God Bless You


Some gestures, however small they might seem – are so special. To me, one such gesture is when someone tells me “God Bless You”. It makes my heart skip a beat and really pulls a string in my heart.

These three little words speak so much – love, care, concern, warmth, and affection. Last evening one of my blogger pal, who calls me as his ‘granddaughter’ said “God bless you’ to me and it instantly lightened up my face.

We live in a world where our affection can be very easily misinterpreted. People maintain a distance just to avoid being misunderstood or taken in the wrong sense. For instance, you may love your best friend a lot; but would you say ‘I love you’ to them? Probably NO. Because we are afraid of expressing our affection.

Hey! There are tons of types of love – love for a friend, a parent, a sibling, a pet..

We want to maintain our modesty and a fine balance in relations, hence we refrain from sharing our heart.

It is very easy to speak our minds, but only a few share their hearts.

It is common to share your thoughts, but so rare to find people who you can share your feelings with and who reciprocate the same.

– Himali

There needs to be a very apt level of understanding only then can you express without the worry of being misunderstood. I have a few of my friends who often tell me ‘Miss you’ or ‘Love you’ and I reciprocate back with equal tenderness because I know of their affection for me.

I feel we should be more unapologetic in showing love and expressing our feelings. Every person needs to be told that they are loved, valued and appreciated. That their presence matters to someone and that their smile lights up a gloomy day.

If not ‘love you’, say ‘stay blessed’ to the ones you love 🙂 ❤

Addicted to Love,

30 thoughts on “God Bless You

  1. That is a beautiful post, Hiimali. It is a wonderful way to show that you care about them without getting too close. I never take these words just like an empty phrase and appreciate it a lot. So, stay blessed, dear Hiimali 💖

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  2. Humans are Naturally Altruistic and Loving even other Apes are in the Wild.. However
    This Love tends to breakdown when Humans gather in Groups of more than 200 as
    Apes including Humans are only Human in the feel and sense they do have
    limits in a Capacity to Live Peacefully and Harmoniously with Touching
    Hugging Love not unlike Territorial Cats who normally see other
    Male Cats as only Competitors for Subsistence and Mates
    and only Fight with those Male Cats for those Natural
    Resources unless they are raised in abundance
    together and become as
    affectionate as Dogs
    become raised together
    even though by Study of
    Science.. Cats are not considered
    Naturally Social like Dogs and still more
    Territorial going on out more on their own independently
    to Survive.. and Sadly with Humans in Cultures that are born
    from Scarcity of Resources Humans become more Territorial and
    Tribal in Nature even to the point where any display of empathy sympathy
    and compassion in Males must be discouraged to destroy the Aversion to Harming
    other members of our species so they will literally be able to kill their brothers and sisters
    with generally speaking the same DNA which is antithetical to what it even means to be a Social
    Animal where
    in this way
    in the Wild
    who use Love
    to cure all ills of Aggression
    and Violence are Studied by Science
    now to be More Human than Humans in the
    Sense and Feel of Love that is real where affection
    displayed is the rule of the World that thwarts what might
    otherwise be the Tribal Nature of a Chimpanzee where Rapes
    in non-Consensual Reproductive Activity are much more common
    and other violence as one sees this same kind of Behavior among Humans at
    Higher Levels where Holding Hands is not even allowed amongst the ‘two Genders’
    to control any Potential of Reproductive Stray as Women become objects to own
    as the Males are not nurtured for Love and in many cases are literally not capable
    of even feeling the Affection of when we Naturally like other Mammals release the Neurohormone
    Oxytocin to bond with others that is a Force Behind Altruism and also a Force of all kinds of Addiction
    when Humans
    are not Nurtured
    for these Hugs and Kisses
    when Young Freely among
    their Peers too and what we end
    up with is a Tribal Society where the
    Genders are separated away from the
    Affection of Love that make us fully Human
    in the First Place.. SMiLeS.. my Friend.. i was raised
    without the Toxic Patriarchy that my Law Enforcement
    Military Service Father would have ordinarily then brought that
    into the home.. yes.. and although he did Have Cats he rarely even
    showed any affection to those Cats and while his Two Cats showed
    some affection for each other they were totally aloof when it came
    to Human Beings for those were only Objects in their Environment
    who did not bring Hugs of Love to them.. on my Mother’s Side the
    Cats would jump up into your Lap for Hugs just like me my FriEnd
    LoVE For
    when i went to Middle
    School and was a ‘Nerdy’
    and Slender Young Male
    with Long Blonde Hair
    and the same Green
    to Blue eyes now
    wHere the So-
    Called onward
    me Names
    and threatened me
    when i smiled and Spit
    on me at the City Park when
    i tried to play Tennis with the
    Back Board and Taunted me
    Even circling me then even Bringing
    A Chant Calling me Homophobic names
    just ’cause i had the Kindness of my Mother’s
    Love and Hugs FLoWeReD within as A Soul of Love
    and you know my friend a Big Reason i Literally Leg
    Press A Half a ton now 52 times is so no one will ever be
    Able to Bully away from Love again.. for it’s True where i Live
    a Man practically has to become Superman to even get to express
    all his Emotions of Love and that is precisely what my 9707 Miles
    of Mixed Ballet and Martial Arts Free Style in Public Dance is
    an expression of all of my emotions including get the hell
    out of my way if you don’t like my heaven but it’s
    true where i live now i’m Big enough to Love
    And smAll enough
    fight as Big as
    Meek doesn’t mean
    Weak Meek Means Strong Enough Fearless
    to Love as far as Males go in Toxic Patriarchal
    Societies and the People who wrote the Story
    of Jesus were the outcasts who were not afraid
    to Love Creating a God of Love by Story over the
    Tribal Lizard God of Doubt and Fear and Aggression/Rape/Violence
    in an overall Gehenna Garbage Dump of Hate tHere.. yes.. the God of
    Hope Joy and Love Versus the God of Doubt Fear and Hate and most
    often a Loving Mother Creates the Good Cop Jesus in their sons and
    Daughters as Long as Toxic Patriarchy does not come to rule the roost
    of literal Hell on Earth
    so yes..
    Bless you
    Himali where i Live still
    Loving men are truly still rare
    And where i live i have always
    found that Women appreciate
    Truly Fearless Loving Men the
    most in fact i don’t even have
    to say ‘i Love You’
    i have
    to do is Dance
    Free and express in Emotions
    Senses all i am as Human as yes
    on Facebook my Latest ‘Memory’
    From 2 Years ago is a Sorority of 6
    Women from my Old College from 35
    Years ago of my attendance and in a Selfie
    one of those Beautiful Women is expressing a non-verbal
    Expression of a Kiss on my Ear in respect of a dying Breed of Men..
    not afraid
    to express their
    Emotions Men with a Soul FEARLESS As LoVELiViNG
    AS WELL.. anYWay.. Modern Science/Culture suggests
    there are 5 Kinds of Love per Acts of Service.. Hugs/Touch..
    Words of Affirmation.. Quality Time.. and Gifts of Material Presents
    but of course
    they don’t
    include God of As LoVE
    the 6th beyond iNFiNiTY NoW ALWaYS NoW
    Measure of Love aS AGApe Love For ALL(GoD)
    wHere the Human Becomes Love (God) iNcarnate
    LiGHT Forevermore now the Greatest Force of LoVE
    NoW And the Higher Power of God in us that Radiates
    Love like a Tie Dyed Living Sun with Never ending Colors..
    so yes..
    Love Bless you too..
    in the Middle of all that
    Doubt Fear and Hate in Middle
    School i Dreamed A Giant Rainbow
    ToWeRinG Above me surrounding me
    thenow with even more Colors of Love than
    A Rainbow that was and still is God NoW iN As #metoo #LoVEYoU

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