Kaha kitne isharo me…

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Location : Day trip to Lothal, India – Sept. 2017

Sometimes, we stand at such crossroads in life, where we are helpless in front of the circumstances around us. The below lines are an attempt to capture one such moment when even though words are said, their essence is failed to be noticed by the one for whom they were meant for… After all :

What is the beauty of a flower, if it’s fragrance is not smelt by the heart;

And it is just admired for its beauty that will crumble away in a day’s time..

–  Himali

कहा कितने इशारो में

बता भी नही सकते,
छुपा भी नही सकते…

हालात कुछ ऐसे है,
कुछ बदल भी नही सकते…

कहा इतना कुछ इशारो में,
मगर वो सिर्फ़ लॅब्ज़ पढ़ते है…

मेरे अल्फ़ाज़ के पीछे छुपे जज़्बात,
जाने क्यू वो समाज नही सकते…

– हिमली शाह

Kaha kitne isharo me

Bata bhi nahi sakte,
Chupa bhi nahi sakte…

Haalat kuch aise hai,
Kuch badal bhi nahi sakte…

Kaha itna kuch ishaaro me,
Magar wo sirf lafz padhte hai…

Mere alfaaz ke piche chupe jazbaat,
Jaane kyu wo samaj nahi sakte…

– Himali Shah

English Translation

I am at a crossroad,
Where neither can I say,
Neither can I hide…

The circumstances that engulf me,
Are beyond my willful control…

I spoke so much to you,
With my words, actions and even silence,
But you read just the words, always…

The fragrance in the flowers,
The essence of emotions behind my words,
Why can’t you read and smell them too?

– Himali Shah


10 thoughts on “Kaha kitne isharo me…

  1. One Answer Is A Longer Yes
    And A Shorter No as
    Now is only
    As Much
    As We Feel
    And Sense Now More
    in all the Potentials of Life
    FLoWeRinG In New Ways Even More
    Sublime For True too..
    Beauty Now
    iS An Eternal
    of Wisdom
    in Marriage
    of Human Creativity…
    Beauty is the Art to See
    Where Creativity is the Art to Be..
    Back and White Wisdom
    Questions Missing Beauty like to
    be or not to be as others Do Live
    iN Wisdom’s Beauty More So Free..
    So Free
    Art to Be..:)

    Liked by 1 person

      • “Katrina is the luckiest…
        To have a living love walk and dance around”

        Wow.. Another Sweetest Thing For A FRiEnd to Say..
        If mY HeART Doesn’t Explode yet.. JusT Wait.. heHe..
        And It’s True.. Katrina Could Probably
        Relate to
        You too..
        That Disney
        World is Nice
        To Visit but
        It Can And
        Will Be Rather
        Exhausting and
        to Live iN/At FredLand Now.. hAHa..;)


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