Journaling – When nothing goes right, go WRITE!


I remember writing on the very same topic, back in 2015. A lot of times, when my mind feels clouded by thoughts, emotions, worries, and anxiety; when I just can not think straight; and when things are so overwhelming that I either want to give up or feel like I want to cry; I turn to my diary.

It is my safe place, where I can write WHATEVER to WHOEVER without any sort of fear πŸ˜› It would sometimes include a long list of fancy names I wish to call someone, my evil secret plans of puncturing all 4 tyres of a car πŸ˜‰ (just kidding, never done that – yet) and all the secrets which are going to the grave with me.

It gives a release to all the built up emotions and frustrations and helps me to let go. At times when I want to write at length, I will type it up on my email and send it to myself; because hey! I can punch on the keyboard mercilessly while I type and release some of the anger on the poor keyboard keys too πŸ˜› plus I can type faster than I can write when I am upset and agitated (Dear keyboard, I am so sorry)

For me, it is all about the release I feel. Releasing the pain from all the dusty corners of my heart and feeling free and relaxed. The bonus point is that I get to laugh at all the silly things and all my crazy devious plans to take revenge. I get to laugh at how mad and annoyed I can get πŸ˜›

Let’s play a game called ‘Angry Birds’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


Everything written in this post is meant to be taken on a lighter note. No hard feelings. I am in fact smiling right now after having some crazy last 24 hours and managed to send some nice replies to the emails I received from Luke & Prat ! Thank you guys for making me SMILE ❀

Life is short, taking it Chill,

39 thoughts on “Journaling – When nothing goes right, go WRITE!

  1. Writing can be healing. It can also lead us to solutions or insights. Writing is like opening a channel. We don’t need to hide something and that is why it helps to bring things to the surface. I love what you wrote about writing an email to yourself. That’s really cool. I never thought of this. Keep writing and shining, dear Himali πŸ’–

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  2. As Usual.. Helloooove Himali As All True Art/Poetry is Emotive Language
    That Moves Us to Action and of Course Positive Change too and to Master
    the More Shadow Side of us that can and will and does include all the Aggressions
    And other Lusts of Life at core of our Reptile Brain as we move up to the More Warm
    And Fuzzy Cat Purrs and Puppy Hugs too and all the way up to so-called Human Rationality
    And Beyond the Moon and Stars to Spirituality one with God as the Rest of all that is yes beyond
    All Words both
    and Written too..
    Now as all of what is beyond
    Our Ability now to Give Appropriate
    Words and other Symbols we Mutually now
    And Hopefully Consensually Share Reflecting
    A Higher Force and Power now for all the Colors
    More oF Love as a Word that are surely more than a Four
    Letter Word.. yeah that’s what i told my Monsignor Catholic
    Priest Yesterday then when i asked him who is this Manna who
    is this Bread of Life who is the God i am Love where the Answer
    is You.. as it’s True Some nows all God and Love Comes to
    Be is Three and Four Letter Symbols with Little to
    No Essence Within to Move Connect and Co-
    Create with all others and the Rest of
    Existence God as all that is as in
    Namaste as they
    Dance Sing from
    the pArts
    you are from
    in India too.. Anyway Now
    A Greatest Essence about Writing
    Now And using Emotive Language to
    Express our Multi-UniVerse WithiN in more
    Hardened and yes still Abstract Constructs
    We Humans Co-Create to put to The Page as
    We Upload a little bit of our Soul and Look Back
    at it as our SPiRiT oF HeaRT Dances and Sings Back to Us
    Is Yes.. it is a small container of our Soul that we too Can and Will
    Garden what we are Born With And Nourish More as a Manna oF LoVE As
    A Bread and Water of Life BeCoMes Colored More Beyond All the Pastels
    of Rainbow and sadly Purgatory Grey SHades to BLack Abyss too of mostly
    nothingness too.. And yes even better if Now We Manage the Courage and Love
    to even Blog About it in Public With No Restraint as it is possible that just one Symbol
    of Words We Phrase Together Might SpArk something in someone else somewhere
    in a place they come to find us even long after are we are gone that literally changes
    tHeir HeART
    to be
    to go on at
    least one more
    Moment after all
    is lost and given up
    And of course that is a Largest
    PArt of Love That is Real Caring NoW ABout
    others even after we are long gone from the Planet eARTh.. as
    tHere Was a Day Back iN A BLack Abyss Soul years so far away
    from any Positive Hope of Emotions then.. Losing even the Memory
    of not only what a Laugh Felt like but even the Warm Glow within A
    Smile Generates so Free iN LoVe.. Yes.. just a Song by Katy Perry just
    A ‘Firework’ in 2010 before i even started Writing the First Word trapped
    in pain and numb then without even much effective use of my eyes and ears to Read Books
    or Listen to Songs Since January of 2008.. 33 Months somehow i still made it to the Gym through
    that pain.. ear plugs and shades on then too.. Yes.. Still Through Almost Unbearable Life
    With That Pain in Right eye and Ear from Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake
    to Sleep for the Full 66 Months even after i started Writing on Thanks Giving Day
    of 2010.. one Word.. a Mountain of Pain and 12 Million More at this Point with yes
    6 Million Words of Poem in close to 60 Months now.. that Song for some Feeling
    And Sense was the First Spark of Hope that touched anything about my Soul that
    Spoke to me a Faint Heart Beat of what it really even means to live when living.. it’s True
    for me at least Katy Perry Earned Every Penny For all her Records then for truly any Art that
    Manages to Wake the Dead out of Hell just for a Second is Worth More than any Money ever made..
    Smiles.. mY FriEnd
    i Keep
    That in
    for every
    Word i Write
    for i Do know that just
    the ‘right combination’
    could be enough to save
    even just one Life one Second out of the Halls of Hell yes..
    ‘Firework’ As Katy Perry Dances Sings After a Hurricane
    Comes A Rainbow mY FriEnd
    A Tear
    of GoLD..:)

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      • Hi Himali.. oh what a Beautiful FL
        Day at the Beach it was yesterday
        Dancing in Reverse in my Nike Shox
        Shoes through The Deep Sloping Wet
        Sands and Salt Waters of the Beach
        Through Oh Lord Miles and Miles
        of Crowded Human
        Beach So Much
        More Agility
        And Strength
        Gained and so many
        Looks of WTF from the
        Onlookers too but i am Free
        Bottom Line of ‘Crazy Horse Dance’
        Free me.. hehe.. and by the way i forgot
        to Mention How much i appreciate the Wonder
        And Innocence of a Child’s Face at Play coming
        out of the Hole in that Manufactured United Arab
        Emirates Cave wherever that place is the Wonder
        And Amazement of the Child Lives Within us Free
        no matter what.. as Curious Bonobo George and or
        Georgette too..
        Happy Rest
        of the Work
        Week and
        YeS AGAiN
        Helllooove Himali
        And by the way noticing
        your Comment Below Mac
        is so Much Better than Dell hehe..
        the Service Woman at Best Buy
        Showed me a New Super Duper
        ‘Doped up’ Mac Pro Lap Top Model for 6,699 American
        Dollars and i said no Thanks i Love What i Have already the
        Most it Does what i Need it all to Do and that’s just another LeSSoN
        For All oF LiFE too..
        My FriEnd
        Never Stop
        Playing Directing
        Producing and Acting
        DanCinG SinGinG NoW
        YouR Play BeinG owned by
        Nothing Less THaN God FReED WiTHiN..:)

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  3. As ever, You make it sound So simple; Poor ole me, I just Hate writing. Give me assignments to Talk; even at the shortest notice, …that I can manage, even for Hours, and Enjoy it! But, as I said… So, What Cure for this, my Sweet Grand Daughter? …As ever, with Love and Blessings.

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    • I love to write when I am happy and when I feel upset. It gives an outlet to my emotions. Well, I should get some lessons on impromptu public speaking from you for sure, will better enable me to articulate my ideas. I am guessing you are a very very well read person and consume knowledge at the speed of light making it effortless for you to deliver a speech on any topic for hours. I am amazed by your ability πŸ™‚ May be we can catch up someday and learn from one another.
      Again, many thanks for your love and blessings. Wish you the same and more πŸ™‚

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      • My Dear Himali, it is just Lovely having this conversation with You! …I know that many people like to write, for very many reasons; and, as You say, it is Very Useful and Good.

        I have read a lot, that is True. But Please forget about the Speed of Light and all that. Two things: First of all, am nearing 71. (The profile pic is a few years old. Too lazy to go change it!) That itself gives me a large span of time. Secondly, I have Paid Attention to what I read. Studied, really, instead of just Reading.

        Naturally, I know Nothing about specialized topics. Life, is my subject. I have been a successful Life Coach. I can Notice what is going wrong and how to correct that. But that is the Result of all those years of study and Reflection. Nothing special about that.

        Am Impressed by You! Much Love and Blessings! πŸ™‚

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  4. […] I came home and rather than heading straight for the shower, I found a beautiful guided meditation on YouTube by The Honest Guys which I played for myself. Towards the end of the next 20 minutes, I was ALL SMILES πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I felt so happy from within that I was searching for craft supplies (‘cuz I love to make art when I’m elated). I had run out of craft paper and hence I decided to WRITE in my e-Journal – an email to myself. […]


  5. Hello Himali, nice post. I like that you’re very open and care free about your posts. I like that you also have an interest in journaling. Nice blog and keep up the good work!

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