The Coffee Debacle

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Wed, 27 Jan 2016

I’ve had one epic fiasco with a coffee meeting, recalling which gives me tummy hurting laughter to date. I was supposed to meet a potential employer for an interview over coffee. It was the very first day for me in a new country and an unknown city and it was the first person I was meeting.

I was fairly new to the place plus I was/am NOT a coffee person so I was just unsure of what to order. Just for the sake or ordering, I picked an absolute random name from the menu. When our orders arrived, what was served for me, was a strong dark black coffee 😛 I guess the interviewer understood my screw up with the first sip I tried on. I wonder how he maintained the calm poker face expression and not burst out laughing. I am having laughter shots just recalling and typing this. Not to mention, but he was extremely polite and never made me feel embarrassed for once.

Oddly enough I happened to meet the person at the same place after a month or so. This time, I had learned from my mistake and ordered JUST water 😉

Oh boy, this incident makes me laugh even today! Plus I am still in touch with the interviewer and he never happened to mention to me this incident. 😀

What matters is the people who never make you feel like you made a mistake.

– Himali

Edit 1:

A few of my friends were asking about the beverages I drink. I begin my mornings with a cup of cold milk with chia seeds/ ProteinX/ Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder. I like sipping on warm water with lime/lemon juice during the day. As for a ‘tea’ style beverage, I have 2 cups of Green Tea (without sugar) preferably with lime juice or ACV.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-08 at 12.06.30
My tall coffee/ water mug 😀

When I really feel sleepy or have to study early morning, I add 1.5 spoons of coffee with hot water for the caffeine to kick in and the yawns to subside 😛 . Since I fast on Thursdays, I enjoy chilled cold coffee in morning (1.5 spoons of coffee, no sugar and cold milk in my Tupperware, to be shaken really well). So technically, I do have some coffee but it is relatively simple and uncomplicated; a recent phenomenon (say last 6 months) and not on a daily basis.


Addicted to laughter,

45 thoughts on “The Coffee Debacle

  1. Diplomacy is a huge skill to have for life in general. Diplomacy has been defined as “The art of letting somebody have your way!”
    That man you met had choices as to how to react and, rather than risk humiliating you, he chose to stay focused on the business at hand. He clearly exercised diplomacy. Now if only more people would do so! 🙂

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    • I agree with you, Colin. I am relatively naive in being diplomatic as my face gives it away! So it is quite difficult for me to hide emotions. Sometimes I am remembering something or reading a beautiful comment on my blog a smile/blush lights up my face.

      WIP – learning to keep a focused expression.

      The man who interviewed me was/is a true gentleman, hats off.

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  2. 🤣 I was thinking the same before you mentioned it. How nice of this person to never let on. I’m very much a coffee person, to me coffee is a social issue, but even I’ve messed up orders. Plus, even if you order something, people can interpret it differently. I’ve been served Americanos with milk in a few coffee shops. Plus, my brother and I had some of the best conversations over cokes and coffee. 🙂

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  3. Oh Lord i left and forgot the Coffee
    hehe.. and now i’m back as
    you are becoming
    rather Prolific
    in Your
    Art and
    i appreciate that
    Himali.. no drugs
    for me including Caffeine
    either but occasionally if i am
    really Thirsty when Dancing and
    Katrina has a sip Left of her Star
    Bucks Cadillac Coffee Drink
    i take the last Few Drops
    with Caffeine and
    then i Blast
    off more
    in Dance
    with Just a Drop
    or Two more of Caffeine
    to Raise the Rocket of my Free
    Spirit of Dance even more.. so yeah
    when we go to Starbucks i end up with
    Just an Expensive Cup of Milk Shake
    without any Octane to Shoot me across
    not only
    but sure
    the Sun and Stars too..;)

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    • I must admit, I am not very surprised that we share a similar taste in beverages. Same pinch, Fred 😀
      I am also a milkshake lover, my favorites being:

      – Strawberry milkshake
      – Chikoo and Apple
      – Banana and kiwi/ peach
      – Avocado
      – Avocado, banana, kiwi & chia smoothie

      Which ones are your favorite? 🙂

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      • Oh Lord.. Helloooove Himali.. Good SaTuRDaY Afternoon to you in the
        United Arab Emirates and as embarrassing as it may seem
        i had to wait for Katrina to wake up to ask her what
        my Favorite Frosty Non-Caffeinated Milkshake
        From Starbucks is and by the way
        i have a long History of Penny
        Pincher hehe.. speaking
        of Same Pinch
        and my
        Propensity for Book Keeping
        in terms of Numbers and Words
        of 6 MiLLioN in the ‘SonG oF mY SoUL”
        as i am Celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary
        in the coming MacroVerse that will start with
        These Words Culminating on the Anniversary Date
        of 8.18.18.. Another Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning
        And Purpose Mutually and Consensually Co-Created
        Human Date coming Next Saturday as i am still working
        on Putting Together the Current MacroVerse named “Older
        and Newer Testaments oF LoVE’ as by now you probably realize
        most of what i write is actually interaction with Just the few Friends
        who Interact with me online.. Letters of Friendship Love they all are
        as the Christian Bible says in one of the Verses when two or more
        Folks come together in Loving Friendship God is in the Room and
        that’s why now i don’t mind Naming my Longest Long Form Poem
        now “SonG oF mY SoUL” in Epic Longest Form Poetry.. A Bible
        as the Best Books are Largely Made of Love Between
        Friends anyway so yeah “SonG oF mY SoUL
        Five YearS oLD” coming Next Saturday
        as Anniversary and 5th Birthday
        of that Bible Child of
        mY SoUL with
        Super Star FriEnd
        Himali Helping to sTarT
        iT oFF with the PurE LoVE
        FRiEndship she BRinGS to
        my overall Story of Love yes
        Love Story of FriEnds as God
        Enters as Loving Kind and
        Courage into the Room
        iN Beauty and Wisdom
        in Lives of FriEnds
        and it’s
        the TV
        Show FriEnds
        but it’s actually real..
        okay back on topic Specifically..

        – Strawberry milkshake
        – Chikoo and Apple
        – Banana and kiwi/ peach
        – Avocado
        – Avocado, banana, kiwi & chia smoothie

        Reviewing Your Favorites here what i Love about
        the Frosty White Drink Katrina Picks out for me as i just
        always say get what you got me last week oh Lord Knows if
        anything happens to Katrina i will have to Learn everything about
        taking care of myself as goodness i have become such a real life
        Peter Pan as my Favorite Part of the Star Bucks Experience is Dancing
        For the Crowd and of course it makes the Women all smile but the Men not
        so much except for the more ‘Cosmopolitan Men’ who have moved out of the
        ‘Backwoods’ as such hehe.. anyway.. i cannot tale a lie i love to make Women smile
        but i am a man and isn’t that just the way nature rolls i’m not ashamed of that as i see
        friends everywhere whether they see me as dancing friend or not.. haha.. okay i love the
        Rich Brown Smooth to Clear Color of the Caramel as it wraps around the Sweet Frosty Cream
        of the Cream Based Caramel Frappe that Katrina Purchases for me and speaking of Purchases
        i used to be the Financial Manager of the two person couple and for close to two Decades the
        Budget was an almost unbelievable 75 Bucks a Month heHe.. Barely enough for a Star Bucks
        Drink these days hAha.. and when i retired as i think i’ve mentioned before and since
        after being on that tight budget for close to two Decades Katrina Loves to be in
        Charge of it all where the only guideline is to Pay the Credit Card off in
        Full each month and A best part of the Credit Card to her (me2) is she
        gets points and enough Free Star Bucks in Card where we
        actually get them all free.. so my Expensive Milkshake
        doesn’t cost a Washington Dollar or even a Lincoln
        Sent Cent and to top the Cherry off on the
        top hehe now that’s the Dance i get to
        do even Freer in sort of a Trickster
        way as i go very
        slow and
        in a Crowded
        Starbucks these
        days but my Happy
        Feet don’t even need eyes
        after 9700 Miles of Public Dance
        in soon to be 5 Years of doing that too..
        so in this way i am sort of like Caramel too
        in a Vanilla Bean way of Life within a Crowd
        that doesn’t dance at all except for me and true
        some folks see me as a Sweet Slow to Fast Caramel
        Wrapping around their Soul of Freedom and as to be
        expected some folks are just Afraid of anything that isn’t
        Vanilla.. hmm.. i suppose opposites attract as i’ve always
        Loved Dark Haired Women with tans as Katrina is Half
        Pacific Islander and one of my Old Girl Friends was
        Italian the other bestie as friend not really Girlfriend
        as they say was Half Guamanian and my First
        Love was Half Cuban and Irish and just as
        a reminder i Tan Bronze for i have
        Cherokee and Sioux and
        French and Spanish
        in me with
        Irish and
        Black Forest
        of Germany Green
        to Blue eyes that change
        according to my Passions of life..
        okay.. i realize that is more than a Milk
        Shake Story but you are Part of the Story
        of my Life as Friend and what in life is more
        Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose
        as my Favorite Reality show is Real Friends too..
        see you later Rachael i’m sort of like all the Characters on the Show
        And what i Love Best is turning Dust of Brown on the Floor into Gold of RiSinG Dance (GoDLoVE)..:)

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            • Hehe.. Thanks Himali i’m Glad you see
              75 Bucks a week as a Generous
              Budget as Katrina not so
              much in a
              Two Decade
              Reality but as ‘they’
              say Patience Eventually
              Pays off.. haHa.. i told her
              when ‘they’ make a Movie of
              mY Life when i am Long gone
              as she’ll probably Live to be 111
              Like that Woman off the ‘Titanic Movie’..
              then she will
              be able
              to buy the Kohl’s
              Store and buy as
              Many Colors of “Life is Good”
              T-Shirts with Daisies on them as what may
              Please her as Lord knows all i really do in return
              is ‘Driving
              as Katrina
              Doesn’t Drive
              And Perhaps if
              she did she would have
              found some way to escape
              that 75 Bucks a Week Budget for Close to
              two Decades.. hAha.. okay.. off to see your very
              Interesting Ice Cream Recipes on Your Latest
              Post Himali as i am very Happy to be visiting
              Your posts more these days in e-Land for Real..:)


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