Airports and Train Stations


I will be off for a couple of days for a short and much-awaited vacation! After the early morning caffeine induced study sessions, I am so looking forward to the relaxing holidays and leisure time with family and friends.

I love airports and train stations not just because they are a connecting channel for transporting me to my destination, it is much more because I almost always have someone at the arrivals of my destination to pick me up and drive me home/to my intended place. It has been very rare for me to go home alone. Even when I was living in Mumbai, just 500 km away from my city and would come home 2-3 times a month; hardly in 1-2 instances in 3 years did my dad not come to pick me up.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 13.42.24
I like doing silly things like sitting on the luggage trolley and being taken aroundΒ πŸ˜›

Normally my dad or a friend of mine would come and collect me from the airport. When my parents were traveling, one of my friends made sure to drop and pick them up from the airport without even contacting me and to be honest, I was awed by the gesture πŸ™‚

Once it so happened that I had scheduled my international flight to Mumbai to coincide with that of my friend’s domestic flight to Mumbai at the same terminal so both of us would land at approx. the same time. Unfortunately, my luggage never arrived as there were some baggage issues on my flight. An hour and a half later exhausted after filling so many forms, I walked towards the domestic arrivals to find my friend patiently waiting πŸ™‚ Isn’t it such a warm gesture?

For me, arrivals are exciting, as I know someone is eagerly waiting for me to step out of the arrivals gate.Β  What about you? What is your favorite airport moment?


42 thoughts on “Airports and Train Stations

  1. I agree totally! Arrivals are always amazing. Most of all at the places you are longing for. I too love train stations and airports. It is the feeling of heading towards something wonderful. Only the smell of those places gives me that feeling.
    Your friend is an angel indeed! Now, enjoy your time, Himali πŸ’–

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  2. SMiLes HiMali.. i find it uplifting that you Treasure the Warmth of Love in
    YouR HeART in an Activity of Life that some might
    Take for Granted for the Bond of Binds in
    A Religion of Pure Human Love
    in this Fuzzy Comfortable
    Part of Mammalian
    Love that
    all Naturally
    when we go back
    Home no matter how
    many Homes we have and
    are greeted by those who do miss us
    now whether Trip by Airplane Train Bus
    Automobile or even a Distant Walk or Run
    still between Villages as such.. the Human
    Bond Remains Similar Warm and Fuzzy in ReaL
    Comfort of Hugs and Hands that hold out and onto
    with the
    LiveS on
    no matter time
    distance or space
    and perhaps that is the
    Crux of the Beauty of this
    Post that no matter those Facts
    of Systemizing Measuring Science
    Love Lasts
    Love Lasts
    And is ReaL NoW
    as Life Gets for truly
    the only Experience in
    Life Worth Counting on for
    those Gifted in this Manna and
    Bread of Life of God i Am Love is to truly
    Give and Share this Love NoW and Receive
    it beyond all time distance and space my FriEnd
    so Yes with another Helloooove HiMaLi.. i aLWaYS
    Feel like
    i am
    off a Plane
    of God i Am is Love
    when i visit my FriEnd
    at an Airport of FriEndly
    Unconditional Warm and
    Comfy Love at Himali’s Blog Site
    that truly is no distance space or time
    but now in FriEnd Ship Free as LoVE
    SMiLes mY FriEnd
    i’ve never boarded
    an Airplane perhaps
    a Train once or twice
    when a very young Child
    and a Greyhound Bus to visit
    my Father across State Twice a
    year from Third Grade until when i drove
    by myself at 16 Years old.. and through all the
    Drives Across State to See Him i treasured those
    Hours Spent on the Road in introspection so far away
    from what we
    do know
    to be
    as a Rat
    Race of Life
    away from what it
    Truly means to Experience Soul
    Deep within to give and share as sPiRiT of HeART
    Wisdom Loves Beauty and Courage is Loving Kindness
    As Katrina says Himali is such a Pretty Young Woman
    in your photo at the Airport here and you can and will
    see it so clear that her Soul is Real in the eYes of Life Loves Joy..
    Thanks for Helping me StART Yet ANoTHeR MacroVerse “Through eYes oF KinDNeSS”..:)

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    • I so so enjoyed reading every single word you wrote, Fred! Hellooooove and Good Morning America, Good morning Florida and Beautiful sun shine to Fred and Katrina πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

      I love to catch up some sleep while I travel (zzZzz off to dream land) and also chit chat with fellow travellers. I love when I get a windows seat as I can stare out in the infinity and reflect upon life.

      Life is all about appreciating the love and beauty around us. I try to be as thoughtful and some more with people, not just the ones I care about. If your smile can brighten someone’s day, you should do that more often. I often even wave with a good morning wish to people I see around and it’s so fun to watch them soften up from their thoughts and smile back to you. 😊😊😊😊

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      • SMiLes my FriEnd Himali Yes it is true i have yet
        to Fly on any Size Airplane not even a Helicopter
        too and while it’s also true i have close to Zero
        Anxiety and Fear.. i still don’t like Heights
        at all not even Five Feet up on a Ladder
        From the Ground
        it’s probably
        My Head
        is too big
        in Cranial Circumference
        and i might tip over and
        fall to the ground.. hehe
        but anyway it doesn’t
        stop me from Spiraling
        A Dance Hours on end
        and it really wouldn’t bother
        me to ride in an Airplane as
        there is no way i will fall down sitting still.. hehe..
        truly it’s amazing i Dance but miracles never cease m
        y friend when real
        but i’m
        not gonna
        climb any ladders.. hAha..
        And i really would like to fly
        one day and that is precisely
        what it feels like when i dance
        on Terrestrial Land so i am still fulfilled this way to.. hAha..;)

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  3. Love airports and train stations as well! When I lived in England, I would commute between England and Berlin as often as every week for a while. Loved it! Got a lot of reading done, met interesting people, and generally felt completely alive. Once, a friend and I kept another friend company for a while at Stansted airport. We were all coming in from Denmark, and his layover was twenty hours or so. I think he didn’t have any more money to book a room, so we hung out for a while, getting magazines, talking crazy, and just having fun. Good memory. πŸ™‚

    Have a great vacation, and hope you recognize this, as I’m using a new blog. πŸ™‚

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