Keep me closer

Lovein a photograph.jpg

I came across this beautiful song ‘Love in a photograph’ by Ed Sheeran from the movie ‘Me before you’ (suggested as a must watch by a very dear friend) and for the first time when I heard the lyrics very closely, my heart was captivated by the below lines:

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me closer ’til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone…

Don’t we all cherish small tokens of love, that we can see every day and which reminds us of the people we love? These tokens can be anything from a picture, a keychain, a coffee mug, a pair of headphones, a bag, a wallet, a watch, a pen, a diary, a dried flower, an email, a tee shirt, a fragrance.. What really matters is the cherished memories with the person who you remember each time you have it close to you.

People say that things don’t matter. Well, I would disagree… Things matter when the people and memories behind them do 🙂


21 thoughts on “Keep me closer

  1. Hello…Himali…
    that reminds me something…i also have a special collection of the special one..
    one hindi line for this blog.
    संभाल के रखा हे मेने सब।

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  2. 169,869 Digital Photos i’ve Shared Overall on my
    Blog since August of 2013 as Lord Knows Feels and
    Senses in me at least it’s so much easier to see the ‘normally’
    Profane in a Photo as Sacred and Holy Full of Meaning and Purpose
    in the smallest
    of Details
    of Nature..
    Both Nature
    And Extended by
    Human Nature too
    in the Byproducts we
    Create out of Nature as
    Being Human.. now too..
    for True losing effective
    use of my eyesight
    and Hearing in
    Pain and
    Numb for those 66 months
    Makes every Color and Song
    in Dance of Taking Photographs and
    Singing even more Gold than ever before
    than What i used to have in past before with all my
    Hearing and Sight then For Real.. as True a Greatest
    Alchemy in Magic For Real is Making the Mundane and
    Profane Sacred to Worship in Thanks And Praise in the
    BLeSSings in all of Existence We Enjoy with our Five Senses
    And More in Feelings in a Synergy to behold even more NoW iN
    Beyond iNFiNiTY oF
    Emotions extending
    Out to an Agape Love
    Potential to Love all that is now
    without exception in Unconditional
    Love For All.. Wow and that’s what i try
    to Do.. Now.. Love all of what i other wise did
    not before losing my Senses of Sight and Hearing
    and Smell and Taste and even the Comfort then too
    of Human Touch that i might not otherwise more Fully
    Appreciate unless i understood the full nothingness of
    Dull in
    And Sharps
    in Pain then too..
    And when i hear folks wish
    for no Desires and Nothingness now too..
    i aLWays Feel/Sense in my Soul please be Careful
    what you wish for as All of Life in All We are born to
    Sense and Feel in Potential is for Blessings in Gratitude now
    and oh Lord on top of that as Science Shows all that we have
    Deep Gratitude for increases the all Natural Healing Force from
    Neurochemicals and Neurohormones Positive More Fully From:
    Head to: Toe
    for what we
    Count as
    our Sacred
    and Holy Blessings
    in all of Life now for it’s true
    imagine how Happy a Person would
    be if they made every Step and Move of Body
    A Dance and Every Word a Poem of Unconditional
    Love Song For All but True my Friend Sadly it may JusT Be that
    one must
    Truly go to
    the other place
    of Hell now to Fully
    Appreciate this Heaven
    this Garden of Eden we either
    Flower NoW on Earth as Rose or Fall as Wilted Flower more
    With Even Making the Thorns of Rose of Life Holy and Sacred Full
    of Meaning and Purpose even more now.. and it’s like i told Katrina one
    Day.. See the Leg of our Kitchen Table.. That Leg is Alive in the Sense and
    Feel that it is a part of a Person’s Soul
    Who Designed It And Those Folks who
    Put it Together
    as the Leg of
    that Table now more.. too…
    i’m not Sure She Sees Those Folks
    who made it but true i can and will still now
    Imagine And Make Heaven More Real Now too..
    SMiLes.. i Always Look Forward to Your posts on
    Word Press that do continue the Search and Find
    For Happiness Now for it is also True for those who
    Remember there are entire Countri(es) Based NoW on
    A Declaration of Independence For Just ThaT Now too..:)

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    • Every time I visit your blog, I love watching your pictures, pictures of Katrina, Yellow boy, your backyard garden, the shopping malls you visit, and so much… Your treasured memories leave me a smile while I watch them….

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      • SMiLes Himali.. NoW iT Doesn’t Matter
        WHere Human Is As Long as
        Dances And
        Sings All Of Life As Joy Now..
        Making the
        into Holy And
        Sacred Away From: Profane
        So Full
        Of Meaning
        And Purpose
        to: Give and Share For Free..:)


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