My Toastmasters Journey. . .

Sharing a presentation I made after I completed my 10 speeches towards my Competent Communication manual of Toastmasters International (TMI). I got awarded my CC Pin in the last meeting.

After a long time, I won for ‘Best Evaluator’ and ‘Best Humorist‘ (for my TableTopics speech delivered on the topic ‘Have you lied to your parents about your exam grades’). The theme of the last meeting was “Through the eyes of a child” and I felt the TableTopics selection by MTM Daisy (also our club’s VP Education) was amaziiiing! She encouraged participation by offering Chocolates to each person who volunteered for the TT session. And who doesn’t like chocolates!?

Special thanks to my ex-colleague MTM Trupti who encouraged me to attend the TM meetings as a guest and made sure I became a member πŸ™‚ Also, a big big hug to MTM Shirley was was our VP Education for 2017-18. She not only supported my educational goals by allowing speech slots and at times pushing me to NOT backing out at the last minute since I felt unprepared but also encouraged me to take various roles to meet the requirements for my Competent Leadership (CL) track and giving me a role almost in every club meeting. I’d also take this opportunity to thank all my evaluators especially TM Ajith for giving me constructive feedback each time I came up on the stage and helping me groom my speech delivery.

Watch my TMI journey which started back in Feb ’17 as a walk down the memory lane.

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-001.jpg

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-002.jpg

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-003.jpg

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-004.jpg

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-005.jpg

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-006.jpg

My Toastmasters Journey - Himali Shah-page-007.jpg

Felicitation for the CC pin by VP Education MTM Daisy πŸ™‚
TableTopics and chocolates ❀
CC Pin
CC Pin πŸ™‚
AreaCouncil meeting
All smiles – attending the Area Council meeting later last evening with VP Education and Club President πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “My Toastmasters Journey. . .

  1. Well done Himali, that is a very courageous journey to stand in your heart while other look on. We seem to be aware of every bit we say, afraid that at the most inopportune moment something will slip out πŸ˜€
    Take a bow, your light is glowing a little more as you venture down each trail ❀

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  2. Congratulations Himali. I can remember you expressing your doubts about joining TM. Well done. Getting comfortable speaking in public has so many benefits. Doing presentations at work will be more polished and therefore more effective, and just knowing what you are capable of doing is a huge self-esteem boost. When sitting through someone else’s presentation,. the difference between a smooth presentation, and a rather awkward and disjointed one, is often TM experience so, again, well done! πŸ™‚

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  3. Congrats, Himali! Public speaking and giving presentations can be very intimidating to people. You radiate knowledge, confidence and leadership. And I have to say that the photos are beautiful. So, now and going forward, it is Himali the Heartthrob. 😍

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    • Hello Rob, that means the world to me. Thanks for your kind and generous encouragement. I am blessed with some super amazing friends like youuu. And waaaaait. . You are the original HeartthRob πŸ˜‡πŸ’—

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  4. SMiLes As i am going to do my best now
    to attempt some Reciprocal Return in Social
    Communication in Gift back to you for the Gift
    oF Love you just gave me..
    And i must Wonder
    as one who
    Does appreciate
    Aesthetic Beauty in
    all things Life if a Flower
    Dressed in Art by what you
    Select to Wear is so Lovely that
    the Males in Your Life are too afraid
    to tell you how truly Amazingly Beautiful
    You are my Friend now as the Essence of
    Your Love Does Shine Bright as Sun FLoWeRS
    through all the Clothes and Non-Verbal Language
    of Beauty you
    Bring in
    Lovely Photos
    of You as you Celebrate
    Your Toastmaster Success
    iN Developing your Public Speaking
    Skills too.. i will verily Imagine too that in
    Your Flesh and Blood Life that you are too
    Good to be True to many of the Males who
    Interact with you in Flesh and Blood True For
    It’s True iN Sunlit LoVE A FLoWeR NoW YoU
    Of Beauty in Kind Wisdom and Courage yes
    Love and
    Intelligence in Art
    Real as you should
    Be Celebrated NoW iN
    Public Purview like this too..
    For it’s True i See A Beautiful
    FLoWeR iN God’s Garden of Love
    as Hellooove it is Himali and what
    she Freely Brings to
    to be all of her now
    as Namaste Rises Higher
    in God’s FLoWeRS iNcarNate
    As Love now to be HiMaLi NoW..:)

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    • “For it’s True i See A Beautiful
      FLoWeR iN God’s Garden of Love”

      You make my heart melt with love, kindness and appreciation. Thank you for being such an amazing friend, Fred. Smiles πŸ™‚


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