Tenacious living

Image credits: Markus Gebauer

The you I know is
One who gets up
When she falls;
She comes back,
When she goes;
She regains her positivity
If she happens to lose it.
She wins
If she happens to lose.

Thank you, Ngobesing Romanus for leaving me this beautiful little poem as a comment on my post ‘May you have a heart that never hardens’ today. It truly made my day so much brighter. In fact, I also shared it with a few of my close friends and they said that the essence of the poem captures who I am! I think this is the real beauty of blogging – to have friends, as my friend Rob calls “friends without borders” who are connected by hearts.

On a spiritual note, we are all waves in one infinite ocean, ever connected with one another by hearts ❀


19 thoughts on “Tenacious living

  1. SMiLes GuN SHellS and Daisies
    GRoWinG GiVinG LiFENoW
    OceaN WHoLE to Killing
    Fields Waves Raging
    Cold And
    DArk RiSing from
    Infertile SoULS to HiGHest
    LoVE oF FLoWeRS noWMore
    WitH Hellooove AGaiNoW Himali..
    SMiLes aS i ofTen Tale the Military
    Active Members Never Leave Boot Camp
    And Leave Your SMart PhoneS in the Car
    When you Work-out heHe.. And it’s True
    tHere is the eYe of thE Tiger but tHat now
    is no fulll
    oF thE Lion
    LiVinG STiLL
    as the Fur of us
    mY FriEnd yes the
    Warm Purrs of both Lions
    and Tigers and Wags of
    Wolf Tales that only
    Spell A Love For
    the Pack
    All For Survive And
    A Dances with Wolves Thrive tHat
    Never end with surE oNce iN A While A SonG Yes..
    A Lost Wolf HowLinG at the Moon for Love for Love
    A HoWL
    As GreaTesT
    LoVeS CoME oUT
    iN LiGHT From Full
    Moon BRiGHT oF Wolf Howls Told..:)

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  2. Those many drops of water all sparkle and shine in their own way, and also reflecting back all around them. That is why we love to dance in the rain, teeming with many rainbows and much energy blending with our own ❀

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