Five life lessons running has taught me

One with nature โค

As a new found hobby, I picked up on running a few months back and it has grown to be more than just a hobby for me. It is my new found sense of self, my new love โค ๐Ÿ™‚ Amongst many other health benefits of being physically active and healthy, it has taught me a few very important life lessons, I wish to carry for life.

As per the ‘Goal Setting Theory of Motivation’ byย Locke and Latham, one tends to be more committed to a goal when it is intrinsic and also a ‘public’ goal rather than a directed and/or private goal (Thanks a ton, to my college Prof. Dr. Rachna Gandhi – I still remember your Organisational Behavior classes word for word without referring to the textbook). I have it on my blog as a public goal to do a half marathon – progress from 5K to 10K and then to 22K in a year’s time from now (Nov 27th, 2019 to be precise).

Five things running has taught me

1) Tenacity

It is very important to be persistent and not give up when the going gets tough. Grit is the key that helps you hold on in adversity.

2) Patience

Best things in life, come with a buffer of time. We can’t start today and expect to see magical results in a week. Building one’s stamina and willpower takes time and it is the passage of time which works wonders when you look back trying to connect the dots.

3) Discipline

At times, you just get lazy and want to procrastinate. All the motivation disappears and you have little to drag yourself out of bed. In such times, an ironclad discipline will help to pull along the long journey ahead. Like it or hate it, but just do it.

4) Loving what you do

When you enjoy and truly have fun doing what you do, it becomes less of a chore or task to do on your list. It becomes as good as play to you and you are much regretful if you miss doing your favorite activity even 1 day. You do it not because you have to, but because you want to ๐Ÿ™‚

5) Consistency

No matter how hard we try, life has its own ups and downs. We may lose track or sight of our goal sometimes, but finding consistency and the will to be back on track even if you fall behind, helps you stay connected.


40 thoughts on “Five life lessons running has taught me

  1. Perseverance is a quality that I admire in runners. When you think that you can’t quite finish, you dig deep and complete the course. Keep in going, Himali. Each visit to your blog is an inspiration. โค

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      • I never used to like sports, and I was a โ€œpack a dayโ€ smoker from age 18 to my late 30โ€™s. In order to quit, I wanted to do something that would really suffer if I reverted back to smoking (there were failed attempts in my past). I chose running, and I increased my chances of success by volunteering to assist a coach in a local track club, and the rest is history.

        Keep it up Himali. You will not regret it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Tenacity, Patience, Discipline, Loving What You do, and Consistency”..
    Verily Do Sound Like a Great To Do List to Fulfill Greater Human Potentials
    As i am Surely into That too and Without Further Adieu.. Helloovvee Himali aLWays
    Nice to See You on WordPress but Yes better to Feel and Sense You As A Human
    Being too.. Hehe.. for me I Love
    to Dance and Sing
    Move.. Connect
    And Co-Create as
    You do have the Connection
    Part of what you Love to Do
    included with Your List of Five
    To Do’s in the Body of What you Do
    Here and in the Runs you are Doing
    too.. As True When we Run in Public
    We are Connecting to others as
    all Non-Verbal Communication
    Does First as Science
    Shows somewhere
    Around 60 to 90 Percent
    Of Who We are Evolved to be..
    Hmm.. Problem ‘New World’ When We
    Become More Avatars in and as and on Machines
    Than Flesh and Blood Moving.. Connecting.. Co-Creating
    Beings With Other Flesh And Blood Human Beings.. So.. Voila..
    i Do my Best to at least Connect to Others Online Without Expectation
    of Return but the Giving and Sharing is Always Best Anyway in Developing
    A Will of Love Within.. but no no no that is not Nearly Enough for i am just
    Another Human
    Flesh and
    Blood Being
    too.. so.. i Dance
    to Maximize my Human
    Connections to Give the Words
    A Rest and Give the Steps a Rest
    in Dance When the Song of Words
    Comes Back in Yin and Yang Balance
    of that too.. Hmm.. i Ran Regularly for Over
    A Decade From 12 to 26 as i was Surely yes A
    Running Man Then.. ugh.. Until mY Hip Started
    to Hurt And i Listened and Moved to Lower Impact
    Ways of Aerobic Exercise Then Albeit So Boring And
    So Disconnected From Others More as one as Tool of/as
    Machine Than Art of Exercise in Moving.. Connecting.. Co-Creating
    More With Others in Flesh and Blood Life.. The Dance is Moving Meditation
    too.. oh Lord.. i’m Sure you’ve Heard me List all the Benefits of that already but
    AnYWay Do Do What You Love to Do ALways Do Move.. Connect.. and Co-Create
    With others And i JusT Feel You Can And Will Not Go ‘Wrong’ As Long As You Move Life
    Moving You
    Where Life Wants
    You to Go With No Free
    Moves Of/From You As Art oF LiFE..:)

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  3. Oh No! i forgot to Mention
    How much i Love your
    Country Road
    Sign Smile And
    As Always You
    Dress So Sporty
    And Fashionable too..
    hehe.. And in Return.. here
    is a Photo of me as ‘the Running
    Man Fred’ Before the ‘Dancing
    Man Fred’ Back When i was 22
    in the Spring of 1983 in my Senior
    Year of College Then in A Bay Bridge
    Fun Run that was only a 5K Run then..
    Smiles.. i did a 23 Mile Dance in the Mall
    in 2013 Before the Management of the Mall
    Restricted Away my Dance From the Mall Halls
    Where the Store Managers Were More Receptive to the Art
    of Dance.. SMiLes.. It was Well Worth it Not to Quit mY Friend..
    i Swear to
    God if one
    Can and Will
    Dance Where i Live in Public Without Fear
    10,196 Miles in 62 Months in Red State Trump
    Land one Can And Will Do ALmost.. anYThing mY FriEnd..;)

    Ha! And JusT to Think
    Folks Used to Say
    i Was The Shyest one oF aLL.. Yes..
    Do Move Connect And Co-Create More mY
    FriEnd As Folks Rarely Even Touch Their Fuller Human Potentials.

    THere Is No
    Cannot HeaR
    Do.. in Other
    Words of ‘Yoda’ ‘See’
    And ‘Harry Potter’ ‘Do’ too As Life is Literally Magic This A Way too..:)

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  4. That is cool, Himali. I agree with all of your 5 points. If only one is missed you couldn’t keep up your progress. I think sports basically teaches to overcome your limits and we benefit from it for life. Hang in there, Himali. That marathon is a big goal!

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  5. I can definitely relate to this, especially with tenacity. Running helps me manage my anxiety and depression and is a way to control my mind and restore some calm / balance. The feeling when you achieve something which you thought was impossible is amazing! I used to watch the London Marathon on the TV and be in awe, wishing I could do that. Then after watching it last year I decided to apply with Mind, the mental health charity and got a place! I had a lot of doubt along the way, and even on the day, but I managed to overcome my mind and body to get to the finish line.

    Now I’m focusing on my discipline to train for my next marathon (Blackpool, April 2019) and to try and improve my finishing time. Running gives me a way of pushing myself, and being able to see my progress keeps me motivated.

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    • Hello Natalie,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences with your marathon training journey. I also find quite running quite soothing when I get really worked up or stressed. And when you achieve something, no matter how small it is – the sense of satisfaction is priceless.

      Kudos to you for your perseverance and discipline with marathon training. You certainly are an inspiration to me and so many around you. I’d love to follow you through your journey – training and your finishing time. I am now moving from 5K to 10K training ๐Ÿ™‚

      Wish you a wonderful Sunday and a happy week ahead!

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  6. Really enjoyed this post! I also agree – running definitely teaches you patience and, I think, tolerance towards yourself. I used to always want “a better body” until I started running and I realised that if my body could, with little help other than water, run what seemed like an incredible distance of 30km, then it was the best body I could ask for! I hope you keep blogging about your journey – I’ll be following to read up on how you’re getting on ๐Ÿ™‚

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