Take the risk or lose the chance


A lot of times, we encounter situations that require us to move beyond our comfort zone and TRY something unusual, something which intimidates us or something whose outcome we fear. Last evening, Sept. 27, 2018, I did something I had so firmly decided against ever doing it again! While the outcome of my fantastic experiment wasn’t as hilarious as expected and it really got me upset for the rest of the evening, I woke up with a big wide smile today morning, since I had chosen courage over fear. I was happy that if I look back to this day, I will not have any regrets of not taking the chance. I am happy that I will not have to live with the possibility of a ‘what if’. We miss a lot of opportunities just because we never tried. Isn’t it better to try and fail than not to try at all?

Embarrassment lasts a moment, regrets last a lifetime.

I guess it’s okay not to be okay at times. Facing our fears and failing miserably can hurt real bad. Rejections can be heartbreaking. But that’s how you learn and grow. Eventually, you will have one more story to tell your grandkids someday and laugh about with your friends, right?

Be comfortable with being uncomfortableย 


26 thoughts on “Take the risk or lose the chance

  1. I must be grateful towards the one who makes me happy every time with her advice, inspiration, motivation and more over the care like no one else can express except one true friend (One who is the first to initiate step towards happiness). Thanks a lot for realizing me every time by knowingly or unknowingly Dude. Your post is always making me happiest.

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  2. “Embarrassment lasts a moment, regrets last a lifetime.”

    “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable”


    Hellooove Himali From Seemingly Never Ending
    Land of Heat and Humidity Arriving in Fall Still in
    Summer in Florida Land but the Flowers are still
    so i will
    About Indian Summer in Fall..
    Fall Fall Fall how we Fear to Fall
    in Life for what others might think of us
    if we Fall Fall Fail to Meet their Expectations of us..
    For what is Life but a Test to Rise Rise Rise Despite
    what others Might Limit and Expect of us other wise wise
    wise than what we can and will come to meet and rise of our
    own Human Potentials
    Flying Above what
    and feel of what we should
    Do in Life Based on how they Perceive
    Life as is is is.. Oh.. the Beauty of Relative Free
    Will Will Will We Are Blessed with my FriEnd to Climb
    That Mountain and Make it Music as i for one am still Recovering
    From the Common Cold and Still Pushing through for Love Love Love
    Yes Helloooove For Life We Direct Produce and are the Actors We Co-Create
    As Us with Others to Rise more or rise less for all of what we can and will be the
    Next now
    is Now
    For Real..
    As our Play
    of Life We Co-Create
    PLoWinG With Love And Joy Now
    Across the Fields of other wise than that..
    Smiles.. i see you Sitting on a Hill With Sincere Smiles
    And A Hand Wave to the Sky with Two Fingers Pointed
    Up And A Hand Overall And Smile Overall in the Shape oF L For LoVE
    As tHere is Nothing
    ELse to
    But Climb Climb Climb
    Higher With Love as for me at
    Least Celebrating 10,000 Miles of
    Public Dance this Weekend i am now
    With the Common Cold of Doing Group
    Think And Do i Refuse to Do.. Now
    5 Long years of
    Dance Joy
    A First
    Step of
    i Do Dare to Live as a
    Joy of Dance more than other wise now…
    Happy Weekend Himali.. Glad to See You Rising..:)

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      • SMiLes Himali.. Dancing as i have done for 5 Years now in Front of a Festival
        of Thousands with A Band on the Greens (Field) in a Red State Area of
        Conservative Leaning Folks where i Live is a lot like Diving in
        the Deep End of a Pool except i Will not possibly drown
        for Self-Respect Supercedes any need for Fame
        or Fortune of Self-Esteem Demanded
        From anyone else so at the least
        and most as a Servant
        of Dance and
        a Slave
        to Dance the
        most i will do is invite
        someone Conservative to open
        up their Mind and Body Releasing
        God within to Flow as River to the Ocean of God Within
        in other words considering tHere is no escaping God might
        as well Let God Dance Be Free Within other wise there could
        be Hell
        to Pay
        God in PriSon
        of Arms and Legs
        that and who Refuses to
        Do A Dance and Song of Life FReED
        that says
        with no
        I Love this
        Life this Gift For Real NoW…
        Thanks and i will relay the Hellooove to Katrina too…
        And by the Way when i go ‘Dance’ at a ‘Festival’ in ‘a place’
        Called ‘Niceville’ about many more Miles away ‘they’ welcome me with
        Open Arms tHere remembering my visits from previous Years to Dance
        hehe.. i suppose
        it’s the ‘name’
        of ‘the Town’
        Makes A Difference…
        And the Fact i ‘Drive’ to the ‘East’ to get tHere..;)


  3. There would always be different perceptions [in this case your photograph] and while I must say adjectives like cute, good looking and pretty are common compliments you hear time and again, I on the other hand always look at a photograph differently :p
    You’ve got nice long fingers, so naturally my next statement would be… you must be a very creative/artistic person. [people with long fingers normally are]
    *Something to think about* – Pretty Girl ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Oh my Gosh! To say I just had goosebumps reading your comment would be an understatement. It prompted me to immediately fire on my laptop to answer back ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I must say you pay attention to details and are pretty observant. Just last evening I was explaining the theory of having long fingers and creativity to a friend who thought I was probably trolling or doing some creative home production ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Bdw, my mom always tells me this about long fingers and I’ve also personally noticed in some people and I vet it ๐Ÿ’ฏ% ๐Ÿค—

      Thank youuuu for making my morning so awesome. I can’t really stop blushing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  4. You must have heard/read this quote:
    “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”
    ..and clearly your shades are blocking the most beautiful part of you :p or guess I’m just thinking too much… the sun must be really bright too.

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