Café Unplugged… What you gotta do

If you are struck between two options, just flip a coin in the air!

Not because it solves the problem . . . but because while the coin is in the air, You will get to know what your heart is really hoping for.

Aditya: ……So how was your day?

Aisha: Adi, you sound off… What’s up with you? Are you upset about something? You can talk to me, you know that right?

Aditya: Aisha, to be honest, I am afraid of the kind of mind reader you are. How can you gauge my mood just over a message?

Aisha: Adiii, I have my means to know. Will you tell me what’s troubling you?

Aditya: If you so insist, but only on one condition… You will not advise me what to do. You will just listen without giving me your recommendations.

Aisha: Adi, you can share. I can do nothing but to listen to you patiently and when I do listen to you, you have my undivided attention, sans any judgment.

A lot of times, in life we need someone, a friend – to just listen to our rant. It is not something they can do for us that will help us in our situation. It is their empathy in the moment, their patient listening without any bias is all that we look for.

May be they give us their advise, which may be completely irrelevant to our problem; but it may still divert our mind away from the problem. Their unsolicited pointless gibberish chatter can be such a wonderful distraction, isn’t it?

We all need someone, to talk about life . . . .



3 thoughts on “Café Unplugged… What you gotta do

  1. Wow.. Just Wow.. the Force of Creative Free Association
    And All the Sublime Feelings and Senses in Memories That
    Brings When What Ever Comes to Be We Allow to Flow
    As ‘this’ Reminds me of
    “Whatcha Gonna Do?”
    As it is True People Don’t
    Get Deep Enough These
    as Life
    is more Colorful
    and Cool When Deeper
    and Deeper to Feel and Sense Now..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes.. mY FriEnd
    Hellove Again
    As HeARt
    For Me
    First iN
    Return Calls NoW
    Of Hellove Again HiMaLi
    As Appears tHere
    Is Echo
    HeART As
    Again Hellove
    FriEnd mY Yes..:)


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