Quiet the Mind and the Soul will Speak


A lot of times, we become prisoners of our own thoughts. Some thoughts, beliefs, and ideas draw such a vicious cycle in our minds that the harder we try not to think about them, like suppressing a spring; the stronger they bounce back. I too was caught up in one such thought cycle recently where I struggled NOT to think of a particular thing, but the more I focused on NOT thinking the thought, it only grew stronger in my subconscious.

Now, that’s the thing about our subconscious – once a thought or pattern forms roots into it, it is almost impossible to uproot it with ease. Also, to program the subconscious mind, you need to be able to access your subconscious thoughts. Sounds like a never-ending cycle, right?


One trick/technique I have discovered and practiced recently to gain access to the subconscious thoughts is meditation. While in meditation, our brain waves reach the Theta state, where our mind is calm and still. In the silence and serenity of the moment, we can reprogram and reaffirm the new thoughts and beliefs we wish to. When I sit on my meditation pillow, I do NOT try to control my thoughts or emotions. I let myself the freedom to wander around what comes naturally to my instincts. When I encounter the thoughts I wish to reprogram, I gently nudge the divine light in my heart to accept the thought at the moment and think of an alternate, happier thought.

For instance, I am thinking of a fear-based belief or a thought focused on lack, I first accept the thought at its face value and then give my mind the freedom to explore options to accept the thought from a place of love and abundance. It is a highly intuitive and iterative process. At times, I get my answers in the second meditation session and at other times; it is a lengthy process to find an alternative thought I can accept from a place of love and abundance.

One very interesting phenomenon of planting new positive and loving thoughts is the process of visualization and feeling emotions. Once my mind is able to come up with an alternate positive thought, I allow my creative senses to take over and form images/ a visual picture with real colors, feelings, and emotions to it. This process of creative visualization plants the seeds of the new thought deep into my subconscious and the emotions I let myself feel through my meditation reflecting on my new thought waters the seed to form deep roots into my subconscious.

Try to take it as a fun exercise rather than a chore and you will enjoy the miracles that it brings to your life.


26 thoughts on “Quiet the Mind and the Soul will Speak

  1. The beauty of constantly working on positive thoughts, is that they eventually become an intuitive response to situations. We are designed extremely well to live in accordance with habits. We tend to feel secure in routines. Making a conscious effort to always look for the positives in a given situation will eventually establish that outlook as one’s default… and who would not want that? Only a person who has developed a negative attitude as their default!

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    • “Making a conscious effort to always look for the positives in a given situation will eventually establish that outlook as one’s default”

      I love this idea and since we are programmed for the opposite, immediately connecting with the positive thoughts is sometimes a struggle when things/current reality look bleak, to be honest. I am on a road to making conscious efforts of being more positive.

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      • Yes we are negatively programmed, but I do not think it is genetic programming … but rather learned from our upbringing. A study was done a long time ago which monitored positive and negative messages presented over the first few years of childhood. The results were staggering …. something like a 1000 negatives for every positive. Growing children are inundated with “Don’t touch that” “No you can’t” “How many times have I told you not to ….” etc. etc. Negativity is a learned perspective. We just need to re-learn and replace it with a positive perspective.
        Where this often falls down is when people get confused between negatives, positives and reality. i.e. it is not negativity if you tell somebody that if they walk across a major highway, they are likely to be killed. It is a false positive to buy a lottery ticket because you feel like a winner this week. 🙂

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  2. On my site I have a topic up at the top on the right hand side called ‘The Dreaming’ Himali. It is an amazing journey to ‘be in touch’ with my higher self, so profoundly that I came back completely changed. The world is never the same when a truth is told, that is why our fears lose their power when we see the truth behind them and we no longer see through that lens ❤


    • Hey Rob, I also struggled with the same idea that it takes discipline to meditate. Infact, it’s a myth! You need to find fun in what you do, to be able to do it consistently and enjoying what you’re doing – life is too short to do boring stuff!

      I am practicing Kirtan Kriya meditation, which is a form of meditation with music. You can find some videos on youtube, I love the one by Stnam Kaur and the music is soulfully refreshing. On days I want to do my practice in silence, I do the silent meditation 🙂

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  3. SMiLes as Science Shows one of the Most
    Unhealthy of all Practices of Humans is to sit still as
    Dangerous as a Pack of Cigarettes done all day at work
    And not only that Sitting Still is actually not sitting still at all for
    it is Actually Holding a Static Motion where the Muscles are Still
    Involved in Slower Twitching that also will eventually Lead to Ergonomic
    Injuries as Movement that is restricted too. Smiles, and obviously here now I don’t
    Practice All what I Preach as i do Literally Sacrifice my Health in Some Ways to Pursue
    A Meditation of Free Flow Writing Streams.. as Yes Writing in Stream of Consciousness
    is Verily an Ease
    of Moving through
    Apha and Theta Waves
    of Mind as a Practice of Writing
    that is a State of Being that is opposite from
    attempting to run away now from Being as
    Really any Suppression of our Natural
    State of Being is a Prison rather
    than a Home of Free and on
    top of that My ADHD
    still and quiet and the best
    way still for me to Meditate
    out of Stream of Conciousness
    Writing as i don’t do Still Mind Sitting
    Quiet is a Moving Meditation that is both
    Effective to Bring a State of Alpha thru Theta
    Waves of Letting Go Nirvana Blow out as ‘they’
    Say in Nature Ease of Breathes Exhaled and no
    Longer Witheld in Prison of Spirit away from even
    Breathing all Natural in Ease too.. so true all 9699
    Miles of Public Dance So Far has been a Moving
    Meditation of Bliss yes Blow out let it go Nirvana
    too as the state of Mind and Body is similar
    in Stream of Consciousness Writing too
    And it’s true too we Human Beings
    Feel and Sense Emotions First
    before we Rationalize anything
    at all in Words as Neuro-Science
    Proves too.. which means at best Regulate
    the Emotions and Integrate Senses now through
    whatever Art of Dance that Works for the Individual
    as some folks are able to do this with Still Meditation
    too.. and Voila the Thoughts that Emerge are Naturally
    Positive too statistically as such at Least when a Bio-Feed
    Back from Head to Toe first is Managed and Mastered in Practice
    for it is True all our Emotions and Senses of Feelings Flow in a Bio-
    Feed Back of Mind and Body Emotions and Senses First and then Words as Thoughts next..
    Anyway.. Hellooove Again Himali Nice to see you posting more as this verily is a Special Interest of mine too..:)

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    • Helloooove Fred, I have some friends who smoke all day long or are stuck with work till late evenings (read 2AM) leaving no space for a LIFE. I often rebuke them and tell them that


      In such a world, it is very easy to be lost in a world which lacks peace and tranquility. My formula is simple – you need not meditate, but do something for your self. Spend some ME time just listening to your mind, body and soul and doing what makes you feel good.

      A lot of times when I go for evening/ morning walks; I would jump with joy like a little child when I feel elated. I sit by the lake and let the waves touch my feet. I wear my favorite clothes and take some cool pictures. In short, I live in a conscious state of happiness, joy and fun.

      I believe no one better than you can understand what it is to break free from a life which was like a prison and spend your time with writing, poetry and dancing. I guess your vibes are so happy and fun that it uplifts mine every time you stop by here!

      Love and Hugs 🙂

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      • SMiLes my FriEnd Himali mY Mission is Dance
        And Uplifting LiFE as LiGHT as it takes so many
        Words of Practice to Bring Organic LiGHT to
        LiFE iN Words
        but i try and
        i try
        i Love
        to ‘See’ all the
        Colors of YouR Love
        And Joy mY FriEnd
        Himali.. and you are
        Shining HeaR Those
        Colors More iN
        SuN FLoWeR
        Love And
        Joy Free Thank
        You mY FriEnd
        So Happy i am to
        FeeL and Sense YouR
        Joy oF LiFENoW and yes
        Hellooove HiMaLi.. Yes.. i Love
        The God oF Love in/as you.. Namaste
        As You Dance And Sing Too iN Peace And Harmony NoW..:)

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