Hard work does not go unnoticed, and someday the rewards will follow

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I began my weekend morning at 9 AM and immediately after I freshened up, I went to the kitchen to get done some long overdue chores and prep up our lunch. At times, I have infinite patience to do small stuff which would usually be put on the back burner when I have a busy, tiring day. I was working and listening to music to keep me from getting bored for over 3.5 hours and my brother came in to check up on me a few times. Around 12, he gave me a missed call and a WhatsApp text saying “take rest now”. Completing all I wanted to do at around 12:30, I went to ask him about the missed call and he ends up saying, “I sent you a message (and also a gif of a cat taking a nap), read it. Now enough of work, turn on the AC and have some rest.”

I have always been amazed by his thoughtfulness, and this again touched my heart. Just then, I began to ponder – does our good work ever goes unnoticed? I know a lot of times, we don’t get instant gratification; but does it mean that we lose track of our intrinsic motivation and stop the hard work?Β 

A lot of times in life, we will have only delayed gratification. A seed you plant today will turn into a beautiful fruit-bearing tree only years later. Your investment of love, care and selfless affection into your personal relationships will give you warmth back much later. Many times, we need to rely on our intrinsic values and motivation to persevere. Doubts may engulf us “Is all of this worth it?”, “Do they even care?”, “Is my good work even valued?”.

In times of such doubts, it is very essential to truly detach from the idea of the results or appreciation and continue doing what you ought to do. Sometime, much later, highly unexpected, you will get to hear the golden words you have always been waiting for.

On October 18th, 2018, I got to know that it was World Boss’s Day. I sent a message to some of the people under who I had worked till date to say a thank you for giving me a supportive and nurturing environment to learn and grow. My first boss, under whom I began my professional career; sent me a message back saying “Thanks. It was great working with you. Still searching for a colleague like you who is hardworking and a quick learner. The crude trading desk also misses you at times.”

His message had left me spellbound and nostalgic. I could vividly remember my first day at the office when I was introduced to our CFO and COO who quizzed me about my favorite subject and the number of zeros in a million before assigning me to the newly formed team, where I was the first member of the team under my manager. We started off as a two-member team which then over the course of my 3 years expanded into a 10+ member team. I still very clearly recollect the evenings where I would sit with the trading desk VPs to understand trading strategies and since I was a newbie, I would ask them to write it on my book so I could refer later. I would go back and forth with my doubts and queries until I had absolute clarity, never being shy of looking dumb πŸ˜› My manager would also help and explain me concepts right from the scratch and not just that even excel formulas. In those 3 years, I learned the maximum and there was always something new coming to my desk which would keep me engaged.

The weirdest thing was that while I was working, I never got any appreciation or recognition for my work. There were no pats on my back, there were just ‘thank you’s’ when I’d help out the trading desk. And the thing was that I didn’t work with the expectation of being praised. I just had to do my work.Β 

After I quit, I was told by many team members who worked with me that they miss working with me and the dedication with which I’d support the team. To be very honest, I think it makes me happy and smile that long after I am gone, my work is still valued and appreciated. In fact, it was great that I wasn’t told I did a good job while I worked there, as it enabled me to strive harder and work without any expectations in return. After all, we got to go; what we have to do. It’s just about giving our 100% with 0% expectations in return of the outcome of our work. If we can detach ourselves from the rewards linked, we can be much happier even when things are crappy.

To summarize, even if no one ever appreciates you – immediately or delayed; always know that God is the best score keeper. Karma works, always. The good you do shall come back to you a 1000 folds, in ways unexpected.Β 

β€œSet thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward.”
― Ved Vyasa, The Bhagavad Gita

Do, not because you have to. Do – because YOU WANT TO.


23 thoughts on “Hard work does not go unnoticed, and someday the rewards will follow

  1. Such a great post, Himali! Last night someone asked me if all my effort to try to learn about and help conserve jaguars in Belize was worth it, since I ended up not being able to make that the object of my master’s thesis. My response was, “Well at this point it doesn’t seem like it was worth it, but it’s too early to tell” – for the exact reason you mentioned. Sometimes rewards don’t come right away; it might be years until we reap the fruits of our labors. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make a difference! Not everything is about immediate, financial gratification.

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    • Hello GiJo, I think what we can contribute is only a drop in the mighty ocean. But also, drops accumulated forms the mighty ocean. We should never stop doing our big, and little efforts on our front go a long way. I am amazed by your dedication towards the Jaguar conservation awareness mission. You show dedication and passion with the right mix of detachment. Your intrinsic motivation is what makes you and your efforts so beautiful. Stay blessed and keep up the excellent work 😁 I may not be the right person to appreciate your hard work, but I can surely say that you lighten up lives with your being.

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      • Hi Himali! Thank you so much for your encouragement! Unfortunately I lack the mental capacity to give your beautiful comment the response it deserves right now – because I’ve been working harder than normal for the past few days – but know that I truly appreciate you and your kindness.

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    • That’s one thing I’ve been working on.. to let people know how much they mean to me.

      Let me begin my today by letting you know the joy and smiles you bring along with your pearls of wisdom. I am blessed to have found a friend in you, Erika – angel sent by God πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ€—

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      • And I cannot say how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and loveliness. You are a sparkling gem and I am happy that we found each other here. Much love and big hugs to youπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


  2. SMiLes HiMali.. Hellooove.. And Winks Again For my Computer.. Oops.. Just Now..
    Rebooted the Safari Browser on my iMac and i Lost A Story to You.. So.. i Will
    StArt Again as Surely Verily Truly Improving Comes Now With Practice Even Now
    More as there was once a Small Sea Creature.. 300 or so Million Years ago.. Then
    Who Set Out On A Journey of Life that would start and end and start again in Building
    A Home With the Love of Living Life now.. so.. sure.. for now.. we will call him He..
    As he started at a Core Small Spiral like a Stair Case Beginning a New Floor of
    Life for it is true he could not see the beginning or the end of this Spiral Stair
    Case Then.. Only the Journey of Building One Spiral Length for then always
    Now as the Journey Continuing Never complaining about
    Progress or what Goal Would come Next.. Just
    Build is what he did For the Spiraling
    Chambers of His Home Expanding
    Broadly as Bands of Hurricanes do too..
    Naturally Evolving As A Force of Nature too
    Ever Growing More Steadily and Surely as the
    Elegance of His Home was built-in His Soul as the
    Rest of His Journey was soon to come in the Arms of
    Existence more but True This Life was not over for in the
    Steady Fossil Record of This World this Creature’s Soul
    Will Still Be Uploading Now as A Shell of the Home once
    Told by the Spirit This Creature Bulds.. 300 Million Years or so as Him
    until now as the Nautilus Shell Still Tells the Story of the Builder more..
    And sure.. that reminds me of
    25 Years ago too.. where
    the Head Brick-Layer of
    Our Home finishing
    A Home for others
    to Enjoy brought his
    Wife out on a Sunday..
    Just Parking Out Front to show
    His Wife a Job Well Done.. and
    i guess that’s how Life shall be at
    the end as in beginning.. just looking up to God as Nature
    saying wow.. Did i Do This.. Thanks for This Life..It’s All i Need…
    Anyway.. ‘This Story’ Sort of Reminds me of the ‘Book of Eli’.. too..
    in some ways
    too.. mY FriEnd..
    SMILes.. HiMaLi.. You
    Always Do A Job Well Done.. Thank You..
    And Before i told you this Story.. A Great Hawk Landed
    on Our Backyard Swing Just for the Joy of Living and
    the Potential of Capturing a Squirrel too as Nature
    comes and goes too.. so.. i captured both Hawk
    And Squirrel
    mY iPhone Camera
    As Their Soul Will Live
    Longer this way too online..
    Katrina Let Yellow Boy out
    on the Patio.. Then the Hawk
    Flew off And the Squirrel Still Lives Happily Ever After Now..:)

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    • Your connectedness with nature and love in the most raw forms is something which adds to the charismatic smile of yours. And let me tell you how contagious is Fred’s smile, since it travels all the way from Florida to the Asian subcontinent and lightens up my days πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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      • Yes.. i Remembered the Significance of a 27th Birthday
        As tHere Is A Movie Called ‘The Age of Adaline’ Where
        Like Magic A Young Woman Never Ages
        For Many Years After Her 27th
        Birthday And As Amazing
        As It May Seem
        It Seems
        to Be That
        Anyone In my
        Life Who Has
        Truly Befriended
        Me Rarely Ages After
        That Event As It’s True at
        48 You Can Ask Katrina If
        She Finds That to Come True
        Over Here In Florida So Far Away
        From the Asian Subcontinent too NoW
        For It Is True iN Friend And Kindness And
        Love tHere Is No Distance.. Space.. or Time
        So Verily it Must Be True That From NoW oN
        Age Again
        For Surely Her
        Love Lives Within
        Forever NoW aS ReaL..:)

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  3. Seriously, I totally agree with this and also relate this to my personal experience.

    I do my work with full of hard work and perseverance, that realize me afterward. After putting resign from my job, the director of our company called me and convincing me to not quite the job, the reason given by him was ‘no one can do the job on which way I do. As soon as, they got to know about it, all the senior-level members ask me to understand my conditions and reason for that. Now still most of the colleagues called me and told me that they really missed working with me, and all my successful projects never replicate the same in absence of me. I feel fully satisfied with myself while hearing all this. I have that smile that comes only after honesty in work.

    Now most importantly, I will understand workload increases tremendously and you also want to complete everything in a perfect manner. Although always remember that sound body has a sound mind and “Inner peace as well as mental rest is always needed, So I request you to please take rest fully and all the very very best for your endeavors.

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