What is meant for you, will not pass by


Dear Universe,

9th Nov., 2018 | 8:38 PM

Subject: What is meant for you, will not pass by. If it didn’t open, it’s not your door

This open letter is just to tell you that I believe in you and that I trust you completely. I trust the choices you’ve made for me so far and the ones you will make for me, as I know that unlike me; you are capable of looking at the bigger picture with a bird’s eye view. I trust the timings of when things will fall in place and what I am looking for, finds me back.

I know you want me to be detached, yet excited for the future; both of which I am. I am not a very patient person per se, so help me to be patient, calm and composed when things are not going my way. Allow me to lower my expectations and be amazed and happy with my ‘as is’ life. Help me, guide me and bless my journey, as it is all about the journey and not the destination.

By the way, thank you in advance 😉

Your kid, always,

13 thoughts on “What is meant for you, will not pass by

  1. A Child of the Universe
    And one with
    the Earth
    From the
    Ground up too.
    As i surely felt this
    Way Dancing in Cool
    Breeze Twilight on Biloxi
    Beaches as i was the only
    one in the Casino Town to
    Enjoy A Beautiful Sunset
    Allone With Nature there..
    So quiet
    it is
    there are
    only one
    Set oF
    Foot Prints
    And no Separation now..:)

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  2. Very well said, Dude…

    So tell me the reason also that why I never got a reply of so many comments of mine too, what will be the reason behind that…? (Ha..Ha..Ha). Look sorry for giving you trouble if I did so, but now I also have to mail you may be. (Hihihi).

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