs Enough For Love And Safe too..:)


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