Abundance around…

Focusing on the lack often attracts more lack, instead, when we choose to disassociate from lack, abundance flows freely. Detachment causes miracles to manifest . . . Do you have a story or experience to share? Write to me in the comments below!

textgram (2).png

Photo clicked by me at my latest hiking trip, it shows the city at a bird’s eye view before the crack of dawn  🙂

5 thoughts on “Abundance around…

  1. “Colors of abundance,
    Colors of friendship,
    Colors of life,
    Is what my friend, Fred
    Brings to me,
    From 7 oceans across,
    12 months of the year,
    Thank you God,
    For the gift of him..:)”

    Oh God.. This Is Like the
    Best Gift Ever.. A Poem
    A P R A Y E R Doubles
    From A Loving FriEnd..
    So Truly
    Nice It Is
    to Have
    A FriEnd
    iN And As HiMaLi NoW..:)

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