To me, home isn’t a place; being home is a feeling. I don’t know if I can articulate it perfectly, but home to me is love and warmth. It is the feeling of going back to people who love and care about you and who you can’t wait to see. And it isn’t just the feeling when you’re away from home living in a different city/country and visiting your family. It is in the routine and the mundane everyday.

As a ritual, whenever we are in the same town, I ensure I call up my brother every day from work or if I get busy sometimes, he would call me up and we just check up on our day and plan the dinner menu. A lot of time I would be talking to my friends/family till the last second I have to leave from work and I get a message which says “text me when you get home”.

“I will be back soon”        “TTUL, going for a walk”

“An hour is NOT soon”     “Should I wait until you’re back?”


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 18.44.37
A note for today in my diary – Thank you God for the love that engulfs me ❤

What is home to you? Let me know in the comments below!


38 thoughts on “H-O-M-E

  1. I thought I knew what home was, that place we feel loved and safe, emotionally and physically. But the day I understood my fear and finally released its hold on me, I then saw that my ‘safety’ was in fact built on that fear. I now felt at peace within myself and home was in me…that love we never gave ourselves was now where it should be, inside a heart that no longer had those gates of fear at its front door ❤


  2. SMiLes And Hellooooove Himali as verily People who
    Sre our Friends and Family and all of wHere we
    Take our Temple of God in Flesh and Blood
    is wHere we reside as Soul oF LoVE
    NoW.. to Be fiLLed And feeLed up
    As HoME oF LoVE to Give
    And SHaRE Free is a
    Best HoME
    oF LoVE
    Spread buttering
    the Bread of Love
    And Watering A Garden
    of Love wherever we take
    the Soul the SPiRiT oF ouR HeaRT
    NexT As LiGHT SHaRE Speed oF LoVE NoW MoRE
    hmm.. after going to a Fortieth Year Class Reunion from my
    High School Graduating year of 1978 i was so uncomfortable
    in my own skin in ’88 and even ’98 too requiring Beverages of
    Alcohol to calm my insecurities then and even missing the 30th
    and 35th Reunions as a Shut-in Still in my Home Fallen ill then
    to rise from
    the Ashes of
    all the Troubles
    of Life and to LIve
    iN A Kingdom of HoMe
    YeS iNCaRNaTE LoVE
    is the only Place oF Love WiTHiN
    i WiLL to Give and Share NoW FoR Free mY
    FriEnd For A HoMe oF LoVE A Best to Get All AroundD NoW..:)

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