Nurturing and Maintenance

As much as we want things to run smoothly, sometimes we tend to forget that everything in life requires nurturing, love, care, and patience. Instead of taking things for granted, we ought to maintain them; to prevent their fragile beauty from whimpering away.


15 thoughts on “Nurturing and Maintenance

  1. Ah Yes.. Himali.. And Hellove by A Way
    As Nurturing Friendships Do Come by Way
    of Hellove’s too And it’s rather iNteresting
    too how they may come and go
    Without even a Word of Song
    in Steps of Dance NoW iN
    Friendships Growing too..
    And what i notice here more
    As Lord Knows.. Now Feels and
    Senses.. Taking all those ‘Snaps’ now
    Does Lend a bit More Bigger and Smaller
    Photo Views Now All Naturally For Far As
    Nurturing All Human Potentials Now As This
    Is Always A Use IT Or Lose IT Proposition More
    True NoW For All We Do.. So.. Yes This Draws
    my Attention to the Three
    Quotes below too..
    That i Will
    Use too here as
    “Focus on the Action
    At Hand, Don’t Let Your
    Actions Hinge on the Outcome”
    As that is sort of like what ‘Nike’ Says too
    in General When ‘They’ Say “Just Do it”.. too..
    Imagine How Much Money was/is Made by Saying
    Those Three Words First.. heHe.. Just Add in Shoes Sales
    And Voila.. Now You Get to Be a Billionaire too And even more..
    Drawing Stars in Like Michael Jordan too.. but anyway.. now back
    to the Quotes.. As my Gosh.. That First one was only from less than
    A Week ago but who is paying attention when in Flow.. anyway3.. hAha..
    anyway2 in shorter.. i’ll Paraphrase And Say Let’s Just Polish Grains of Sand
    NoW oN A Beach by the Waves We are Until They/We Become Diamonds too..
    And.. i will Summarize a next one by saying anything that Keeps us Wild and Full
    of Passion is Nature’s Ingredients Now For Human Free as that comes to Love.. Music
    And Art.. And All Other Stimulus in the Environment That Brings Wild And Full of Passion
    too.. And True.. A Tear Can And Will Turn A Titanic Around In A Feel And Sense of Saving A
    Within.. Anyway..
    mY FriEnd i Truly
    Have Faith.. Hope and
    Believe That when We Make
    Every Step as Dance and Word As
    Song Continuously More Holy and Sacred
    Fuller of Meaning and Purpose.. tHere Is Mostly
    one Way And That Way IS Hellove to uP MoRENoW..:)

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