Disconnect… Refresh… Connect :)

Post completion of my Competent Communicator manual for Toastmasters International, I have been working closely with our club VP Education, towards the completion of my Competent Leadership track. Just like the CC track, the CL track also entails 10 projects but they are more focused towards taking up various roles in club meetings – Grammarian, Ah counter, Timer, General Evaluator (GE), Table Topics Master (TTM),  Speech Evaluator, and the most daunting; Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD). I vividly recollect that right after I joined the club, I started off by taking up the TMOD role and interestingly, I thoroughly enjoyed the role. TMOD is like the linking chain or the host/anchor for the meeting who fills in all the gaps. TMOD introduces a theme for the meeting with a subject for the members and guests.

Last week, I had the privilege to function as the TMOD for the 85th Club meeting and the theme I selected was “Disconnect… Refresh… Connect..”. Two days before the meeting I was still in search of an interesting theme and during lunch break, 3 of my friends gave me an idea and I came up with the concept and layout of the theme. I’d love to share the meeting slides I prepared and presented. I don’t have my speech script handy but the theme was presented in a light engaging way. These slides were spread over the 2 hours meeting duration and were presented in batches, before each meeting segment, and towards the meeting conclusion.

There was 1 slide which particularly got the audience attention with lots of laughter to add. Can you spot which one?











6 thoughts on “Disconnect… Refresh… Connect :)

  1. Very Nice Toast Masters Slide Show
    on Disconnecting.. Refreshing
    And Yes.. Connecting to Flesh
    And Blood Humans And
    Nature as verily
    other than
    to Music
    i’ve done that
    Today for 12 Hours
    And Back Again all
    Wired up to Conclude
    what I’ve Been Mega-Writing
    This Week again as Usual.. so
    True it is how all Humans Need to
    Their Moving
    Connecting Creating
    Emotions for the Human
    Touch to continue to Live
    on in Balance and in Flow
    too.. Other Than That.. Helloove
    Himali aAd the Best of Work Weeks
    to You Ahead With No Fears of Halloween..;)

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