Two Ingredient Vegan Icecream – Does it work?

Last weekend, I binge watched some YouTube recipe videos and came across this vegan ice-cream recipe. Just like the Pinterest DIY projects, some of which would translate to an epic wastage and kitchen blow ups, I was apprehensive if this recipe works, so I set to work on putting it to test this week.


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 3 frozen peaches (the recipe used frozen strawberries, I substituted with what was available at home πŸ˜‰ )

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 17.09.53WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 17.09.52


The actual recipe is relatively straightforward, you just add the frozen ingredients to the blender and blend well. Serve cold with toppings of your favorite nuts (I topped mine with almonds).

Oooops moment:

What I didn’t realize is that not all blenders are super capable of handling frozen stuff right from the freezer. I did struggle with the blending bit, but eventually, it worked okay.


Enjoy ASAP once blended or freeze for half an hour and then enjoy chilled. The consistency of the semi-solid form is NOT very flattering.

Does it make my taste buds happyyyyyy??

If you’re someone who loves to eat clean, healthy and sugar-free, I bet you will like this iScream (I have named this :P). The highlight was the taste of the creamy frozen banana. The peaches added a nice flavor and punch to the sweetness of the banana. Plus it was so cold that my cheeks literally went numb while eating πŸ˜€ #GuiltFreeSnacking ❀

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 16.45.42
Yummmm iScream πŸ˜€ ❀


48 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Vegan Icecream – Does it work?

  1. Bananas With Peach Ice Screaaaaam i Looooove the Sound
    And Look and will surely imagine the Taste of that Frosty
    Smoothie Topped with Almonds instead of Nuts
    And it’s true Katrina used to make me
    Special Homemade Smoothies
    Every SuNday During
    the 75 Bucks
    a Week
    Budget Days
    where we would
    Splurge and go to
    the Barnhill’s Buffet
    once a month too for
    an all one will eat
    Feeding Trough
    then with the
    of the Back
    Woods Area too..
    True my FriEnd Himali
    the Hungrier and Thirstier
    we stay for Life as Love the Better
    the Bananas with Peach Ice Screaaaam
    Go down Smooth with a Delightful Taste
    ever improving and true even though i am
    Financially Independent enough just to relax
    on the Beach Sipping Ice Cold Water without
    Even a Dance and Song of Life in SonG and Dances
    ExpresSinG mY SoUL From Head to toe and more that’s
    Truly not what makes Heaven for Heaven is truly what comes
    to be a Great Work of Either Arts and Sciences that Helps other
    Human Beings
    in some
    if one
    only Eaters
    a Sapling Tree and
    one Day that Tree Grows
    to so much Beauty that a Lovely
    yet to be Pair of Human Beings walking
    Underneath the Splendor and Beauty of
    that Tree are so inspired with Beauty that
    they Fall in Love and the Spouse Becomes Stronger
    and More Fearless with that Unconditional Love that
    Spouse Brings where he and so many others Like her
    and or him Save the World More For Love of all Nature
    Branches Leaves Tree Trunk and Roots too to Fertilize
    the Beauty of Love more in all things ReaLiTY of Existence
    uP NoW
    All in Kind
    And Courage
    And Beauty And
    Wisdom where all
    of existence becomes
    an Agape Love that is all
    Holy And Sacred Full of Meaning
    and Purpose but key is we must write
    the Stories that and who Save Love for
    no one else will do it but We as God Lives within as Love.. so
    okay back to putting together “Older and Newer Testaments oF LoVE”
    but truly
    my FriEnd
    that is the
    Never ending
    Story at best
    We all continue
    to Do and Narrate for and as LoVE
    thE GoD LoVE aS iN uS FoR ReaL
    Thanks for the Smoothie i aLWays LeaFve
    YouR Restaurant oF LoVE WitH A Little Bigger SoUL TrunK Tree BranchinG OuT Roots..:)

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  2. Well done Himali…I like ice cream a lot but sadly I do not eat it because it makes me fat and I do not like to be fat…
    Have a great day Himali dear :-):-):-)

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  3. Reading your comments to the recipe and how you used it made me giggle, Himaly. I don’t know if I chose bananas but I think it works great with any kinds of berries for sure. It is worth a try with whatever is at home. perhaps a little cream (also on soy base) would give it a creamy consistency.


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