A big Thank You… And Happy New Year!


Just noticed that Decoding Happyness has crossed the 50K milestone!

I often reiterate how DH is not just a blogging space for me, it is much more. It is my first child, my brainchild. I have grown and evolved as a person with my blog and this journey has been so amazing πŸ™‚ I’ve been extremely fortunate to meet kind, compassionate and loving souls who have been my blogger pals – Friends Without Borders. I am also very much thankful to each person who has stopped by here to read something on this site. I know a few of my friends who regularly visit this space to get my updates and binge read my posts.

I am so grateful to all of you, for your abundant love and support ❀


Sending you warm hugs, flying kisses and above all – as I celebrated Gujarati New Year yesterday – prayers to God, sending you his angels and tons of happyness around πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


38 thoughts on “A big Thank You… And Happy New Year!

  1. You must deserve more for spreading Happiness Dude….So never settle for this (We will celebrate when happiness reaches up to at least 500k). Also this is not an even small achievement, this might be the milestone of power which can be produced by your thinking and hard work towards spreading joy in everyone’s life. God Bless You Dude…(Miss u)

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  2. All the warm hugs and the flying kisses right back at ya… might take a while reaching you… but lets hold on the thought. Pleasure reading what’s written, interacting with the cute blogger and the overall happiness one finds at Decoding Happyness (tho’ I’ll penalize you on the spelling there… :p )
    You’re a blessing to the blogging world, Himali. Keep up the wonderful work you do.If life ever gives us an opportunity to meet, I’ll grab it with both hands… some day, some year!

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  3. Hi Himali.. So Good to See You So Happy in Joy Celebrating Gujarati New Year Yesterday
    And Congratulations on Surpassing 50K Views on Your Blog as You Continue to Bring
    Friendships Without Borders too… And i Hope you Have a Nice Weekend of Joy
    Still Ahead
    of You To EnJoy
    As Life is ALWaYs
    Better in A Company
    of Joy No Matter Flesh
    And Blood Life or More
    Avatar Life Online As That
    Can And Will Come NoW Less
    Or More Organic As Being Human too..:)

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