Silence… Unplugged

Silence-is-also-an answer.jpg

9 thoughts on “Silence… Unplugged

  1. Wow.. Helloooove.. Himali.. Four Posts
    in Two Days.. Nice to See You Posting
    on Decoding Happyess Again and it’s
    True.. i neither Smile much or
    Talk any when
    i Dance
    but i often
    Find Heaven
    in Dance even
    without Smiles
    and Talk or Even
    Write too.. hehe..
    in Fact now all it
    takes in Feels
    Senses is
    the Company
    of Sand and Sun
    too as God Whole too..;)

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  2. Well.. Yes.. Wow Again.. You are most definitely
    Breaking the Record of 4 Posts in one Day
    Himali.. and yes.. Helloove Himali as it
    Appears i will break
    A Record
    here in
    what i Will
    Do my Best
    to Make of 8
    Responses back
    to you Secondarily 4 and Primarily 4 too..;)


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