This too shall pass . . .

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On my recent adventure trip, I had a slight mishap. I was trying some photography at a 15th century Jain temple and while walking towards the center stage area, I could see a black square stone. My focus was on my phone and suddenly I felt the ground beneath me gone missing. Even before I could comprehend what really happened, I was tumbling down through some stairs not knowing how deep the alleged step-well was in which I lost my way.

Luckily there were a lot of people around me who came to my rescue and I was not majorly injured. I tried to grab my belongings and I saw that my brand new phone had a broken screen. My jaw, arm, back, leg and toe were throbbing with pain as I tried hard to hold back my tears. I really did want to cry – not because I was injured, but because my phone screen got cracks πŸ˜› Thinking back, I fully realize how insane I am to love ‘THINGS’.

The next thought that worried me to death was what am I going to tell my parents? It made me really anxious as my parents would reprimand me for not taking proper care of myself and as a possibility deny me permission for future trips. I know they wouldn’t like seeing me in pain. I had an option to lie to them about my accident and the phone damage but somehow my conscious didn’t feel that as the right thing to do. Later that evening when I returned home, I mustered up the courage to tell them what exactly happened. I was almost on the verge of crying but they took what I said with ease and didn’t scold me as I feared.

Although it has been quite some days since the accidental tripping incident, my back, toe and leg still feel sore and tender with pain. I was complaining to my mom as to when will this pain subside and she was like give it some time…

This made me reflect on a lot of things this evening and here’s what I could think of:

  • I am happy and proud of my choice to be honest with my parents. One lie triggers a series of lies which eventually weighs you down. When you encounter any situation in which you need to compromise on your conscience, DO NOT choose that path. The guilt that comes along will make you feel worse from within.

  • Forgive, people make mistakes. But if they are honest enough to confide in you with the truth and you refuse to forgive, they may not tell you the truth going forward.

  • Be thankful, whatever be the situation. My immediate reaction was “Why me?”. In reality I was saved miraculously from a major accident. Learn to look through the eyes of appreciation – things could have been much worse.

  • The pain shall fade away and subside – just give time, some time. There’s no definite or defined moment you know when, but it will happen. When you’re so engulfed with life that you don’t even notice and suddenly when you look back, it doesn’t hurt that much.

  • When you detach and get busy with being you, the hurt will loose it’s power over you. Learn to be happy DESPITE and IRRESPECTIVE. A lot of things will go wrong in life, choose to be happy nonetheless.

  • Someone told me this ‘life isn’t fair, so don’t expect life to be fair’.

  • YOU are far more important than any other material thing in life. Possessions can be replaced, life is priceless. Things are meant to be used, people are meant to be loved.

  • I can’t believe the long way I’ve come – sustaining and fighting through a lot of hurt and it has eventually molded me into the strong standing person today. There were days I never thought I would be able to think of a brighter tomorrow and yet, God gave me the strength to hold myself and sent me the right people at the right time who helped me to heal and smile, once again. This too shall pass, have faith.

Ending this post with a happy camper picture of me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Maybe, it’s the darkness that reminds us that there is infinite magic in just a little candlelight.

Much love,

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  1. I hope you also learned that, regardless of what electronics you have in your hand, your eyes and mental focus must be where you are going. So many people are killed simply because they were focused on (e.g.) texting, and stepped in front of a moving vehicle. Take care. Nothing is more important than your life! πŸ™‚

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    • Big time!! Actually I have been to temples countless times and I am quite aware of the general layout of temples. So the step-well right in the centre was just unexpected and also it was so dark which made it really difficult to spot it downright. It just looked like a black stone. But yes, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP πŸ™‚ Thanks for your concern .

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  2. The reason people like you and me get so attached to things is that we associate all the important things that happened with them, people we met, news we received, moments we had. At least that’s the way for me. I’m not a material person in that I have to have a product to show off, but I won’t deliberately shop only in thrift shops either. I like to do both. When I like something, I like it. My favorite jacket is from a Scandinavian brand that’s affordable and makes good quality clothes. There are too many memories associated with it to list. All good. πŸ™‚

    Btw, this should link to my new blog, which is slightly more positive. πŸ™‚


  3. Himali Shah, you always motivate me by real life incidents and the reason for decoding the Happiness in to that.

    I firmly believe that, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

    And if you follow this,then noone can harm your inner peace as well as your self respect.

    Everything happens for a reason, it’s our job to find that reason

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    • Hello Bhavik, Happyness is a friend creating a WordPress account just to follow your blogs! 🌞

      Thanks for sharing that inspirational quote. It’s added to my favourite list πŸ™‚ Study hard and wish you all the best.

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  4. Himali! Hope you are fine and could have gone worst. Such mishaps teach us so much about life, the path we take and the need to rise or detach. There is something behind this incident which the universe is plotting may to bring you closer to your bigger purpose in life.


  5. So Many Favorite Things to be Thankful for when they arrive at our attentions in
    Feelings and Senses No Matter what it takes to Awake us Greater With Gratitude
    And yes Helllooove HiMaLi.. i am Grateful to See you at ‘Decoding Happyness’ again..
    And i remember my 94 Year-Old Great-Aunt Jettie back in my Years of the Dead
    Zone Within as She Smiled year to year ear to ear for what some might
    see as Simplest Pleasures of Life Like More than two kinds of Juices
    in Her Refrigerator that she could Choose to enjoy a Cold
    Drink whenever she liked for yes she lived in Days
    where all there was was Water to be Drawn
    from a Well that Took Much Work
    as now there was the Luxury
    off a ‘Fridge and Grocery
    Stores for
    Flavors of
    Juices than
    Were Even Available in
    Her Younger Years of Life..
    Perspective she had and Perspective
    that lasted.. Meanwhile.. i couldn’t remember
    what a Smile Felt like then without effective use
    of my eyes and ears through the Issue with the Nerves
    in my Head/Face.. so.. yes her Happiness Seemed like
    Pure Harry Potter Magic back then i guess for anyone
    Who has moved to the Dark Side with no perspective
    oF LiGHT aT aLL for those Valuable Gifts As our
    Emotions Are as Memories that will be lost to
    Reach Back and Touch then now or
    the future too.. When the Uni-
    Verse of our Soul is no
    Longer Lit up
    LiFE LiGHT NoW…
    Anyway that came back
    for me and then in the Spring of
    2017 a Common Cold took my Smell
    and ability to Taste Flavors away for about
    a Year Overall too and i must say i particularly
    like any Flavor of Juice now to appreciate so much
    more in Full Gratitude just like the Gift of Sight and Hearing
    and the Touch and Hugs of Heart that will Feel the Pet of a Cat
    As Warm and Fuzzy SPiRiT oF HeART in SoUL that operates again
    Alive.. And With Tactile Sensitivity from Birth i still cannot touch Most
    Human Made Materials but what i can/will Touch and Feel is Human Love
    The GreaTesT
    GiFT oF aLL
    That is
    So Hard
    to Lose the
    Gift and Magic of Life That is Real..
    Anyway.. All Darkness in Life has the
    Potential to Remind us of our other wise
    Favorite things as long as we have and keep
    the Emotions and Senses to Actually Experience
    Favorite HeARTS oF LiFE NoW aLWaYS As A Use
    or Lose Way of Life too for all We Do to Keep Life Bright in Colors now..
    for the More Favorites in Experiences of Life We come to Move With Others
    to Co-Connect and Co-Create too the more Resilient we come to be the next
    now we take a Nasty Fall.. I am so glad you did not Get Injured too Bad and it is
    Always A Pleasure to See You in Lovely Countenance of Fashion in Your Favorite
    PArts of Clothing and Shoes too as you Look Really Sporty in the ‘Jungles’ of India
    there with Your Matching Green Athletic Shoes and Green Shirt and the Stick to Scare
    Any Snakes that might Cross Your Path.. and i Like the Cave Photo too as you Look So
    Relaxed with Your Flexible Bare Feet too.. And Your Smiles are always some of my Favorite things too..
    God Bless you
    Shining Bright..:)

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    • Hellooooove Fred πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      I so love your philosophy to be thankful and be awakened with a sense of Gratitude. Thanks a million for the warm and loving welcome back to me and sharing stories of Aunt Jettie. I sometimes do realize that we’re so spoilt for choice that we barely take time to absorb how blessed we are. I love your Harry Potter reference – you know how to win a Potter head’s πŸ’“. Just wanted to ask you has your cold been cured? I know the struggle when you can’t differentiate tastes as some time back I was having severe cold and everything was downright tasteless to my taste buds. Thankfully it is all okay now. How about you ?
      Hugs to you and Katrina πŸ€—πŸ˜€πŸŒž

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      • SMiLes mY FriEnd the Hills are Alive with All Colors of Emotions for me and i’ve been rather very
        much SloWed with a Cold as kind of a welcome ‘Kryptonite’ for my Average State of Being as High
        And Just Floating around in Joy for true the Nostalgia of the Darker Days off Life may
        be Remembered Better with a Cold more than Stellar Well Being so Far uP and
        Separated from the Dark LeSSons Life Brings and This Cold Gift Brought Tears
        of Spirit for me For i Better Remembered though this Stint of all
        Natural Human Weaker in the Common Cold Virus as Gift it is
        for the Blessing the Dark has brought me now all through
        the Lessons of Life.. For LiGHT True Like Reviewing one’s
        Life at Death
        that is
        NoW out
        of DaRK
        anyway Earlier
        i was Dancing
        in the Public Stores today
        Listening to that BroadWay Musical
        ‘My Favorite Things’ from the ‘Sound of Music’..
        Eventually Transitioning into the ‘Hills are Alive with Music’
        From that Same Favorite of Childhood where Julie Andrews reminded
        me of the Living Mother i had back in those Days with no Nanny Nun Required
        to Bring that Soprano Voice of Real Love for it’s True other wise i might have become
        A Man of War
        And Law
        Like my Father
        instead of a Poet Dancer
        at HeaRT Who Rises from
        Dark.. anyway. my FriEnd As Life Dance
        Songs go i was hoping to find appropriate
        inspiration to Add Words to the ‘Hills are Alive with
        Music’ for they are in the Land i Live that is Heaven now
        A Place with Joy and Tears Alike A Place of LiGht and dArk
        too this EartH This Heaven That is Real when EYes of Fearless LoVinG
        Tiger Join in on A Dance and Song of the Courage of the LioN HeART KiND too..
        And just to think i could have probably even Sung ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song’
        And no Bully
        Have Dared
        Challenge the
        Love that is the Lion
        too for True i am no longer
        Silent my FriEnd A HearT Who Dances Sings
        SPiRiT iN MiNd and BoDY BaLanCinG SoUL BeYoND
        LovE That’s Real AlWaYS NoW..
        And Helloove Himali
        As tHere is No Goodbye in Helloooove..:)


    • Hi GiJo! Thank you for being so sweet and asking me to watch out. To be honest I thought I know the general architecture of temples quite well as I’ve visited them tons of times. So I wasn’t really careful to watch my steps. But this temple had a pretty different interiors and I shall me more careful not to wander around while walking now onwards πŸ˜€

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  6. Lovely post Himali! I hope you’re feeling better now, and you are right, it is silly to be so attached to things. These are all on loan to us from God, to teach us not to seek lasting happiness in them but in Him. You are such a lovely soul and I enjoy reading your blog. Many blessings on you! Anita.

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  7. What an expressive soul you are, Himali!!!

    You very well captured your learning from your experience!!

    I am really amazed by your thoughtfulness. Hats off to you!

    Keep writing more to enlighten people with your thoughts….. Love you:)


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