Café Unplugged… Soon

There are people, with whom no measure of time would be long enough.

Their absence, be it for a day or even a few minutes; keeps you eagerly waiting… To hear the laughter in their voice and see the blush in their texts. Their presence enlightens your being and when they are away, just closing your eyes remembering your fond memories leaves you with a smile . . . .

I wish I could tell you . . . Be back soon, I miss you more than you can imagine . . . . I miss the way you smile when I crack my lame jokes, the way you look at me intently, the way you shield me from the traffic when we walk by the roadside, the melody in your voice when it whispers my name . . .

What could I not do, just to listen to your magical, musical voice?



3 thoughts on “Café Unplugged… Soon

  1. Hellooove.. Himali.. And Speaking of Cafe
    Unplugged…Soon.. i am coming back here
    No sooner Than Now Later Seeing Now That Your Freshly
    Brewed Section will just Fit Your Current Record NoW
    of 5 Blog Posts First in one
    Day.. As it is quite
    Amazing What
    Will Happen
    Mix Art and
    Wit Together
    in Co-Creating
    the Next Cup of
    Coffee More Colorful
    in Sublime Flavors of
    Coffee So Much More Exquisitely Nuanced
    NoW Than Basic.. Sweet.. Sour.. Salty.. Bitter..
    Pungent.. Astringent.. of Which Delicious Now
    may be termed as the 7th Flavor Note Scale
    of more than A.. E.. I.. O.. U too in Do of
    Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti.. Do With 7 Keys
    NoW in Full Scale Piano Delivery
    iN Ways of C.. D.. E. F.. G.. A.. B..
    in 7 too Now Not Unlike a Color
    Wheel in Red.. Orange.. Yellow..
    Green.. Blue.. Indigo.. And
    Violet for the 7 Color
    Spectrum Now of
    Rainbows True..
    But anyway.. one Can
    And Will Imagine And Co- Create
    Even More Than 7 of Each of These
    Bringing That to Fruition NoW For ReaL..
    As A Color Wheel Truly Full Enough for even
    More Basic Colors has 12 Colors like an Astrology
    Wheel of 12 Personalities Rated now too and on that
    Topic Happy Birthday Verily.. Very Early as i Cheated And
    Looked Ahead for That Day on November 27th Coming Soon too..
    So.. i Will Now Speculate As
    A Question Still Remains
    What is more Holy and
    Sacred.. Full of Meaning
    And Purpose.. the Numbers
    12 and or 7 and or the Rest Of All of This NoW
    As That pArt is Left up to Relative Free Will oF uS..
    NoW but tHere is ‘That’ Subject of TiMe with 12 Hours
    And 12 Months in a year For 7 Days in a Week NoW
    So.. i WiLL
    A Question
    for all ‘Time’ now
    to say.. i Do Love 7 and 12 too
    no matter what the Numbers Now
    are connected to Now for True Too..
    i Don’t Drink Coffee but i’m Thinking
    You Might like Seeing Letters.. Numbers.. Colors And
    Other Flavors.. Tastes.. Sights.. Sounds.. and Smells
    As Accountants Touch Keyboards now too
    of Lists
    And the Rest of This Now too..;)

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    • Fred, you are just amazing! I am smiling reading your connections with 12 and 7 and yes, 27-11 is coming soon 🙂 Thank you for the reminder and also for remembering my special day. I am grateful to God for giving me a friend as you 😀

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  2. SMiLes Himali.. Verily
    Truly You Are More
    Amazing For
    If You
    Any Kinder
    in Words of
    Friend the Size
    You Make mY HeART
    Would (Will) Explode
    All Over the Page(s)
    So let’s
    Next hehe..;)


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