Diary Writing . . . Dear God . . .

Most recent entry in my diary 🙂

I have always been a fan of writing, but there is something; which I discovered a few months back that has brought serenity and tranquility to my life. It is a practice that I was introduced to by my meditation classes – diary writing. My instructor encourages each ‘abhyaasi’ (student) to maintain a journal or write to The Master, and she said that drop by drop when you will look back after a few months; you will see and more importantly feel the difference. Since I have always liked to mix and match and create my own flavors, I clubbed this with a few other concepts that I learned – Gratitude journaling, affirmations journaling,  ‘as if’ journaling and writing about intentions with vivid details and emotions.

Ever since then, I have started a practice of writing a diary or letters to God. It’s not a  particular fixated style or school of thought that I follow, but more self-developed and tuned version of diary/ letter writing to God as my friend. I try to write with positivity rather than using ‘NOT’ and ‘DON’Ts’. It has gratitude for the ‘as is’ and ‘as if’ reality. I express my intentions with colors of imagination and feelings. I also pour out my heart, my fears, and vulnerabilities to my friend/father/guide/guru – God. I do not hesitate to ask for his help and guidance when I am low or in a dilemma. I make sure I leave enough room for ‘this or something better’ as I only focus on the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of my wants, rather than the ‘How’. I try leaving the ‘how’ bit of things, open-ended…

I find this as a highly creative and intuitive process. Each letter is different and unique and retains its charm. I tend to learn more about myself in this process and also feel much lighter post this exercise. I recently wrote a letter after an extended break and it feels nice and light.

Writing is my stress buster, what about you?

Another snippet from my journal 


17 thoughts on “Diary Writing . . . Dear God . . .

  1. Finding an Inner Voice And Structuring one’s Mind
    Around Guide Posts of Positive Words that Match
    Positive Emotions is surely a Best Art to Do and
    Hellove Himali as i missed this Post Earlier
    this Week And it is so important
    to Be Able to ARTiCuLaTE
    One’s Soul And Bringing
    Mind And Body Balance
    In Meditation surely
    Assists in
    And Integrating
    Senses but for me at
    Least it must be Moving
    Meditation as Still Meditation
    is Just too Boring for me to do..
    hehe.. unless i am Writing to God
    Myself in Positive Ways of Flow
    iN Meditation too.. Anyway..
    Nice Post Himali And
    Hope You
    Continue to Enjoy
    A New Coming Weekend Now too..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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