A birthday wish…

One thing I absolutely love to do is to amaze people. Sometimes, it is through a random surprise, or by remembering small things they once told me or doing something for them which makes them happy. I have always been a fan of treating people I wish to be (and also luckily I am) treated. After all, aren’t people meant to be spoilt with love and affection?

Birthdays are one such special occasion on which I love to wish with an email/ send a surprise present to make their day a bit brighter πŸ™‚ I made some birthday wishes for a very dear friend and couldn’t resist sharing them here.


Photo shared by my friend from a hike they went for, 2 years ago πŸ™‚

Holla Harry Potter fans, did you get the reference in the two pictures? πŸ˜€



34 thoughts on “A birthday wish…

  1. Ohh…..Mam, thank God, I just realized that really what a great planning it was. Thank you very much for building up the surprise on my birthday too. I never ever forget this happiness which was given by you.

    And yeah I always believe in surprising everyone for their presence in my life, hence I know the feeling of that. So always be the same and never change Dude. May God bless you with infinite surprises and always turn the pages of life with too much happiness.

    “It matters not what someone is BORN, but what they GROW to be…” (Guess who says this?)

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