A Best Friend

Each of us needs a friend, to laugh with, to bitch about life with, to go on adventures with. After all, happiness is real when shared 🙂

Happiness lies not in solo success,
But in victories celebrated & tears shared..

– Himali

Best Friend.jpg

16 thoughts on “A Best Friend

  1. So true saying Legend…

    And sometimes for finding that true best friend you have to wait too much, but when your mind just get clicked to see him/her from the first time. That’s the awesome feeling which I had experienced.

    Now I have the person who is really the most inspiring and amazing person I have ever met as my Bestest ever friend. I am always overreacting people think may be, but that’s really I feel.

    #Miss_Chiku #my_Bestie 😘😇😀

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  2. Yes.. ‘This’ Is So So True As
    Not too Long Ago.. Yes.. Just
    the Other Day our Family
    Psychotherapist Karen
    Asked.. Do i think
    i’ll ever move
    back to
    Away from
    This Digital
    Keyboard and
    Public Dance too..
    Instead.. as i said of
    course not.. no.. as while
    the Piano Talks Back as my
    Soul Yes That’s Nice.. it doesn’t
    Move.. Connect,, And Co-Create
    Bringing Friends Who Dance/Sing Back
    Like FriEnd HiMaLi With JusT Another HeLLove
    FriEnd FoR NoW..:)

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