Happy Teachers Day

A quote from a book which got me to tears ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom

Even before we step into school, the first teachers in our lives are our parents and the next are our siblings. They teach us to love, care and share unconditionally. For them, we are always special and the best. They believe in us much more than we do.

A big big thank you to all the formal teachers I have had right from pre-school right through my university. The very first teacher I fondly remember is my Grade 1 class teacher at Mount Carmel Convent Primary School, Miss Fernandez. I still remember how she once told me with an ear to ear smile that I looked like a fairy in my red dress and how she got me a present on my birthday (I still have that craft book today). When I was in grade 11, I met 2 teachers – 1 was my class teacher Miss Rashmi and the second was my tuition sir – Himanshu Patel, who changed my life 360 degree. Until grade 10, I was just one amongst many students and never extraordinary since grade 6 in my academics or extracurriculars. They saw something in me and I don’t know what or why but they pushed me way beyond I ever thought was possible for me to perform.

At the very first meeting with my parents, Himanshu sir said he will ensure I get a board rank in grade 12 exams and somehow that belief in me that my sir had made me study so hard that I topped my school. Miss Rashmi would force so many extracurricular activities onto me – from making the class timetable to being responsible for daily maintenance of the class board, writing on certificates and books which entailed the use of my calligraphy skills, participation in group rangoli competitions, punishing us for being naughty and always telling me that I had the potential to do even better, although I would top the class! Things which didn’t make sense to me then and which were done because I HAD to not because I really wanted to do them, make perfect sense now. She ensured that I was being groomed well rounded not just academically, but also socially.

A teacher isn’t just someone who teaches you in school or university. You meet informal teachers of life – people who you learn lessons of life from. You meet people who intentionally or unintentionally mentor you. People who will be brutal but who will ensure you expand beyond your possibilities and grow. People who inspire you, ignite that curious spark or people who are willing to go beyond what is required to help you when you encounter roadblocks.

A special thanks to a friend who helped me with studying AUD for my CPA exams. Thank you for your patience, time and efforts to explain to me concepts right from the scratch and solving all my queries and enforcing study time even when I would show up half an hour late and all sleepy at 10 pm from a desert safari and yawn multiple times 😛 . I guess I wasn’t as happy as you when we saw my results.

Today is a day not just for acknowledging our academic contributors but every person who’s shaped us to become the person we’ve become today. A teacher can be a friend, a little child, a much junior person or someone super senior to you!

Wish you a very happy  5th of September, 2018 🙂


9 thoughts on “Happy Teachers Day

  1. An ode to the teachers shaping your life and souls you met playing an important role. I wonder, what I’d be without my teachers and souls who taught me so much. Happy Teachers Day for you are also teaching people so much in life. We all do.

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  2. Recognizing the importance/significance of teachers (in the broadest interpretation of the word) in your own life, will hopefully establish a behavior within yourself as/when you interact with others. You were clearly taught/influenced well so, to use a current expression …. please “pay it forward”! 🙂

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  3. I agree, there are many teachers I think back to which left more footprints in my life than only algebra or language knowledge. We are together with them for quite some time through the year and that way they are also companions and mentors.

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  4. So true, Himali. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had an literature teacher who read my poem to the class one day. It was a homework assignment, but I had no idea that it would be read by her to the class. After she concluded reading it, she looked at me and said to the class that ‘we had a poet among us’. I never forger those words, or her support. Her encouragement helped me gain confidence in writing lyrics for songs later on in my life. You wrote a beautiful and important tribute to those who inspire and encourage us. Their contributions are priceless.

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  5. As ‘they’ say.. Hellooove Himali And Saving Among the Best for Last as
    First for those who Teach a Philosophy of Unconditional Loving Fearless
    For all as You do still Do heAR.. And that reminds me too of a Woman Named
    Tina.. “Intellectually’ in ‘Development’ Challenged who worked with her Mother Dolores
    who at times was quite severe in Demands for her.. but never the Less Tina still Loved her
    Mother and Never Complained.. Tina Always told the Truth for she was not ‘smart’ enough to lie..
    Tina Loved the Small Joys of Life for she was
    Not Smart Enough to Hate Less..
    Tina Worked as Hard
    as any CEO
    for she
    Life takes Work….
    Tina Loved the Atlanta Braves
    And the Chicago Cubs as she never
    Gave up and they eventually won the World Series too..
    Tina Loved Bingo.. Just for All the Joy Lit up in Her eyes for going with
    her Friends And True i was Tina’s Boss always so Busy and the so-called
    Boss of her Mother Too.. but i watched Tina Closely as Tina became my Hero True
    for see my friEnd
    when I lost my Feelings..
    when i lost my Memory of what
    a Laugh Felt Like or even what
    a Smile Felt in Hell for 66 Months so long after i Lost my Love
    For anything at all but the Reality of Work just work and work so hard
    in a do or die proposition fed to me by the Culture of the God of Money
    after i lost
    it all then
    i understood
    who Tina was is
    then Like my Favorite
    Stuffed Animal as a Child..
    yes.. a Small White Polar Bear
    but Tina wasn’t just Stuffed together
    Like A Story.. Tina was is Love iNcarNate
    And ever since then i do my Best in Honor of that Teacher of Just Loving Life as is.

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